Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tete a Tete About Dedicated Web Hosting

A server that is used to host only your website or data is called dedicated server. This type of web hosting is known as dedicated web hosting. If more than one person or companies share the same server to host their websites or data that would be called shared web hosting.

Most of the people prefer shared web hosting because it is low cost. Dedicated web hosting is far more costly than shared web hosting but dedicated hosting is definitely not a requirement for all the companies. As a matter of fact, majority of the businesses can do very well with shared hosting accounts.

Although! most of the dedicated web hosting services providers offer after sales support and technical assistance but most of the times, this help is not sufficient. The reason is you have to configure and manage a server from your own office. It goes without saying that this server may be lying in some other country. It obviously demands a certain level of expertise to manage such server. So before buying a server for dedicated web hosting, you must have a little technical know how about the game.

Whenever you need to buy dedicated web hosting server from internet, you should google your demand and then visit at least a dozen of websites that are selling such services and products. Always read the website carefully before sign up. Ask the live sales support guys if there are any hidden costs. 

Don’t expect that a dedicated web-hosting server would do miracles with your business. It would definitely help managing the traffic coming to your website but dedicated hosting would not convert that traffic in to genuine sales.