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What Type of Hosting Do You Need?

There are many web hosting options available nowadays: free web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated server, and the list goes on. All these options serve the same purpose, which is hosting your content so that it can be accessed and viewed by people on the Internet. The major difference is how each is structured as well as the benefits they offer.
Let's have a closer look at each of them.

Free Web Hosting

What can be better than a free web hosting plan? This is a great option for someone who wants to create a homepage or small website to share with friends and family. While free web hosting has received criticism for its lack of features, security and customer support, there are a few reliable free web hosting providers that you can trust. However, keep in mind that free web hosting is more geared for giving you a taste of having and maintaining a small, personal website. If you want to establish a powerful web presence with an online business, you will need to consider a paid hosting service that offers more control, security and reliability.

Shared Hosting

As the name implies, shared hosting is an environment where you are sharing space on a web server with other users. As clients are sharing the cost of the server, this is the most affordable and popular solution for personal users and small businesses as companies to set up blog, e-commerce and other advanced applications. However, when hosting on a shared server, you are exposed to all the activities of your neighbors. If someone makes a huge scripting error, the entire server can suffer. If someone experiences a sudden burst in traffic, your site might run slower. If the server goes down, so does your website and ultimately, your business.

Dedicated Hosting

When your business takes off and requires more than the typical sharing server resources, it's time to move up to the dedicated server. Now you're in the big leagues with an entire server dedicated to your hosting needs. However, without any experience, succeeding with this hosting option is nearly impossible - those who require a dedicated server but don't know a thing about server administration can get by with managed hosting. In this scenario, the hosting service provider handles all the management tasks which frees you up to focus on other areas of the business. Keep in mind that a managed service requires is generally more costly.

What is the Best Hosting For You?

The best advice we can give about hosting is to know what you're getting into. Free services are geared for personal sites, shared hosting is suited for small businesses and a dedicated server is designed for larger hosting needs, yet is far more expensive. By knowing what your site requires, it will be much easier to determine which is the best solution

Changing Web Hosting Service Providers

There are many reasons why individuals or companies want to change to a new web hosting company. It could be as simple as not enough storage space or bandwidth, or it could be due to its customer service, or lack thereof.
Easier said than done? Changing to a new web hosting company may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be that complex - there are just a few things to keep in mind.
  1. Keep your web hosting account with your existing host open
  2. It is recommend that you keep your existing web hosting account active until you have completed the transition steps (ie. new account setup, file transfer, email creation and setup, DNS modification and propagation).This will ensure that your website and domain email accounts will be running during the transition.
  3. Choose a suitable new web hosting provider
  4. Considerations include:
    a) Type of OS (Windows vs. Linux) - it depends on the technologies your website requires. For example, if your website requires ASP, MSSQL, MSACCESS or other Microsoft-specific technologies, then you will need to find a Windows-platform web hosting plan.
    b) Bandwidth and disk space requirements
  5. Make a backup copy of your existing website: download old account files
  6. Ideally, files should be downloaded in the same tree structure in which you want to upload it later. Also look for any file or chmod permissions that you might to set on any folder or file. This is a fairly easy task and can easily be accomplished by FTP.
    However, some free web hosting providers do not offer FTP access. This is especially true if you're currently using a free Flash/drag-and-drop website creation service (ie.,
    If this is the case, you will not be able to download your existing web files and will have to re-create your new web files. You should check to see if your new web hosting provider offers a free website creator.
    To avoid running into the same problem in the future, make sure your new web hosting provider offers FTP access.
  7. Setup new (same) email addresses
  8. To ensure that emails are properly received, it is important to keep the same email addresses, including email aliases and forwarders.
  9. DNS changes and propagation
  10. Once you have uploaded your web files to the new web hosting server and re-created your email accounts, you can go ahead and make the necessary domain name server (DNS) changes.
    DNS is usually obtained once you have signed up with the new web hosting provider. You will need to replace your existing DNS settings with the new one - this is usually done via your domain management panel (your domain registrar).
    The new DNS will take anywhere between 24-48 hours to propagate, therefore the old web host is responsible for website and email in the meantime. This is why cancelling the old service should be the very last thing to do.
  11. Cancel your old account.
  12. Once your new account has been activated and your website and email services at your new web hosting provider are up and running, you can proceed to have your old account cancelled.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on to the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.
When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser.
Most web hosting companies require that you own your domain name in order to host with them. If you do not have a domain name, the web hosting companies will help you purchase one.
The basic features of a web hosting plan include:

Disk Space

All web hosting accounts offer a certain amount of disk space that you can use to store your web files. It is recommended that you have some sort of estimates on what you need for various tasks - the amount of space you need for your emails, web files, databases, etc. By breaking down your usage, you can better estimate how much space you should go for.

Bandwidth or Data Transfer

Very often web hosts talk about bandwidth and data transfer as the same entity. However, they are in fact, different.
  1. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred at one time.
  2. Data transfer is the actual amount of data transferred.
Think of it this way. If bandwidth were a tunnel, the bigger the tunnel the more cars can pass through it. Data transfer would then be the number of cars allowed to go through the tunnel in a given time period, say a month.
The less bandwidth you have, the slower it takes your website to load, regardless of your visitor's connection type. Visitors will have to wait their turn. The less data transfer you have, the more often you will find your website unavailable because you have reached the maximum amount of data allowed to be transferred.
To determine what is sufficient, you need to take into consideration the size of your website and the number of visitors you have in a month's time.

Email Accounts

Email accounts are a common feature of web hosting, especially if you are hosting a domain. There are three main types of email accounts: POP3, forwarding, and aliases.
POP3 accounts are the traditional inboxes. You have space on the server to store your emails, and at the same time, you can use an email program to download your mail. Each login and password combination usually equates to one account.
Forwarding mail accounts are useful if you are employing the service of another company to filter your emails for you. Rather than storing your emails on your mail server, emails are redirected to another email address.
Aliases accounts are similar to forwarding mail accounts. Some hosts allow you to setup a catch-all alias, which is often used to collect emails sent to addresses not recognized by your mail server.

