Monday, May 28, 2012

What Makes Dedicated Web Hosting Different From Shared Web Hosting?

Selection of webhosting remains the most difficult job after selecting the design of a business website. Definitely, there are many options but shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting services are more reasonable. These two types have the ability to provide you all that you need.
You remember the difference between dedicated and shared webhosting before you select any of the two. I this article, I would bring into light a few difference between these two.


  • Shared web hosting is a good option for low traffic sites. Because in shared web hosting all the expenses are shared between many users.
  • Dedicated web hosting service looks very charming but it is very costly as compared with the shared web hosting service. In dedicated web hosting you have to pay all expenses of a server.
  • The comparison of cost will be helpful for you to finally select a web hosting service for your website.

Status of Web Server

  • Status of server is different for shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting.
  • In dedicated web hosting, server is owned by the client with its unique domain name.
  • In shared web hosting, the service is shared by many sites. All these sites have different owners.
  • In dedicated web hosting service, you can get direct and easy access to all those resources, which are available on the server. You have the option to monitor and utilize all these resources directly.
  • In shared web hosting, where a web server is shared between various individuals, it is not possible to monitor or utilize these resources individually.


  • Security is the most important factor to keep in mind while choosing a web hosting service for your website. There may be several threats to your site after launching it on internet. It is a serious concern for those websites, which are based on transferring or sharing some sensitive and secret information or payment details.
  • Shared web hosting provides better security to the site hosted on it. The security measures for dedicated web hosting are stronger than the shared web hosting. It is only because that the dedicated web hosting service provides one hosted web server for one costumer.
  • shared web hosting service is prone to high risks of hacker attacks and viruses. The reason is, all database of a website is saved on a server that is accessed by many others.


  • Dedicated web hosting service is faster and more powerful than shared web hosting service. The reason is simple. In dedicated web hosting, only one site uses all resources on a server.
  • In shared web hosting websites may work a bit slower as all of them has to share resources from the same server.
  • The comparison of efficiency, power and speed of any web hosting makes selection easy.

After Sales Support

  • You will receive customer support more quickly in dedicated web hosting. You will get more personalized and better informed costumer support with dedicated web hosting service.
  • It doesn't mean shared web hosting service would offer no customer support at all. It will offer after sales support but it will not be as efficient as you get with dedicated hosting.


  • Both dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting service use different hardware. Low cost and Slow equipment is always used for shared web hosting while dedicated web hosting service providers use more powerful and latest equipment.
  • Shared web hosting is always selected by those web site owners, which have low traffic on their sites. This is why they are in looking for low cost equipment which has slow performance.
  • websites with good traffic earn more. This is why, they allow their owners to buy dedicated servers for them. 

Conclusion of the discussion

After reading the above features of both dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting service, I have concluded that dedicated webhosting is for those websites that earn very high profits. Ordinary websites have to be contented with shared web hosting.