Saturday, April 30, 2011

Delivery Failure Messege from recipients

Delivery Failure Messege from recipients
This is very common error messege face by the users and most of the users
dont know why is it and how to solve , and they dont know whether this
error from their own side or from the person side to whom they are sending
email or any other side,Well this messege came due to lot of reasons
Main reason is that , Every thing is okay from your side but your Internet
service provider Firewall revoke this email because the email ID and the domain of that email is black listed in Baracuda and other firewall lists,
untill unless that Email holder and domain holder cant clear his mail server
from black list this will continously occur,Ask to the Email Holder or domain holder of this mail server to clear his IPaddress, so email can be send
and other reason is that your email id or domain is black list and due to this
reasons your emails cant reach at Yahoo Email boxex and Hotmail and some gmail accounts too ,you have to submit query to request for clearing IP address of your mail server
at MXTOOLBOX Website
or you can change Mail server  IP Address to avoid this problem
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Top Web Hosting Security Issues

Security is one of the key issue when you are choosing a web hosting company, a web hosting company which has weak security can cause unlimited loss to a website owner,Web Site security is  not a small issue which a website owner can ignore easily, Below are some very important topics which a website,Owner must consider before launching a business website or any website. Read More
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Friday, April 29, 2011 Web Hosting Basics

Asp Web hosting often used by that companies which want dynamic data driven to your website , you may use ASP (Active Server Page) embed in your website Asp coding features is that once a user view a web page contain Read More

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what are the Best Web hosting features

What are the Core features of a Best Web Hosting Company
Choosint A web hosting Company is very easy But
Choosing a best web hosting company according to your requirement
Is very tough task,I strongly recommend Review all below points before finalizing Web Hosting company for you Read More Here
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Backup method of mysql database using phpmyadmin

Below is a video post which will enables you to create backup of mysql database using phpmyadmin,follow the steps and you will done your job Read more and watch video tutorials
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How to Take Backup of worpress website or blog?

Backup of wordpress blog is very importance,because wordpress blog is very sensitive and dynamic some time unauthorized attempt on your blog can Read More
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Friday, April 22, 2011

What is EPP Code for your domain?

if you are domain owner and dont know about epp code ,it means you are unprotected on internet and online business,EPP is basically Authorization Read More

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Create a sitemap for your blog or website

wordpress optimizing tips

There are lot of pages on internet which will try to guide
you how to optimize the wordpress blog, and may be there
are some sincere to give knowledge about this matter,
but precisely you main thing is this you have to work hard
for optimizing wordpress blog , with out strong knowledge
and fine steps you can tune up your blog read more
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Hackers and DDOS Attack

Hackers and ddos attack always in hot news of IT and web hosting news, Hackers always try to distrub several well known website by their unethical acts, here is another news from Pcmag:A hacker with ties to the NBC show "To Catch a Predator" was sentenced to 24 months in prison this week for launching a virus that infected 100,000 computers.Bruce Raisley, 48, will spend two years in prison, in addition to three years of supervised release and a $90,386.34 fine, New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced Friday.Raisley used to work with Perverted Justice, an organization that identifies online pedophiles. Its workers pose as underage kids and set up real-life meetings with the pedophiles who target them, at which point they are apprehended by police. Perverted Justice's services were used by NBC's "To Catch a Predator," which taped and aired these real-life meetings and arrests.Read More
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Away from Rogue Website Hosting Companies

Outright scams by website hosting companies are rare, but they do exist and should be watched out for. We had a case in the forum where the web host used the server to intercept all page requests for all sites of all of their website hosting customers. If a request was from a person, the normal page was returned, but if a request was from a major search engine spider, the web host’s server scam modified the page that was returned, by dynamically adding a set of links to it. This was done to all the web host’s customers’ sites, and without their knowledge or permission.

Most of the added links pointed to the web host’s own websites, but some pointed to non-existant (virtual) sub-folders within the customer’s site. When any search engine spider requested a page within those non-existant sub-folders, the system dynamically created a page of links to the host’s own sites, and the host’s sites got even more links pointing to them. When people requested any of the non-existant pages, they were redirected to the site’s home page, but for search engines, each hosting customer’s site contained sections that the customer didn’t put there, and didn’t know existed. The extra sections couldn’t be seen by FTP, because the sub-folders and pages didn’t physically exist. They were virtual, dynamically created, sub-folders and pages, which were only ever seen by search engine spiders. Read More
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How to Protect Your Site from DDoS Attacks

What is a DDoS Attack?