FTP Access

After you have created your web pages on your computer, you need to transfer those files to your web server. The files are transferred to the server by use of FTP.
FTP is also the protocol of downloading your web files from the server to your computer, ie. backing up your website files.

Basic Features of Free Web Hosting

Looking for a free web hosting solution is an imperative decision. Try to identify a reliable web host can be a daunting task especially with so many service providers and options available nowadays. Throw in the feature sheets and promises, the task can be that much more intimidating.
But it doesn't have to be. Let's take a look at some of the most common features a good free web hosting provider should offer:

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk space refers to the amount of storage space assigned to you by the free web hosting provider. This space will be used to store your web site files, including text, images, audio, etc. files you use for your website.
Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic that is allowed to access and leave your website. Access means every time a visitor types in your website name in their browser. Leave means every time a visitor receives something from your website, whether it be viewing a photo, listening to an audio clip or downloading a file.
For example, if your website has a lot of graphics (ie. photographs) then you will require higher storage and greater bandwidth.

Website Creator and FTP

If this is your first website and you have limited or no scripting experience, then look for a free web hosting provider that offers a free website creating application where you can create your website simply by choosing a template and adding in your own text and images.
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol for transferring your website files from your computer to your free web hosting server, or vice versa. This allows you to upload your finished website files (including images and other multimedia files) from your computer to your service provider's server. It also allows you to download your files from your web hosting server back to your computer. A good free web hosting provider should offer 24/7 unrestricted FTP access.


Yes, your free web hosting provider should provide you with email services - so that you can setup email accounts. In addition to a webmail interface (so you can login and manage your emails using your web browser), the email service should also include POP3 and SMTP access so you can setup and access your emails using your mobile devices.

Support and Uptime

You should always choose a free web hosting service with free, reliable telephone and email support.
While no host can offer a 100% guaranteed uptime (think problems out of their control, ie. city power outage), they should provide "just-in-case" measures to limit website and email downtime to a minimal. These measures may include 24/7 server and network monitoring, redundant hardware and network configurations, and onsite backup power supply. While you might not completely understand the technicalities of these, look to see if your free web hosting provider has these listed somewhere on their website. If not, ask them about it.


If you're looking for a free web hosting provider, then you should expect to pay absolutely nothing for all the basic features listed above. You shoudn't have to compromise pricing with banner ads. Any free web hosting providers that forces ads on your website is a no-no.

Why Donating Your Website or Articles to Our Team?

Do you feel it is a crazy idea to donate your website(s), blog(s) or article(s) to our team?

We do not think it is so crazy. If you ever donate money to people who need, why you cannot donate website(s)? Donation is never limited to money!

In addition, donating website(s) to us will have several real advantages. We will go into more details in the below paragraphs.

Website Donation Program:

Every time when you browse over the internet, you may occasionally find some abandoned websites. These abandoned sites may have some good contents, but it just have not been updated for a very long time.

This phenomenon can be caused by a number of reasons. In some cases, the websites could earn and should be worth updating, but their webmasters (site owners) just did not have time to run them because they had something else more important to do. In most cases, however, the webmasters started up well, but very soon they realized that they could not earn much by continuously running their websites. They found them not worth keeping their websites updated, so they gave up and left them abandoned.

This was not a very significant problem perhaps 15 years ago when the internet was still young and was not so popular. However, we believe this problem will just be getting worst as more and more new websites are born but the competition is also getting keen. We expect the number of abandoned websites on the internet will grow exponentially in the next 10 years.

Yes, making money online by updating websites is never easy and is just getting increasingly difficult. However, it is not a main concern for us since we are not-for-profit.

Our website donation program is a brand new way of donating sites. To let everyone better understand how our website donation program works, we put our basic rules as a FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) format as below:

(1) What Steps should be taken in order to donate a website to us?

Website donation normally involves two steps: transfer domain and web hosting. Please contact us and inform us at least the following: (a) Your domain name; (b) When will your domain expire; (c) Your web hosting login information; (d) Any specific requirement(s) or what style you want your site to keep after the ownership transfer.

If you have used any third-party marketing or supporting tools like Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook fan page etc, please also transfer us these accounts as well for better site management.

As a smart money saver, we reserve our rights to transfer your domain and web hosting to a free service provider such as blogspot or wordpress, depending on how much the domain and web hosting fees are and whether it is cost-effective to maintain your site in a paid hosting system. If your website is a blog and already run by a free service provider such as blogspot or wordpress, the ownership transfer will be more simple as you can just send us your login information or grant us the necessary administrator right.

You can also choose to announce ownership change to your readers formally, or just keep it silently as if no change was made.

(2) Why should consider donating the website instead of selling it to somebody else?

First of all, honest speaking, not many people would buy a website unless it has a good ranking or has reasonable earning potential. Even you can sell it, you will normally only get a penny. Most importantly, as a webmaster we understand that most site owners should have put many efforts in building their site at the beginning. Most of them would rather abandon their site and simply do not want the new buyer to ruin it (by changing everything of the site). We, as a responsible webmaster, promise to keep all your published content unchanged after the ownership transfer. We will only add more new content to keep your site up-and-running.

(3) So what are the main advantages of this website donation program?

The main advantages are: (a) We will keep your main theme and all your published content unchanged; (b) We will add more new content to keep your site up-and-running and further build your site ranking; (c) We will follow your specific guidelines or applicable requirement(s) strictly; (d) While ensuring good heritage, we will apply suitable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques for your site reborn.

(4) Can I get back my site some time later after the transfer?

The answer is NO, just like donating money to other people you should not expect getting your money back some time later. This is NOT a free hosting-continuity program or a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program that we optimize your site, you find it really improving and then we give it back to you. That is why we only encourage you to donate truly abandoned websites.

(5) Can I share part of the website earning after donation?

The answer is again NO. This is NOT a revenue sharing or a website trading program. In most cases we will disable all existing ads or unnecessary javascript codes in your site after the transfer and will substitute them with other advertising platforms we may find appropriate. All potential earnings, if any, will only be used to support our goals for charity. This is the real reason why no any revenue sharing is possible.

