Saturday, February 12, 2011

what is hybrid hosting?

Many companies have complex hosting issues that are common but not easily resolved by off the rack solutions:
  • You have legacy applications that need to be hosted on your own servers
  • You collect and store government-regulated client data
  • You have spikes in resource, bandwidth, storage or computing needs
This has meant that your infrastructure was spread across self-managed data centers, or, that you used a hosting provider for database and web needs, or that you resorted to a not-so-enterprise cloud provider for test, development and additional compute resources. The problem: none of these solutions are connected.
Hybrid Hosting solutions connect a Colocated and/or Dedicated environment (private, secure, and compliant) to a private or public Cloud environment. You can build a solution to meet your individual business needs while significantly reducing capital expenses. No more maintaining disparate, underutilized infrastructures.
If you find that standard solutions don't fit for your infrastructure needs, your frustrations are over. Hybrid Hosting solutions have arrived.

With Hybrid Hosting solutions, delivers on the promise of Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Hybrid Hosting combines Cloud, Dedicated, and Colocated servers via a private dedicated network. Consume services as you need them - to meet your business needs.'s expert team of engineers design and configure each Hybrid Hosting solution uniquely for you. Hybrid Hosting solutions allow standalone components to run independently or as part of a network. The result: Increased computing power and improved data management with high security and 100% availability.
Don't compromise security, performance, or scalability when hosting web applications - utilize  source