A DDoS attack is a Distributed Denial of Service attack. These attacks have been known to take down entire corporations, and even entire web hosting companies in some instances. They work because they mimic realistic traffic habits to a certain extent, so there is no way to spot them until it is too late. When a hacker employs a DDoS attack they send a massive influx of artificial traffic to a site or to a web server, so rapidly that the server simply cannot handle the load and shuts itself down. The result is near instant downtime, and the loss of revenue for anyone that is hosting their site on that server. The reason why it is called Distributed Denial of Service is because the hacker is distributing a server load that causes automatic denial of services on behalf of the web server Read More
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How to Enable or allow ICMP ping incoming client request in Linux csf firewall

once you installed Linux based firewall CSF and after installation your ping request has been blocked or it shows that packet are dropping at 80% or some time 90% , You need to reconfigure your firewall and here is the method of it

Rule to enable ICMP ping incoming client request ( assuming that default iptables policy is to drop all INPUT and OUTPUT packets)


iptables -A INPUT -p icmp –icmp-type 8 -s 0/0 -d $SERVER_IP -m state –state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT

iptables -A OUTPUT -p icmp –icmp-type 0 -s $SERVER_IP -d 0/0 -m state –state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT

Restart your firewall

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what is ASP Web Hosting?

ASP or Active Server Pages is basically a scripting language that assists webmasters in developing interactive web pages effortlessly and effectively. This tool is built on programming technology and is effective for the host servers as it can create innumerable interactive web pages at ease.

This means that Asp web hosting technology is particularly beneficial in today’s internet world where multiple browsers are being used by a single person.Web developers can present their website layout in a similar manner no matter which browser is being used by the visitor. The different page layout problem had become serious for web developers as they had to do a lot of trial runs to see if their version is compatible with all browsers, but the final product always had some problem in one browser or the other as was evident from user complaints.Actually browsers interact with ASP pages in a comfortable way which makes information to be displayed in a dynamic manner irrespective of the browser being used or the individual settings done by the viewer. An efficient ASP interaction depends upon server link between the site and host, infact owing to this, right server selection becomes an important decision which should be made after assessing different shared windows hosting companies. Make sure you choose a credible ASP service for the site hosting purpose. Plus, in case you are intending to develop sites via ASP then ensure getting a hosting facility that attunes well with ASP tools.ASP web hosting was initially launched by Microsoft, which makes it incompatible with Linux-based servers. However, individuals having windows VPS or dedicated Linux hosting can get an edge of installing virtualization software to operate Windows OS. There are instances when a Windows web hosting account will not have ASP software and you will need to install the software first. For proper installation, you will need to get your hands on a genuine copy of the software and do manual installation with a CD. Keep this in mind however, that ASP is completely incompatible with Windows ME and Windows XP Home.In case you do not have a know-how as to how to install ASP software, you had better get it done via an all-integrated ASP hosing plan. ASP hosting gives you access to your web server for hosting your websites. ASP hosting service will support you in the correct usage of the technology and provide you access to ASP discussion forums which will let you build upon your web developer’s skills. ASP hosting plans can be of shared windows hosting, windows dedicated hosting, windows VPS or windows dedicated hosting Read More
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Windows VPS Hosting VS Linux VPS Hosting

This article will define you the difference between Windows vps hosting and Linux vps hosting
Here it is detail
One of the options businesses are turning to today is VPS hosting. VPS means Virtual Private Server. This term is used by internet hosting services. One server is partitioned into many via a VPS method. It is one physical computer, but is a shared web hosting service. It is divided into separate servers and each is allocated to meet business needs. There is specialized software that makes it run like a separate computer. A separate operating system may be run by each. It can also be independently rebooted.
There are two main types of VPS. The two are Linux VPS and Windows VPS. Many question which one is best. A few say it is Linux. There are two simple explanations for this. People believe Linux is more secure is one. The truth is this is not always the case. Those who use Windows Virtual Private Servers are usually more cautious than those that use Linux. Everyone assumes Linux is more secure so those who use it are much more confident. This may be faulty logic.Several reasons why Windows hosting is better exist. One would be that the user is not required to be a trained engineer. Linux is usually cheaper at first, but this is not true in the long run. It takes much more effort on the user’s part to run Linux. Managing Windows is much easier. The business has more time to spend on real business tasks instead of these. This is also another reason that Windows can be more secure in the long run. Windows has remote desktop access. This is standard with Windows and not available with Linux. It allows users to stay in control of editing the VPS. Linux uses a text-based remote access called SSH. This takes more time and is more difficult.One thing to consider when choosing a VPS is what operating system visitors will be using. The type of VPS server nodes used by Windows is Windows Server 2008. The majority of the population uses the Windows OS. Linux VPS usually runs best with Virturozzo VPS. Windows also supports Microsoft SQL server and Microsoft Access. The version of Microsoft SQL that is free is the Express version. Linux VPS does support ASP, but that support is severely restricted. Windows supports ASP and webpages and scripts very well.