Perhaps the only 'return' you can expect is that you will get full creditability from our program. As seen from your normal readers, it is still called 'your site' because we promise to keep all your published content, including your original author name, unchanged.

(6) What is the main purpose in running this website donation program?

You may now ask: why we enjoy spending so much efforts in maintaining different variety of abandoned websites?

We believe this program can help promoting our site network and can spread our words of LOVE. We trust this program will eventually make us stronger.

If you also like our objectives, now you may consider donating us your whole blog or website.

(7) Is there any restriction on this website donation program?

We normally accept any content site (no 'under construction' or illegal site please). However, since we do not have good writers who can understand languages other than English or Chinese, now we can only accept websites written in English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese. We do not outsource writing tasks (for accepting more websites in other languages) because we must ensure overall quality standard of your site(s).

Article Donation Program:

If you really do not want to donate us your whole site or blog, that is fine and you may still consider to support us by donating some quality article(s).

You can donate every quality article you 100% owned, but for avoiding attacks from scammers we will not publish articles that cannot meet our guest posting editorial guidelines and industry standard requirements like this one. Of course, for meeting the key purpose of article donation, you should not expect any link back to your website from your donated article(s).

You also should not expect that you can withdraw your article and publish it elsewhere after donation. Just like website donation, we believe this article donation program can help promote our charity network, and you can also show your support to us by donating quality article(s). Again, the only 'return' you can expect is that you will get creditability from our program and have your author name mentioned in your article(s).

More Donation Options:

Having read about all our above website or article donation options, if you still prefer to support us by donating money instead, you are always welcome and please click on this donation link (this will direct you to an external site owned by our same group) to give us immediate financial support. Thanks.

If you have any questions about the above donation programs, please do contact us whenever available.

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5 Important Rules in Website Design

When it comes to your website, extra attention should be paid to every minute detail to make sure it performs optimally to serve its purpose. Here are seven important rules of thumb to observe to make sure your website performs well. 

1) Do not use splash pages

Splash pages are the first pages you see when you arrive at a website. They normally have a very beautiful image with words like "welcome" or "click here to enter". In fact, they are just that -- pretty vases with no real purpose. Do not let your visitors have a reason to click on the "back" button! Give them the value of your site up front without the splash page.

2) Do not use excessive banner advertisements

Even the least net savvy people have trained themselves to ignore banner advertisements so you will be wasting valuable website real estate. Instead, provide more valueable content and weave relevant affiliate links into your content, and let your visitors feel that they want to buy instead of being pushed to buy. 

3) Have a simple and clear navigation

You have to provide a simple and very straightforward navigation menu so that even a young child will know how to use it. Stay away from complicated Flash based menus or multi-tiered dropdown menus. If your visitors don't know how to navigate, they will leave your site. 

4) Have a clear indication of where the user is

When visitors are deeply engrossed in browsing your site, you will want to make sure they know which part of the site they are in at that moment. That way, they will be able to browse relevant information or navigate to any section of the site easily. Don't confuse your visitors because confusion means "abandon ship"!

5) Avoid using audio on your site

If your visitor is going to stay a long time at your site, reading your content, you will want to make sure they're not annoyed by some audio looping on and on on your website. If you insist on adding audio, make sure they have some control over it -- volume or muting controls would work fine. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why You Should choose a Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server
In the world of hosting you'll be familiar with 3 types of hosting are Shared Hosting, VPS or Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server latter. Shared hosting on the benefits that you have easy access and also the price is very cheap according to your short pockets.

But the lack of shared hosting is located on the interplay between resource users with each other. In other words, if there is one user using the resource then you will be affected on a super slow website performance.

Next is a VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting this type which is actually the development of shared hosting. Yes is still using one hosting server as shared hosting but the difference is in its limited resource for a user that does not happen all fighting resource. But the price of the service is more expensive than Shared Hosting. Well then the latter is the Dedicated Server hosting which clearly has benefits far more than the two previous hosting. A description of the dedicated server and the reasons why you should choose dedicated server hosting.

Explanation hosting Dedicated Server

In general, in the world of hosting you may be more likely to recognize the shared hosting and VPS server is more recent. Both hosting is very popular because the price is still affordable and the service is still fairly good quality. Yet again the development of technology and a lot of data entry and must be stored, making it the second hosting overwhelmed in receiving too much data. Yes both hosting will experience significant delays and even access can sometimes hang when incoming data so much.

Suppose you have a website which uses a shared or vps hosting services. Well maybe when your visitor number in the hundreds or perhaps thousands, your website will not have any problems or run smoothly in terms of access speed. But then you will feel the change is significant when your visitor had increased to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands per day. Yes you will have compromised access to your website. Not only that, even though the number of visitors you do not how but the data needs to be stored is also too much, you will feel this is not fair on your website.

So what's the solution?

Well because the problem is ultimately the owner of the website began to consider dedicated server hosting. What is dedicated server hosting? Unlike the two previous hosting, dedicated server hosting is a server provided exclusively for the user's own individual alone or without shared. Dedicated servers are divided into 2's own dedicated server and dedicated server rent.

Dedicated Server's own this is a hosting server is provided solely by the owner of the website or in other words the website owner to use his own computer as a server hosting. The advantage is that owners can set up their own website hosting in accordance with her wishes, including data capacity allowed. While the drawback is that if low-specification computers then they do not perform better than vps server or shared hosting, except that if the lights off and no power backup then automatically shut off and the website was inaccessible.

While hiring Dedicated Servers typically have a very high specification and quality are fairly luxurious. Yes the services offered are usually highly qualified and guaranteed to be free from weight problems compared to access its own dedicated server. Advantage rent a dedicated server is rarely off the lights and the lights off if there is usually a backup power to keep the website online, but it is also the quality of access speeds are amazingly comfortable. While the drawback is the price offered is so high and sometimes suffocating.

