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Best and Cheap Web Hosting Company Review

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Free .ORG Domain with Purchase of .COM domain

NameCheap free .org promo is now active. Buy a .com domain, and you'll have the ability in your cart to add the matching .org if it's available -- for free! More details can be found in the control panel when you log into your account. For a limited time, get a FREE companion .org domain (if available to register) with the purchase of almost any other TLD! This offer will appear automatically in your shopping cart if your original domain is eligible. This is great offer for anyone always wanted to have there own domain name. - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Move your Domain day

SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a proposed bill that would allow owners of intellectual property to block or disable any website that they consider infringes on their intellectual property. Unfortunately, the bill takes a “carpet bombing” approach to piracy and gives intellectual property owners unprecedented powers in being able to take websites down without any sort of due process. The bill goes so far that many people have renamed it the “Stop Online Privacy Act” because it infringes on both privacy and freedom. Many people are worried, and rightly so, about how SOPA can hurt the internet. SOPA hurts consumers, SOPA hurts service providers, and SOPA hurts freedom of speech. Like many service providers and competitors, we feel so strongly about SOPA that we’ve been compelled to act. We are a freedom-loving domain registrar and above all else, the rights of our customers come first.

Transfer your domains over for $6.99 with code SOPASucks. Offer valid for COM NET ORG INFO and BIZ TLDs. Are you also looking for web hosting to go with your newly transferred domain due to new US SOPA rules ? There SOPAsucks coupon code is valid on our shared, business, reseller, and VPS hosting plans and will give you 75% off of the first month! Enjoy! (This offer is not valid on cPanel licenses.) Read More about SOPA here - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

How to transfer a domain from GoDaddy

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Microsoft now into Social Networking with SoCl

It's true! There is another social network out there, and this one is brought to you by Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, (pronounced social) is an experimental research project developed by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs, and it focuses on exploring the possibilities of social search for the purpose of learning. In other words, it is a social network for students - sound familiar, anyone?

With the focus on students, the website combines social networking and search to help people find and share interesting Web pages. It also features montages, which are rich posts that are assembled with visual Web content.

All searches in are public since many students work together or often search for the same items. This aims at creating more viral content, by letting users share links as they search.

Additionally, features video parties, which makes sharing videos easy. Users can view movies with friends, and view existing video party collections that were created by other users.

Sign-up for can be done through Facebook, and although’s focus is on students, anyone is welcome to participate in the FUSE Labs research community.

Santa Tracker 2011

Wishing all our Readers a Very Happy Christmas 

Now Google Maps will show Santa’s entire route as he travels the world on Christmas Eve. At the bottom of the Google Maps screen, you’ll see Santa’s current location, as well as where he’s headed next. Here are a few tips to help you follow Santa’s route:

Read more:

Here are a few tips to help you follow Santa’s route:
  1. A trail of sparkles will highlight Santa’s recent stops:

  2. Watch videos from each of Santa’s stops by clicking on the video icon 

  3. Zoom into a location to explore more, either by scrolling with your mouse or by using the zoom slider in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. Change map types using the buttons in the top righthand section of the screen:

  4. Browse Panoramio photos for a location by clicking on the present icon . For more images, click See more photos at inside the information balloon:

  5. To read Wikipedia articles about a particular location, click Read more about this location inside a video or photo information balloon:

Top Searches of 2011

It’s important for Web workers to know what Internet users are searching for, whether it be tech businesses, hot gadgets, popular television shows or even celebrities. The savviest Web marketers know opportunity when they see it, and search results are the place to start.

