Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Choose An Efficient Web Hosting Provider for Your Online Business!!

Before you Buying a Web Host, you will have to Gather Required Services that you Need from Web Host and it the most primary one. You may need to think what is the storage space you need to have, Package to Choose, tech assistance team etc. According to these, you need to look up for a web host. When Choosing a Web host, give some more attention for the services they provide such as reliability in services and stable. If you failed to do so, you will have the possibility to lose your own business. You never always know your actual needs beforehand, and sometimes these things are difficult to anticipate. Your website may become greatly well-known, demanding more information or storage space than formerly thought.

Technical Aspects You need to Check Such as:

Good technical support that is committed, competent and responsive 24 / 7
Look for guarantee of 99% uptime and more.
Double check your growing requirements and then ensure your allotted disk space.
Mostly overlooked, but bandwidth is really important. Your bandwidth should meet your website’s needs.
Check whether Secure Socket Layer (SSL) services are available

Make sure you can develop Great web site with Your web host. Not only in the size of your present websites, but also number of domain names and sub domains you can Host there. Some web Host do provide Sub domain services. I was wanting to find a new web host for my new business and based on the the above points i considered Choosing a new host and signed up with them for the development of my site. I just discover their services are fantastic and worth for cash. Their specialized support and service in managing concerns and concerns is remarkable. They helped me to solve Larger issues and assisted me to take care of a concerns. Within a very little amount of time, i could easily set my site and assisted in making necessary changes to My Great site.. Their tech support team team is readily available (via phone or Internet), expert and fast to reply. If you are in search of a new Host, I would suggest Hosting Raja - Indian Based Company, Having Hosting Plan , Providing Great support in Regional Language so you can speak up & Explain your Problem Freely.

Monday, May 28, 2012

What Makes Dedicated Web Hosting Different From Shared Web Hosting?

Selection of webhosting remains the most difficult job after selecting the design of a business website. Definitely, there are many options but shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting services are more reasonable. These two types have the ability to provide you all that you need.
You remember the difference between dedicated and shared webhosting before you select any of the two. I this article, I would bring into light a few difference between these two.


  • Shared web hosting is a good option for low traffic sites. Because in shared web hosting all the expenses are shared between many users.
  • Dedicated web hosting service looks very charming but it is very costly as compared with the shared web hosting service. In dedicated web hosting you have to pay all expenses of a server.
  • The comparison of cost will be helpful for you to finally select a web hosting service for your website.

Status of Web Server

  • Status of server is different for shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting.
  • In dedicated web hosting, server is owned by the client with its unique domain name.
  • In shared web hosting, the service is shared by many sites. All these sites have different owners.
  • In dedicated web hosting service, you can get direct and easy access to all those resources, which are available on the server. You have the option to monitor and utilize all these resources directly.
  • In shared web hosting, where a web server is shared between various individuals, it is not possible to monitor or utilize these resources individually.


  • Security is the most important factor to keep in mind while choosing a web hosting service for your website. There may be several threats to your site after launching it on internet. It is a serious concern for those websites, which are based on transferring or sharing some sensitive and secret information or payment details.
  • Shared web hosting provides better security to the site hosted on it. The security measures for dedicated web hosting are stronger than the shared web hosting. It is only because that the dedicated web hosting service provides one hosted web server for one costumer.
  • shared web hosting service is prone to high risks of hacker attacks and viruses. The reason is, all database of a website is saved on a server that is accessed by many others.


  • Dedicated web hosting service is faster and more powerful than shared web hosting service. The reason is simple. In dedicated web hosting, only one site uses all resources on a server.
  • In shared web hosting websites may work a bit slower as all of them has to share resources from the same server.
  • The comparison of efficiency, power and speed of any web hosting makes selection easy.

After Sales Support

  • You will receive customer support more quickly in dedicated web hosting. You will get more personalized and better informed costumer support with dedicated web hosting service.
  • It doesn't mean shared web hosting service would offer no customer support at all. It will offer after sales support but it will not be as efficient as you get with dedicated hosting.


  • Both dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting service use different hardware. Low cost and Slow equipment is always used for shared web hosting while dedicated web hosting service providers use more powerful and latest equipment.
  • Shared web hosting is always selected by those web site owners, which have low traffic on their sites. This is why they are in looking for low cost equipment which has slow performance.
  • websites with good traffic earn more. This is why, they allow their owners to buy dedicated servers for them. 