Then why should choose a Dedicated Server?
Each hosting server has its advantages and disadvantages as well as its own dedicated server.
Dedicated Server

Well there are a few things you should consider why you have to choose a dedicated server are:

1. Can be free of charge
Yes it can happen if you use a dedicated server to your own computer. You do not need to spend extra money to hire a hosting. But certainly you also have to master the way to your computer settings to be a self-hosting.

2. The quality is amazingly fast access
Of course with a computer that is provided only for your own non-shared will be much faster and free to use so you do not have to worry about the performance of your website when it is accessed.

3. Suitable for upper-class businessmen and professionals
If you are an upscale business people or perhaps is an online professional field you must have a website with a fantastic number of visitors and also the data so much. Now with dedicated server hosting is you do not have to worry about the speed or capacity provided for surely more than enough so that you can take care about your activities.

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Effective Money-Saving Methods For Vocational Travels

Are you now looking for useful tips to save money effectively during your vocational travels?In today's economy, lots of people want to save as much money as they can. Your budget of vocational travel(s), for the same reason, may have to be tightened a bit this year. So please now read carefully the following top 5 tips if you would like to effectively save money on vocational travels.

Top 5 Effective Money-Saving Methods For Vocational Travels

(i) Never Procrastinate.

If you do want to make a difference between a cheap venture and a more expensive one, do always plan your trip ahead wisely. Although it is possible that sometimes one can get good last-minute deals on airfare, it is also likely that one will have to pay much more money if one needs to book a hotel room or buy an air ticket at non-discounted prices. If one does plan ahead, at least one can have a chance to refuse a deal that sounds too expensive. At the end of the day, one will effectively save more money as one needs not taking risk buying expensive tickets desperately at the last minute.

(ii) "Off" Times.

You must realize that traveling to tourist destinations during non-peak season (e.g.: traveling to the beach in November) can definitely save much money. Instead of traveling on "off" seasons, there are also other "off" times that should not be missed. For example, planning your vocational trip on less-popular periods and avoid traveling during "peak" times (e.g: holiday weekends) can save your budget effectively. It is because hotel, traffic and airfare costs etc can increase notably during peak seasons or holiday weekends.
Try forgetting about weekend trip at all and plan for a weekday travel instead. It will definitely be more likely to get much cheaper airfare and hotel rates on weekdays.

(iii) Make or Bring Your Own Food.

Normally, it is understandable that an important part of a vacation should be not needing to cook. Nevertheless, eating out surely costs you lots of money. For a car trip, one should make or bring his own food as a more aggressive money-saving compromise. We strongly recommend that one can make some easy parts of his own meals on site first and then go out for the rest. In fact, making up for your trip a grocery list ahead is never a bad idea. By doing so, at least you will not spend extra money at department stores as you buy on impulse. Even better, if you can make a grocery list based purely on the meals you are going to cook, this will help save more money and also give you an exact idea for planning how much you shall spend on eating out. As an effective money saving example for meals, on one week's vacation, you may go out for breakfast on the first day you depart, then go out for lunch 3 times, and also out for dinner 3 nights etc.

(iv) Out-of-the-Way Locations.

Avoid visiting popular tourist-intensive destinations can definitely help you save money during vacations. Purchasing costs usually are far higher at tourist-intensive locations because most merchants there mark up selling prices on their services or goods. You will not be surprised to easily find much cheaper breakfast or bed at a coastal cottage near a lesser-known location.

(v). Package Deals.

Finding a good deal that allows you to have everything paid for in one single package price can save you more money effectively, Some package deals may even bonus shuttle service to your desired destination from the airport. An inclusive all-in-one vacation package deal can include drinks, meals, and some bonus activities etc. Remember to do a little more research and check carefully if any package deal should work best for your vacation trip.

The above top 5 useful tips shall help save your money on vocational travels effectively. Do not forget to always think creatively and make efficient saving plans ahead wisely. Holiday money-saving methods are never limited to the above mentioned. If you are creative enough, you can always think of great money saving ideas for your funny vacation trips.

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Web Server Hosting Types

Web Server Hosting Types
There are different types of hosting services that you can choose from depending on what type of web development and web site that you want to host.

Dial-Up Access Hosting – This is the most basic access/hosting service and these providers also provides a web page for hosting your site. Dial-up access hosting was the first hosting available and is still around. Most ISP’s specialize in just internet access and it’s rare that you will see an ISP do both. These companies make their money off of providing access to the Internet.

Development Hosting - Web site developers are buying their own servers and offering independent hosting services for their clients. This is called development hosting in which they provide web development services along with a host server located at their place of business. The consumer gets charged for the development and the maintenance of the web-site.

Web Hosting ISP’s. – These are companies that specialize in hosting business web sites. There is no dial up access needed and site owners access their pages via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This is what the majority of small businesses use to put their site information on the internet. Other services are also included in the Web Hosting ISP package depending on their service plans.

These types of hosting plans are usually for corporations that need a lot of bandwidth to run their web applications. These companies run T1 access lines for big packets of internet data and have multiple connections to an internet backbone. They have fully staffed data processing facilities and the prices are substantial for using these types of services.

Corporate/Industrial Hosting - Companies like Hewlett Packard, Dell or IBM, run the server infrastructure for most of these host companies.
Web Server Hosting Types

The SOHO business owner will usually need the Web-Hosting ISP services. It is the middle ground between the basic and advanced services.

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What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?
What is Web Hosting - When you are going to build a website on the internet, then there are two things that are needed so that your website can be accessed, which is hosting and domain. Hosting serves as data storage on the Internet while the domain to facilitate the naming of the website address. In this article we will discuss just what it is hosting its intricacies.

What is hosting : Understanding hosting

Do you remember when they first learn to create a website? Maybe you've asked the following. Just what is hosting? How do I choose a good web host? and so on. In simple hosting is a storage medium to hold the website files on the server computer internet. With the hosting, your website can be accessed from anywhere.
In general, hosting offered by way of rent for a certain period. Some are paid, but some are free. There is a form of shared hosting, there is also a dedicated hosting. All have advantages and disadvantages of each.