Search-engine aggregator Dogpile makes this process easy by combining results from Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to provide lists such as the following. Below are the top searches of 2011:

Top Ten Overall Searches: 
1) Facebook, 2) YouTube, 3) NFL, 4) American Idol, 5) iPad, 6) iPhone, 7) Kim Kardashian, 8) Justin Bieber, 9) Casey Anthony trial, 10) Powerball

Top Ten Social Networking Sites:
1) Facebook, 2) YouTube, 3) Flickr, 4) Twitter, 5) LinkedIn, 6) MySpace, 7) Tagged, 8) Google +, 9), 10) Orkut

Top Ten Online Diversions (at work): 
1) Facebook, 2) YouTube, 3) eBay, 4) Craigslist, 5) Amazon, 6) TMZ, 7) Drudge Report, 8), 9) Pogo, 10) Skype

Top Ten Retail Websites: 
1) Walmart, 2) Home Depot, 3) Lowes, 4) Best Buy, 5) Sears, 6) Target, 7) Costco, 8) Kohls, 9) Staples, 10) Kmart

Top Ten Tech Gadgets: 
1) iPad, 2) iPhone, 3) Xbox, 4) Kindle, 5) iPod Touch, 6) Nook, 7) Blackberry, 8) Touchpad, 9) PlayStation, 10) Android

Top Ten Online Games: 
1) Angry Birds, 2) Webkinz, 3) Minecraft, 4) Mahjong, 5) Sudoku, 6) Runescape, 7) Farmville, 8) Solitaire, 9) Chess, 10) Poker

Top Ten News Stories: 
1) Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, 2) Casey Anthony trial, 3) Hurricane Irene, 4) Occupy Wall Street, 5) Libya Battle of Tripoli/Muammar Gaddafi, 6) Royal Wedding, 7) Death of Steve Jobs, 8) Arizona/Gifford Shooting, 9) Death of Osama Bin Laden, 10) End of U.S. War in Iraq

Top Ten TV News and Talk Radio Shows: 
1) CNN News, 2) FOX News, 3) Nancy Grace, 4) 60 Minutes, 5) The Howard Stern Show, 6) NBC Nightly News, 7) The Dave Ramsey Show, 8) Anderson Cooper 360, 9) The Daily Show, 10) The Rachel Maddow Show

Top Ten TV Shows: 
1) American Idol, 2) Dancing with the Stars, 3) The Dr. Oz Show, 4) NCIS, 5) Glee, 6) Oprah, 7) The Today Show, 8) The Voice, 9) X Factor, 10) Big Brother

Top Ten Celebrities: 
1) Kim Kardashian, 2) Justin Bieber, 3) Megan Fox, 4) Lady Gaga, 5) Katy Perry, 6) Charlie Sheen, 7) Selena Gomez, 8) Emma Watson, 9) Mila Kunis, 10) Adele

Top Ten Musicians: 
1) Justin Bieber, 2) Lady Gaga, 3) Katy Perry, 4) Adele, 5) Miley Cyrus, 6) Taylor Swift, 7) Rihanna, 8) Amy Winehouse, 9) Nicki Minaj, 10) Eminem

Monday, December 19, 2011

How to transfer a domain from GoDaddy

Before submitting a Domain transfer request with please obtain EPP code (if applicable) from GoDaddy and make sure that the domain is unlocked. ( EPP is An Authorization Code (also referred to as an Auth Code, Domain's secret or an EPP Code) provides an extra level of security for the domain name registration. The authorization code is unique for each domain name and is assigned by the registrar at the time the domain name is registered. It is needed when you would like to transfer domain from one registrar to another. EPP authentication code will be required for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .asia, .bz, .ca, .co, .cn, .de, .in, .me, .tv and .us domain transfers. )

How to unlock your domain with GoDaddy: 
Login to your GoDaddy account
  • Click Domain Manager in My Products section
  • Select the domain(s) to unlock and click Locking
  • Deselect Lock Domains to have the domain(s) unlocked
  • Click OK

How to obtain EPP code from GoDaddy: 
Login to your GoDaddy account
  • Click Domain Manager in My Products section
  • Click on the domain you need EPP code for
  • Click Send By Email in the Authorization Code field
  • Click OK

In most cases you would also need to disable privacy protection service for the domain. How to cancel Domains By Proxy Service with GoDaddy:

  • Go to the Domains By Proxy website and login to your account
  • Select My Domains
  • Select Cancel Your Private Registration checkbox next to the domain name(s) you need to disable privacy protection for
  • Click Continue
  • Select Yes - Cancel Domains By Proxy for the domain name(s) listed above and click Submit

Once the domain name is unlocked and you have your EPP code you can initiate a transfer to Namecheap. Please refer to this article below for more information on how to transfer a domain to us.