Conclusion of the discussion

After reading the above features of both dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting service, I have concluded that dedicated webhosting is for those websites that earn very high profits. Ordinary websites have to be contented with shared web hosting. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Buy for Olympics: Exciting Sport Shop From Trustable Sellers

Olympic Games is coming soon! There will be many exciting games (both summer and winter Olympic sports) with participation of top athletes who will certainly attract the eyes of every people throughout the entire world. However, is there any trustable online sport shop for you to buy for Olympics?

Yes we do have one for you. This sport shop is powered by a trustable online shopping platform - Amazon. Again, there is a large variety of special discount offers available and you will save a lot if you buy through this trustable selling platform.

Olympic Games Fire Photo

Olympic Games Fire

Sport Shop: Buy for Olympics

In this shop, discount items relating all the latest summer and winter Olympic sports are available, they are:

Summer Olympic Sports, including the below 7 major sport types, in London (Britain) 2012
(1) Aquatics (Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming, and Water polo);
(2) Canoe / Kayak (Canoe / Kayak Slalom, and Canoe / Kayak Sprint);
(3) Cycling (Mountain Bike, Cycling Road, Cycling BMX, and Cycling Track);
(4) Equestrian (Eventing, Dressage, and Jumping);
(5) Gymnastics (Gymnastics, Artistic; Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Trampoline);
(6) Volleyball (Volleyball, and Beach volleyball);
(7) Wrestling (Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Fencing, Football, Golf, Hockey, Handball, Judo, Modern pentathlon, Rugby, Rowing, Shooting, Sailing, Table tennis, Triathlon, Tennis, Taekwondo, Weightlifting, Wrestling Freestyle, and Wrestling Greco-Roman).

Winter Olympic Sports, including the below 3 major sport types, in Sochi, (Russia) 2014
(i) Bobsleigh (Bobsleigh Skeleton, and Bobsleigh);
(ii) Skating (Speed skating, Figure skating, and Short Track Speed Skating);
(iii) Skiing (Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Nordic Combined, Luge, Ski Jumping, and Snowboard).

It is quite unlikely that you cannot find any favorable sport game(s) there! Discount items you can find there are Olympic souvenirs, Olympic gifts, special athletic tools or any items relating to the sports. You can buy them for yourself, you friends or your family. Have fun!

Just similar to other online shops recommended in this website, you can select to visit this Olympics Sport Shop here that should open in a new window. Act now and enjoy your shopping experience for Olympics!

In fact, either Summer or Winter Olympics is hold every 4 years. Modern Olympic Games is now much more exciting than ancient Olympic Games that was started in Greece, and has become a major international sport event for top players. Although concept of fairness and sport spirit are still there, people now focus more on famous sport stars, commercial values, controversial affairs etc. No matter how it will evolve, the core idea of Olympic Games is to take part. So keep checking on this trustable shop to take your part and you must be able to find something you really like!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Improve Your Knowledge About Web Hosting Instead of Dumping Your Money to a Scam Web Host

Why We Need A Web Host?
Web hosting is an essential element for the publication of a website on internet. In other words web hosting means space on a web server for the a new website on internet. You can not provide access to the visitors of your website without having any web host service. It is just like a hard drive where you can store all your files, documents, images and other database for your website.

Web Hosting and Domain Name                           
A unique domain name is required to publish a new website on internet. It is essential for the easy access to your new website. Domain name depends on your budget also. In free web hosting, domain name some portion of domain name is provided by the web hosting company while in dedicated and shared web hosting you are free to select a domain name of your choice. Web hosting service provides domain name to your website and make your website visible for the visitors on internet.

Web Hosting And Technical Support
After the creation and publication of your new website on internet, you will always need technical support to keep your website technically sound. Web hosting service providers have a variety of defferent kinds of software and hardware support for your website. Web host updates your website with technical support according to the needs and traffic over your website.

Web Hosting And Security
With the creation and publication of your website you should also think about the security of your website. Web hosting service not only publishes your website on internet but also secures your website from unauthorized access and hacking on internet.

Web Hosting and FTP(File Transfer Protocol)
If you own a website, you must have a system through, which you could transfer your files, images, documents and other database related to your website. Web hosting providers offer File Transfer Protocol System through, which you can make online transaction and receive data (files, images and documents) easily.