What is hosting : Types of hosting
Once you know what sense it is hosting, then the next we discuss about the types of hosting. Based on the content that can be stored in the hosting, hosting can be divided into several types, among others: blog hosting, image hosting, video hosting, and file hosting.

1. Blog hosting is hosting that is intended to create a blog / website. In the hosting has been provided in full application builder to build a blog / website instantly so it is easier for beginners who want to build a blog / website. As an example of blog hosting are: blogspot, wordpress, and so forth.

2. Image hosting is hosting that are specific to store images online that has the ability to be displayed online slideshow, photo sharing, online photo albums, and the ability to add comments. Examples include image hosting: flickr, google picasa, facebook, imageshack,, and many more.

3. Video hosting is hosting that are specific to online video store and has the ability to play videos online (streaming). Interestingly displayed video can also be inserted a comment that seemed more alive. Sample video hosting such as: Youtube, Metacafe, filestube, facebook and many more.

4. File hosting is a specialized hosting for storing a variety of file formats. Usually the saved file can not be displayed online but can only be downloaded. Some examples of file hosting such as rapidshare, hotfile, ziddu, enterupload, idws, and so forth.

If you are still a beginner in building a website, then you are using a suitable hosting is hosting public. Hosting is a hosting general whose content you can fill in your favor. Usually the hosting provider has provided applications such as Fantastico, and Softaculous in cPanel menu that contains a set of authoring tools, blogs, forums, photo albums, instant webstore that can facilitate your work to create a website instantly.
What is hosting: How to select hosting

Once you learn what it's hosting and other types of hosting, then the next step is to learn about how to choose hosting. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a hosting include:

1. Capacity
Storage capacity in hosting the first thing that you should consider. Usually for hosting personal storage capacity required is relatively small ranging from 10 MB to 25 MB. While for a website company / institution, required storage capacity from 25 MB to 100 MB. But if the company / agency is using a database application, the storage capacity required to be larger than 100 MB

2. Speed ​​and bandwidth
Access speed is influenced by the specifications of the computer hosting the server and location server. If the server hosting you are in Indonesia, you should choose a hosting server IIX Indonesia because it has access to some pretty good speed. While bandwidth is the amount of traffic data from the access of your website. Usually hosting providers offer bandwidth in some capacity. But you do not just get tempted with unlimited bandwidth because in many cases, tend to have unlimited bandwidth access speed is not good.

3. Supporting features
Some proponents hosting features include: email, additional sub-domains, add-on applications, security and so forth. These features sometimes we need to make it easier to manage the website.

From the brief explanation of "what it is hosting" above, it can be concluded that the hosting holds a significant role in building a website. Therefore, one must be careful in your selection. Once you learn "what it is hosting", you also need to learn the system hosting the work itself so you are not wrong choice in deciding the right hosting service.

I hope you enjoy the article of What is Web Hosting

Why should choose VPS Server

Why should choose VPS Server
In the World of Internet and Website Hosting sure you understand or a place to store your website data. Well if you have ever put on the blog, you will not need a hosting for the blog itself is by default is self-hosting or hosting that is automatically provided by the service. 

Well if you are using the website and wanted to have a place to store your data on the internet then you are required to have hosting. Hosting for the website, unlike a separate blog.

There are 3 types of hosting for a website that is Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and the last is a VPS or Virtual Private Server. Shared hosting is hosting that is used by many people simultaneously. Hosting does look easy, but if there's one user using a script program severe enough then the effect will be on the other users as well. Dedicated Server will be explained in further material and then the last VPS or Virtual Private Server will be discussed at this time the material, including the reasons why you should choose VPS Server.

Beginning VPS Server

Before VPS Servers attendance, the website owners or webmasters often use Shared Hosting services. Shared Hosting was originally known by the webmaster for ease of service and also the price is very affordable. No wonder after the technology was found to increase dramatically and direct development service provider immediately rose sharply. For some time it Shared Hosting for not finding time to dominate the weirdness, but then started happening strangely in some users who complain their website weight loading page.

Why? Yes because it is shared or used together, so do not be surprised if there was one user using high resource, it will affect the performance of other users. Now from this was born VPS Servers, VPS Servers which are not native to the user should provide resource. Yes VPS Server divides the processor, RAM, and hard drive to each user who uses a certain extent so that what they do will affect other users.

Explanation of VPS Servers

VPS or Virtual Private Server is as its name suggests is a virtual hosting server where as if the user hosting as a hosting service in accordance with their wishes. VPS server is actually just one server but any user who uses each given resource from the processor speed, RAM and hard drive capacity so that any activities undertaken will not interfere with other users.

Typically service providers also provide Shared Hosting VPS Server services to its users. And of course the difference between them is quality, convenience in use and the latter of course is the price. Yes, the price of VPS server hosting service is certainly more expensive than shared hosting but the price difference is not too much because it's VPS server is suitable for the beginner or the professional who wants to get the maximum performance of the website with the price is still affordable.

Why you should choose a VPS Server?
By reading some of the above explanation maybe you'll soon realize why you should choose VPS Server. But to make it easier to understand here are some summaries why you should choose VPS Server:

1. Since VPS servers more secure from tampering
If the Shared Hosting you still feel anxious with your website performance because the bias is affected by another user, the VPS Server you can feel calm because the resources given to you is absolutely yours and can not be contested by other users.

2. Because affordable VPS Servers
Although VPS Server service is more expensive than shared hosting, but in terms of quality, comfort and price is practically very appropriate and even affordable. Yes to what key you buy cheap but easily broken? Are not you better buy a little expensive but the key security awake?

Why should choose VPS Server

3. Since VPS Server suitable for beginners
Even if you are a beginner, VPS Server is the right solution for you because of the value of the business is also very profitable. While developing a business from your website, you can feel safe, comfortable and money lying around and spending only amounted to a piggy bank. Interesting is not it?

