Saturday, April 16, 2011

Windows VPS Hosting VS Linux VPS Hosting

This article will define you the difference between Windows vps hosting and Linux vps hosting
Here it is detail
One of the options businesses are turning to today is VPS hosting. VPS means Virtual Private Server. This term is used by internet hosting services. One server is partitioned into many via a VPS method. It is one physical computer, but is a shared web hosting service. It is divided into separate servers and each is allocated to meet business needs. There is specialized software that makes it run like a separate computer. A separate operating system may be run by each. It can also be independently rebooted.
There are two main types of VPS. The two are Linux VPS and Windows VPS. Many question which one is best. A few say it is Linux. There are two simple explanations for this. People believe Linux is more secure is one. The truth is this is not always the case. Those who use Windows Virtual Private Servers are usually more cautious than those that use Linux. Everyone assumes Linux is more secure so those who use it are much more confident. This may be faulty logic.Several reasons why Windows hosting is better exist. One would be that the user is not required to be a trained engineer. Linux is usually cheaper at first, but this is not true in the long run. It takes much more effort on the user’s part to run Linux. Managing Windows is much easier. The business has more time to spend on real business tasks instead of these. This is also another reason that Windows can be more secure in the long run. Windows has remote desktop access. This is standard with Windows and not available with Linux. It allows users to stay in control of editing the VPS. Linux uses a text-based remote access called SSH. This takes more time and is more difficult.One thing to consider when choosing a VPS is what operating system visitors will be using. The type of VPS server nodes used by Windows is Windows Server 2008. The majority of the population uses the Windows OS. Linux VPS usually runs best with Virturozzo VPS. Windows also supports Microsoft SQL server and Microsoft Access. The version of Microsoft SQL that is free is the Express version. Linux VPS does support ASP, but that support is severely restricted. Windows supports ASP and webpages and scripts very well.