Web Hosting And Speed
Web hosting service must provide speed to your site. You should have enough bandwidth, which can handle the traffic over your website. You should be careful while purchasing web hosting service. Because some web hosting are unable to provide sufficient download time and bandwidth.

Sum up Of Discussion
Having all the above features a web hosting service is a basic element for the formation and publication of a website on internet. Your web site can not achieve its targets without having a good web host service.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg gets Married

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg married his Asian girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in a private wedding at his home in Palo Alto, Calif. on Saturday. Zuckerberg, who just became a billionaire as a result of the Facebook IPO on Friday, reportedly placed a ring on his wife’s finger during the ceremony — the ring, said to be designed by Zuckerberg himself, was described as featuring a “very simple ruby.” According to the Associated Press, Zuckerberg’s marriage to Priscilla Chan took place in front of about 100 invited guests who thought they were celebrating Ms. Chan’s medical school graduation. It all happened in Zuckerberg’s backyard. Take a look at Zuckerberg’s personal page on Facebook, and you’ll see the above picture, which Zuckerberg reportedly placed onto his own site as a change of his status after the ceremony. The couple met while both were attending Harvard, and have been together for nine years.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pay Facebook to highlight you Status Updates To More Friends

Facebook is testing an option called “Highlight” that lets you pay a few dollars to have one of your posts appear to more friends. Highlight lets the average user, not Pages or businesses, select an “important post” and “make sure friends see this”,. A tiny percentage of the user base is now seeing tests of a paid version of Highlight, but there’s also a free one designed to check if users are at all interested in the option.
Highlight could show Facebook’s willingness to try more aggressive ways of making money, which should delight potential investors. But Facebook is playing with fire here. The service has always been free for users, and a pay-for-popularity feature could be a huge turn off, especially to its younger and less financially equipped users who couldn’t afford such narcissism.
The official statement from Facebook on this is:
“We’re constantly testing new features across the site. This particular test is simply to gauge people’s interest in this method of sharing with their friends.”
I doubt Facebook is going to see positive reactions to Highlight, but if it did it could turn into an unpredicted revenue stream. Just the fact that Facebook would test this could bolster confidence for potential IPO investors. They want to know the company is interested in striking a more advertiser-friendly balance between a pure user experience and the goals of advertisers. That’s especially important now, as yesterday Facebook had to warn investors that its ad business is in jeopardy as more users access via mobile where it doesn’t show nearly as many ads.
The problem is the potential for Highlighted updates to reduce the general relevance of the news feed. Facebook’s news feed sorting algorithm is designed to show you posts by your closest friends or that have received a lot of Likes and comments. Highlight distorts this, and will encourage news feed spamming club promoters, musicians, small businesses, or anyone else with something to gain from more clicks.

If you’re in the test group and post a status update, you’ll see the “Highlight” option next to the Like and comment buttons below it. If clicked you’re shown the prompt above. Depending on what version of the test you’re seeing you’ll either get a free Highlight, or have to pay a dollar or two for the extra news feed prevalence. Facebook’s testing different price points, but users always pay with a credit card or PayPal, never with its virtual currency Credits.
Highlighted posts may appear higher in the news feed, stay visible for longer, and appear to more friends and subscribers. However, they’re not colored differently to make them stand out. And to be clear, this is not like Twitter’s Promoted Tweets which is designed for businesses. Facebook Highlight is for the end-user.
Facebook doesn’t seem to be betting the farm on Highlight, since the user who leaked the test was in New Zealand — a more isolated but English-speaking location where Facebook seems to test features it doesn’t want too many people to know about. That’s smart because it could erode the site’s sense of community. On Facebook, what’s supposed to matter is how interesting your posts are, not how deep your wallet

Break Your iPhone & Get new one for Free

Cellhelmet, a new protective iPhone case from a company called Cellpig. Originally started as a Kickstarter project, the cases recently went into production and are now available for retail sale, so if your phone breaks in the case (excluding water damage), then the company promises to replace it for a year for a $50 handling fee, with no monthly fee for the coverage. Phones are repaired or replaced within three days of receipt and are overnighted back to your address. cellhelmet includes accidental damage coverage for any iPhone 4/4S, regardless if it’s new, used, unlocked or ailbroken. Also, never wait to file a claim. If your device breaks on day one of ownership go ahead and file a claim.  All iPhone 4/4S repairs will be completed withOEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)Apple parts. Read more @ http://ravikanthl.wordpress.com/2012/05/13/break-your-iphone-get-a-new-phone-for-free/