I hope you enjoyed the article on Why Should choose VPS Server

Monday, December 10, 2012

Free V/S Paid Web Hosting

Don’t you think that a strong web presence means a lot? According to me, a web presence should be strong enough to create a buzz and also is essential to all businesses. If you think the same that one should establish a web presence, and boost the business then you need a website and also do the best for it. Today’s article is completely dedicated to the web hosting services. Here we are going discuss regarding free v/s paid web hosting. Are you searching for a reliable web hosting services? Then you have landed on the right place. 
You must be thinking that what is meant by the reliable hosting? Do you think that paid hosting is any day better and more reliable than anything?

Most of the times, the free web hosting and paid hosting offer basically the same security. Not only security but also comes with great network bandwidth and port speed. We all know that hoe much the speed and great uptime is required for the great web hosting. The basic difference between them is the hosting features included. That’s it. Are you shocked? Don’t be, it is very much truth. There are many web hosting features that include additional disk storage, data transfer, more scripting support, more email accounts and more. 
If you are thinking of opening a business or starting up a business then launching a new website is must. I must say for any regular website, the disk storage and data transfer offered by a free web hosting service and that would be sufficient. Most importantly it takes time to grow a website and accumulate enough visitors. It doesn’t happen in one go. Thus people go for search engine optimization. Your web information the storage and/or data transfer limits of a free web hosting package. It is not difficult that you can always upgrade your service from the free web hosting to paid web site hosting when the time comes. 
I have seen that all small businesses do not need more than 5 email accounts. But again they pay for more. This called wastage of money. These days no company is ready to do that. All I can say that more accounts you have just means the more time you have to spend managing them. There are many free web hosting providers there in the industry which offer email aliases that allows you to create the illusion of having many different email addresses but in fact all emails to these aliases are redirected and managed by one account.

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5 Ways To Make Blogging More Effective And Earn More Money Online

As you already know, blogging is very effective in improving your ranking on search engines, driving traffic to your website and increasing your sales. However, many people do not maximize the benefits which they can get from blogging.

This article outlines essential tips that you can use to make blogging more effective, drive more traffic to your
website and earn more money.

1. Blog regularly. This is a very important factor that determines how successful you can be in driving traffic to your website through blogging. You must blog at least once per day. Serious internet marketers who earn six dollar income online blog several times per day. You must consistently add fresh, useful and captivating content on your website so that you can keep readers coming back for more. By doing this, your internet business blog will rank high on search engines, which will increase traffic to your website. The more you blog, the more you improve your visibility and ranking on search engines. You can write your blog posts in advance and save them and then just make sure that you publish them on your blog everyday.

2. Invite people with websites and blogs that are related to your online business and that have high popularity rank (PR) to exchange links with you. Links to websites with high PR on your blog will help you when Google index and rank your page. The more high PR sites that are linked to you through your blog, the more chances of you getting high PR for your website and blog.

3. Monetize your blog and increase the chances of you earning money from your blog. You can make money from your internet home business blog through affiliate programs. What you need to do is to simply place affiliate products’ names in your blog posts and hyperlink them to direct readers to the product. Every time someone clicks on the link and purchases a product, you make money! You can use your blog to advertise your own products and as well as affiliate products.

4. You must know all your keywords and use them in your blog posts. The secret to successful blogging is making sure that all your blog posts are rich with your keywords. Don’t just write blog posts without including your keywords. Keyword-rich blog posts will increase your site’s ranking for your online business niche or topic keywords.

5. Ping your blog with on a regular basis to ensure that new content is indexed by the search engines.

Use the five ways outlined above to increase your online profits.  Start blogging for more profits today!


What is a dedicated server

dedicated server
what is a dedicated serverLately a lot of hosting providers competing to offer dedicated server hosting packages. With the increasing cheapness of the price of the computer, dedicated server rental prices also fell.

For the layman may be a dedicated server is less familiar to them. But for people who are experienced in managing internet network server, then what's the term dedicated server is certainly not foreign to their ears. The following article will explain clearly about the ins and outs of what a dedicated server.

Understanding what is a dedicated server

What is a dedicated server? Dedicated servers can be defined as a server that is rented separately and independent. Services dedicated server makes it possible to run demanding applications with high workloads that can not be operated on a shared hosting and VPS. Usually the dedicated web server provides a set of physical servers complete with its operating system. To log in to the web server you will gain root access so you yourself can perform server maintenance through access available.

With a dedicated server anyway, you have complete control of your server. You are free to configure the server according to the specification of your requirements. This condition is of course different from shared hosting service where you do not have control of the server. You are limited only to configure your website in cPanel menu only.

On a dedicated server, you can use these servers to perform full testing web applications, hosting services, databases, and other Internet services. To use a dedicated server, you can simply set everything out of your desk. While dedicated server hosting services laid on, you manage Dedicate server remotely from your desk.
What service excellence is a dedicated server
As mentioned above, any service that a dedicated server has the advantage of full control of all the activities that occur on a server. So all resource / server resources such as processor cores, RAM, hard drives can be set according to your needs. With full control rights will certainly provide comfort and security of your website becomes more secure.
Services dedicated server suitable for large business events and handle high data traffic. Dedicated servers also have the ability to make more than one domain name, can build a better email service, has the support of databases and software are endless.

Lack service what it is dedicated server

Although the service is what it has the advantage of a dedicated server, but what is a dedicated server service also has some shortcomings, such as:
- The high cost of renting a dedicated server.
Currently dedicated server rental fees ranging from Rp 500,000 per month up to $ 2,000,000 per month depending on the specifications of the computer that you rent a dedicated server.
- Operation of a dedicated server requires mastery of high technology.
Not just anyone capable of running dedicated servers. Some of the knowledge that needs to be mastered include: hardware and software servers, networks and the Internet, databases, and more. Besides the experience of the world internet network server is also required.

Conclusions about what is dedicated server
What is a dedicated server

From the description of what a dedicated server above it can be concluded that a dedicated server is recommended especially for those who require high computing services with full access control. But to operate a dedicated server seems to need people who are experienced in managing internet network server. Besides the expensive monthly rental fee also makes the service less desirable dedicated servers internet users

Hopefully the article about what it is dedicated servers above can be beneficial to you and can be an inspiration for us to further develop the business spirit again in the future.

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How to Make a Website for free ?

