Tuesday, February 8, 2011

how to Accessing phpMyAdmin

Completing the installation steps above will create a directory named 'phpMyAdmin-3.3.3-all-languages' and a symbolic link named 'phpmyadmin' that points to this directory. This symbolic link will make it possible for you to access the application by specifying 'phpmyadmin' in the URL rather than 'phpMyAdmin-3.3.3-all-languages'. The permissions for 'phpmyadmin' is set to world read/write/execute. This is appropriate since this is a symbolic link. Your phpMyAdmin-3.3.3-all-languages directory, however, has proper permissions set and should not be altered.
Make sure that you have made the necessary edits to the '.htaccess' and 'config.inc.php' files before trying to access the application. In the example below, the 'phpMyAdmin' directory was created within the 'wwws' directory using the 'install_phpmyadmin' command above.

  • You may access the phpMyAdmin interface by using any of the following (replace "myaccount" with the name of your web account):