Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Is VPS Server ?

What Is VPS Server
What Is VPS Server - In the world of the internet, we often hear the word VPS (Virtual Private Server). When you browse the internet for example, a lot of advertisements that offer VPS hosting. You may also be wondering: what exactly is a VPS? Why corporate websites choose VPS hosting as compared to normal? What are the advantages offered by VPS? Well, the following article we will discuss about what is VPS. For you are the administrator website, an article about what is VPS following may be little help in managing your website in web hosting.

What is a VPS: VPS Definition

Before we delve further into what it is VPS, we first discuss the notion VPS. VPS or Virtual Private Server is a technology that allows resources / resources of a computer server can be partitioned or divided into multiple virtual servers. This virtual server has the ability to run its own operating system like a server. Through this technology you can also restart a separate virtual server without having to restart the primary server.

In VPS technology, server resources such as CPU cores, CPU Usage, RAM, and storage can partition into multiple virtual servers. Virtual server is then offered in VPS hosting package. With the VPS hosting, you seemed to have their own server for complete control of server configuration is in your hands. That is why many corporate websites tend to use VPS hosting compared to other types.

What is a VPS : VPS Technology Advantages

Once you know what sense it is a VPS, the next we learn what the advantages offered by the VPS. Basically the technology in a VPS service is virtualization technology, where technology serves to divide a server computer into multiple virtual servers. One of the most superior technology platform VPS today is XEN Hypervisor. XEN Hypervisor has several advantages, among others:
* As with regular linux server, XEN Hypervisor technology has the ability to swap space so that it can freely manage the swap partition.
* You have control over the VPS. With this technology you can also configure your firewall / iptables flexibly.
* You can run some kernel modules.
* You can also directly access the console when you perform troubleshooting.

What is a VPS: Conclusion

From the above explanation of what it can be concluded that VPS VPS technology has several advantages over the regular service that many web hosting companies that use this VPS technology. In addition to the VPS technology could be an alternative solution for those who want the features of a dedicated server hosting service, but at an affordable price.

Once you understand the ins and outs of what it is VPS, now is the time for you to apply your website by choosing VPS hosting services. In many internet service providers VPS hosting is a bargain price. There are even offering lease rate per month so more affordable. However quixotic VPS hosting services you need to look at issues of quality services. Do not let you choose a VPS hosting service is cheap but you will be disappointed because the less stable server connection.
What Is VPS Server

Few tips for those who want to switch to VPS hosting service, you should understand exactly what it is VPS because everything that happens on your VPS hosting is your own responsibility. Your knowledge of linux server is needed when you learn what it is VPS. So there is still a lot you need to learn about what it is before you migrate to a VPS VPS hosting.

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