Domain transfers can take anywhere from 3 to 8 days to complete. You need to assure that the following apply to the domain at the current registrar of the domain:
  • The domain must be more than 60 days old
  • The domain has been "Unlocked" for transfer at the current registrar
  • The domain is showing your current e-mail for the admin contact in the whois as that is where the authorization email will be sent to
  • The domain is not within 7 days of its expiration date
You should submit a transfer request for the domain from within your Namecheap account by clicking on theTransfer your domain tab. After the transfer is requested you will need to acquire the EPP (authorization) code from the current registrar (if it's needed) and enter it in the account under Transfers in Progress. Once the code is entered then the process begins. You will also receive a transfer-approval email to the listed administrative contact for the domain. This email comes from Once the transfer is confirmed the losing registrar has 5 days to release the domain. If everything is ok, the domain is released and added to your account.
You can also take a look at Namecheap video tutorial on how to initiate a domain transfer.
Once the administrative contact approves the transfer request and it is initiated at the registry level you canaccept the transfers on the GoDaddy's side: hover over Domains -> Domain Management -> hover over Domains in the Domain Manager menu -> click "Pending Transfers" and accept the transfers from there. You can Use some of the Best Domain Registrar like NAMECHEAP to host your new domain

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Google Speed Champion

Google made official earlier this year that website load time impacts Google Rank. In other words, the longer it takes your page to load, the lower rank you will receive from Google. They also went a step further to help site owners see which add-ons and elements are slowing down their sites. Now it’s simple to test out your website and find out what is slowing down your site. Test yours now!

The Infographic below examines 3 popular site elements, Toolbars, In-Text Ads and Social Buttons and how they are affecting your speedy ways. Read on for some practical tips to keep your site in the fast lane. Keep in mind the following points before reviewing the Google Page Rank Race Infographic below to improve your overall speed and search ranking for your own websites and blogs:
  • The longer it takes to your page to load, the lower rank your page receives
  • Higher Page Rank = More Google Traffic
  • More Concise Code = Faster and more pleasant browsing experience
  • Javascript can greatly slow down the speed and performance of your web site

How to Hire a Hitman on Google

We’ve been playing with Firefox’s Google search bar an awful lot here at the mental_floss New York office this week. Thanks to our careful research, we’d like to think we’ve learned quite a bit about our fellow Americans, and maybe even a little about ourselves.
More specifically, we’ve learned that we’d like to be taller, better at flirting, and pregnant. (There’s probably some connection among those three, but we’re not here to speculate.) Why, yes, we were just wondering about the whereabouts of the Undertaker and the mechanics of French kissing! Here are our 11 favorite, most informative, most tragicomic suggestions from the good people at Google.

1. How to hire…

2. World’s best…

3. Legal ways to…

4. How to get…

5. How to be…

6. How can I…

7. Where is the…

8. How to fix…

9. When are…

10. Laws about…

11. Best way to…

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Professional WordPress Themes for Business

For many online businesses, WordPress offers an excellent framework from which to build fully-functional websites. The first question that arises is, which WordPress theme is right for my business?

Many businesses are allured by WordPress' no-cost or low-cost option. To be sure, many good WordPress themes can be had for free. However, just like everything else in life, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Free themes often come at a cost of reduced functionality, low scalability and lack of support. So, for most businesses, opting for a professional-grade WordPress theme is the way to go.

When you go professional you get high functionality (including seamless integration of powerful plugins), a theme that can change to support your growing business and, perhaps most important, access to communities of users ready to support each other. With that in mind, let's look at four providers of professional-grade WordPress themes.

WooThemes boasts 93 individual WordPress themes to date, adding two new themes every month. They report that WooThemes have been downloaded more than 1.6 million times and currently have more than 36,000 customers. What makes WooThemes a good choice for Web professionals is their many theme choices fit for just about any style of business and an active support community including a newsletter.

Prices start at $70 for one theme (and two bonus themes) and that includes lifetime updates to that theme. The Theme Club starts at $125, with a $15 per month membership fee. Included with a membership is access to all themes and the layered Photoshop files for each theme; useful for those designing websites for clients to make mock-ups without needing to manually alter an active theme.

