Saturday, April 30, 2011

Delivery Failure Messege from recipients

Delivery Failure Messege from recipients
This is very common error messege face by the users and most of the users
dont know why is it and how to solve , and they dont know whether this
error from their own side or from the person side to whom they are sending
email or any other side,Well this messege came due to lot of reasons
Main reason is that , Every thing is okay from your side but your Internet
service provider Firewall revoke this email because the email ID and the domain of that email is black listed in Baracuda and other firewall lists,
untill unless that Email holder and domain holder cant clear his mail server
from black list this will continously occur,Ask to the Email Holder or domain holder of this mail server to clear his IPaddress, so email can be send
and other reason is that your email id or domain is black list and due to this
reasons your emails cant reach at Yahoo Email boxex and Hotmail and some gmail accounts too ,you have to submit query to request for clearing IP address of your mail server
at MXTOOLBOX Website
or you can change Mail server  IP Address to avoid this problem
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