How to Make a Website for free
How to Make a Website for free - The first thing you must decide before building your website is the theme or topic of your website, no matter if there are thousands of other websites with the same subject

because it makes you better able to improvise by placing the contents of the site. It's better if you choose an appropriate topic of your interest and something that
You know a little more than others so you can write more.

There are many ways to create a website, using HTML templates, using the website builder software, using blogger,
wordpress etc.
I prefer wordpress for beginners because it is very easy to maintain.

The first step in creating a website is domain registration, there are hundreds of websites available on the internet that will make domain registration, but as

a beginner start with a free domain registration site like, here you have to sign to get the account and check for the domain name

You want, because most of these are domain names that have been registered by someone else. While choosing a domain name you do not need to create a name that is very
long and short, and use unique names, create a name that can be remembered easily. It does not matter if you use the numbers in the names
domains like, etc.

Once you are done with this, you have to sign up to a hosting site, which will host your website, once again there are thousands of websites that will provide free

web hosting, so for a free hosting plan. I prefer the site or Once you register, you will be directed to the control panel
from this site, where you will find many options like FTP manager, Domain manager, MySQL manager etc. Here you need to create an FTP (file transfer
protocol) in the file manager using a user name and password and also create a database in MySQL Manager using the user name and password. (Note
that FTP and database user name and password are not necessarily the same).

Once you do this, go back to your domain registration site, where you need to fill in a few details about your host. (Note that this procedure
an explanation for and x10hosting) Click manage domains, click on your domain name and choose the option that set, where there are options such as server
names, notes and URL forwarding zone. First select the name of the server and put the server name given two boxes (usually the name is and Then click on organize again and edit the zone record with the following,

host - (your site name)

type - 1D

options - A

value - xx.xx.xx.xx

For selection you need to put the IP address of the host that you can find the ping method. For example, if sitename then go to the window.
type the following command "ping '. As you type, the IP address will show, you need to enter into the box.

save the settings and you're done with half of the procedure.

Now you need to link your site with wordpress, so refer to the wordpress site and download the zip wordpress 2.8.6, which is about 2.2MB. And you also
will need an FTP client to upload wordpress to your host, so download Filezilla. Now you need to configure wordpress, so as to open a folder
wordpress-download and open a file with the name of wp-config.php-sample, you must give the name of the database name, user name, password and the name of the database server.

For example, in the sample-wp-config.php you will find sentences such as,

xxxx ('DB_NAME', 'yourdatabasename');

so here yourdatabasename replace with the database name you created in your hosting site., similarly do for user name, password, and server name (DBHost).
All values ​​will be present at the site hosting MySQLDatabases you if you forget. After changing the following things, rename the file wp-config.php and save it.

Once you do that you have to upload the wordpress files to your site so open filezilla and above you will have a choice as host,
username, password, port, so it should fill you with mandata FTP account of your hosting site. host using your own website name, port may be left blank
or put 21. Click Quickconnect and you should see the directory on your site. Now copy all the files inside wordpress (note that you have to copy

all files in a Wordress and not the folder itself) and upload it to your home directory 'public_html' on your site. There are about 750 files in wordpress.

Once done with this you need to install wordpress on your site, which is done by typing the following command in the browser
admin / install.php. If all the above is successful then you should see There are about 750 files in wordpress. Examine the wordpress registration page where you
must include all details and questions you are now ready to publish your site. You can also upload a variety of themes and plugins to the folder wp-

content / plugins wp-content/themes or use FileZilla as well if you want.

I hope You Enjoyed the article of How to Make a Website for free

Useful Tips for web hosting

Useful Tips for web hosting
Web hosting is very beneficial for those who develop small to large. Web hosting is basically internet technology that helps to move the site

Your web that contains all the information about the commercial activities. This helps to locate or find your website from anywhere in the world with the help of key words right.

The concept of online business or online marketing is more expensive when compared with the conventional way of advertising or marketing. This has proven dariorang little people and the development of businesses that do not have a big budget in reserve for their marketing campaigns.

Web hosting will provide an opportunity for small businesses to compete with larger ones associated with similar products or offer similar services. But the fact no one

small or large on the internet for everyone is the same to get a chance to showcase their commercial activities. It depends on the potential audience

to look at their web site that the majority would prefer to watch and get information about a particular business. You do not need to make large investments in

promote your product or business to attract customers but all this can be done with a collective effort. This is one basic reason why most
people are interested to do business and web hosting.

You also can act as a reseller of web hosting companies as it has led to the creation of employment opportunities through business. Web hosting

has gained great popularity in the internet world, almost a necessity for any business. There are many services offered without charging anything. It is

greatly benefit users by enabling web page hosting without incurring any cost. Shared web hosting helps the website to get the hosts on

the same server with other websites. On the other hand, dedicated servers and exclusive offers better service with greater benefits such as better performance, higher reliability, security, and configuration needed adjusted.

With the help of web hosting, you can create multiple e-mail accounts' show professionalism and also offer reliability to customers. While communicating

with customers of your email address, it will always leave a better impression about your company without further doubts.

<a onClick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/article_exit_link');" href=""> Web Hosting </ a> possible to include

shopping carts for e - commerce, forums, chat panel and the public. It is very helpful to know the views as well as communicate with their customers.

A well-functioning server is also an important role for web sites and web hosting services. The audience might face to see if the site

server crashes down. You can even have a better quality servers with a shared web hosting or managed web hosting because it is supported by the backup server.
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Low Cost Web Hosting in Karachi Pakistan

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Linux VS Windows Hosting a Comparison , Cheapest Web Hosting in Pakistan

Linux has, for some time, been widely considered the best OS for Web servers. Its typically found to be the most reliable, stable and efficient system and, as such, its commonly used for the demanding environment of Web and mail servers and it is traditionally known to be more stable. Windows operating system has considerably grown and attained its grounds yet most web hosting service provider still prefer Linux as their default hosting operating system.

Advantages of using Linux based web server compared to Windows based web server

Stable: Linux/Unix operating systems has traditionally been believed to be very stable and robust which in turn means comparatively more uptime.