WooThemes also has an affiliate program. Earn 20 percent from any initial sale (on products or subscriptions) and a further 20 percent if a user renews their subscription each month. WooThemes has a strong affiliate control panel with real-time statistics for your affiliate commissions, which will track all the unique clicks, sales and commissions you generate.

While not the biggest collection of WordPress themes, those provided atElegant Themes are, well, elegant. The ePanel theme options included in each theme provides users a quick and easy to way to control important features and functionality (layout, navigation, control over meta elements) without much familiarity with WordPress -- perfect for those not yet WordPress masters.

Elegant Themes also uses an extensive set of shortcodes which help users further simplify the design. Shortcodes for implementing content boxes, social media icons, slideshows and much more are included in every theme. Additional features include a wide variety of page templates (image galleries, contact and login forms, sitemaps and full width and traditional pages) and complete localization is the theme can be translated to the language of your choice in minutes.

Perhaps the best aspect of buying from ElegantThemes is the very active, very knowledgeable support community. Questions posted to the forum are answered quickly and correctly making the service a great choice for pros and novices alike. Unlimited access to the themes cost just $39 per year.

StudioPress themes are built on a framework called Genesis, which features clean, consistent code, is SEO optimized and updates themes automatically. The themes are elegant and quite robust, if not overwhelming for some.

Should you find a StudioPress theme that suits your needs, be confident that you will enjoy a very helpful, friendly and active support community. There are currently more than 28,000 threads in the general theme support forum, and StudioPress management will respond to individual emails, even if only to point you to the appropriate thread or forum.

StudioPress also has a small collection of custom plugins, such as GenesisConnect which turns any WordPress theme into a social network. Community members have also developed plugins.
The Genesis framework is $59.95, and upgrades for customized themes start around $25. StudioPress also has an affiliate program through ShareASale and commissions start at 35 percent for theme packages which range from $24.95 to $249.95.

MOJO themes' biggest selling point is price. WordPress themes can be purchased for as little as $8 and as high as $75. Most are in the $30-$35 range. However, there is definitely an element of "buyer beware" here.

MOJO themes are created by outside developers then uploaded to the site for purchase. As such, support is the sole responsibility of the theme's creator. Meaning, if that developer is not responsive, support could be virtually non-existent. Therefore, while you might find great buys on MOJO themes, it is recommended for experienced WordPress users who know their way around the WordPress system.

For developers, MOJO themes might be a nice place to make some extra cash on your own WordPress creations. Developers get paid one of two ways, on each sale. Exclusive sellers earn 50-70 percent of each sale but cannot sell their themes anywhere else. Non-exclusive sellers can sell their themes anywhere and everywhere else but earn a fixed 25 percent of each sale. MOJO themes also has an affiliate program through ShareASale.

6 Key Google Algorithm Updates

Google published another list of algorithm changes last week, following up on set of improvements it announced last month. Here’s what digital Web workers need to know and can expect on the search results pages in the future:

Original Content Signals: In perhaps the most important of the changes, Google indicated that it has added “new signals” to indicate which page is original and which is not. While Google obviously won’t reveal what those individual signals are, over time you can expect less duplicate content in the search results.

Less “Host Crowding”: A modification (and additional processing) on the top set of results ensures that Google won’t show too many results from one site (host crowding). Expect a more fair and balanced search results page.

Related Query Results: A refinement has been made that will ensure that sites/pages which only “partially” match the original query are seen less often. Why Google was in some instances returning only partial matches to a user query is up for debate.

More Long Tail Indexing: Google has made a change to make more long-tail content available in its index. Expect more of your long-tail content to rank for relevant queries.

Blog Search Results: The Google blog search index is now more comprehensive and will feature fresher results in the natural search results. If you’re not blogging now, you should be.

Parked Domain Classifier: In an update that should have happened many years ago, Google finally released a new algorithm for automatically detecting placeholder sites (parked domains).

Google has also made some layout changes to improve usability on tablet devices, made modifications to better determine image freshness, and is now offering more autocomplete predictions.