Low cost: The Linux OS comes free of cost (or at very insignificant cost, usually cost of distribution). Also, it has full fledged server, and desk top applications that comes free along with the OS. These applications being free, are more cost effective.

Ease of use : The process of uploading and hosting is almost same for both Linux and Windows web servers. However, using front page for publishing sites poses more issues compared with ftp application. In certain hosting panels and servers, there are slight issues here and there for uploading files using ftp on windows servers.

Easy to move between hosts : A web site designed to be hosted on a Linux based web server can be hosted on a Windows web server easily, where as the reverse is not always true.

Most widely used : Linux/Unix based web hosting is most widely used compared to Windows based web hosting.

On the downside, Linux based web server is not fully compatible with Microsoft technologies. If you are using any specialized applications or VB for development of your web site, it is preferable to host with a Windows based web server.

What operating system you should be using for your hosting:
Consider scripting languages you plan to use – if you use HTM, html which shall be the case for most web developers, you can use any of OS in that case ie Linux as well as Windows.

If you are using free scripts like guest books, chat applications, forums, blog, image/ picture libraries etc, You shall understand that, one these are mostly in PHP which is due to the free nature of php. Even incase you like to purchase one such applications, you will find that these are mostly available in php. For PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linux is the way forward.

If your site, like most web sites, is what might be termed “brochure-ware” then Linux servers are ideal. By brochure-ware I mean a site that offers the kind of information that in the past might have been provided on paper in the form of brochures, newsletters or data sheets. Brochure-ware sites will offer some interaction through enquiry forms and can certainly incorporate online purchasing and other routine e-commerce functions.

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Start Your Own Work At Home Business

work at home
Work At Home - Starting a home business is not tedious. In fact, there are many advantages in starting a home based business. You can enjoy the fun of working in a home atmosphere and can work at your convenient schedule. But running an own business requires lot of dedication and effort. You must know how to manage time for work and family. However, your hard work and effort would be rewarded well.

Before starting work at home business, consider the following:

1. Whether you would have the freedom to choose when and where to work?

2. Whether the home business would allow you continue your current job and work at home?

3. Would the business require publicity or gimmicks?

4. Would the home business require heavy investment?

5. Are there any risks in starting a home business?

6. Do you have complete training and support to improve the home business?

7. Do you have acquaintance with any successful home business owner who can help as a mentor to you?

If your answer is positive to most of the above questions, you can start work at home business. Another important consideration in starting a home business is to do what you are really passionate about. This is because of the fact that you can put greater effort without any difficulty because you really love it.

Starting a child day care center, candle business, decorative gift baskets, wall paintings, fashion jewelry, photography, party rentals and some other home business is really inexpensive and straight forward. However these businesses may be time consuming and require lot of effort. But once your business is up and running, you can get better rewards for your efforts.

If you have a pc at home with an internet connection, your home business opportunities are vast. You can start work at home internet business if you have adequate knowledge and excellent communication skill. You can start your own online dating site which can provide more profits from every member that joins you site.

However you would need some investment. The dating website can earn you handsome profits when members subscribe for premium membership and when existing members renew their membership. The main benefit of this business is that you need not have any previous experience for this.

You can start work at home business if you want to enjoy the fun and freedom of working at home. However take the time to get an organized plan for your business. This helps you speed up and improve your home business.

You can allot a room in your home for business purposes. Then arrange the essential things like a chair, computer, cabinet, phone etc. A comfortable chair is very important if you have to work for hours at the computer. Also consider filing the essential paper work in a cabinet. Keep it organized!

Work At Home

If you need to spend more time on your home business, then schedule your household routines accordingly. Time management is very important to start a home based business. You need to have the ability to prioritize your work so that you can achieve success.

Keeping Evil Away From Your PC with ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

internet safety
When you surf the internet or download files from it, there is a chance that someone may be watching your every move in your computer. Every key you press in your keyboard and every click of the mouse are recorded without you knowing about it. It could be anyone, and it could be someone from halfway around the world who has invaded your computer with a particular software called spyware.

Spywares may look harmless but what if you use your
computer for purchasing goods over the internet? You will be typing your credit card information and personal information in order to purchase something over the internet. The thought of someone using your account without you knowing about it can make you cringe.

Today, the use of internet is getting more and more popular. Not only is the internet a great tool for communication, but it is also a tool where you can purchase goods and services right in the comforts of your own home. By just opening an online credit card account, you will be able to purchase anything you want over the internet.

However, there is a kind of software that can invade your computer and record your financial and personal information. This information will be recorded and sent to the spyware developer somewhere in the world and use this information to commit identity theft.

In order to prevent this, you have to purchase a kind of software that will be able to protect your computer against malicious software circulating around the internet today. Viruses, spyware, adware and other malicious software can be very dangerous.

One kind of software that has a good reputation is called the ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is developed by Zone Labs and is a very effective security system for your PC. It can effectively ward off different malicious softwares existing in the internet today.

Here are some of the features that you can take advantage of with ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite:

Firewall – This program intercepts any incoming threats from hackers and viruses.

Antivirus – This program scans files and email attachments for known computer viruses, Trojan horses, and worms and effectively cleans or deletes the files.

Identity Theft Protection – This program secures your personal and financial information in your PC. Therefore, preventing your personal information and financial information from getting stolen.

Anti Spyware – This program will block and remove spyware software in your computer. This is an additional protection against identity thieves.

Spy Site Blocking – Spyware get into your PC by visiting spyware distribution websites. This feature will prevent you from ever visiting website that distributes spyware through downloadable files.

With the different security that ZoneAlarm can provide, you will definitely get your personal and financial information secured as well as get your PC protected from malicious software circulating the internet today.

This particular internet security software is also very easy to use.

So, if you are considering protecting your computer against malicious software, such as computer viruses, spyware, adware and others, you should consider purchasing ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite by Zone Labs. This software will effectively protect your PC from the malicious software circulating the internet today.

With ZoneAlarm Internet Security, you will definitely sleep more comfortably with the thought of having security for your personal computer.