Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?
What is Web Hosting - When you are going to build a website on the internet, then there are two things that are needed so that your website can be accessed, which is hosting and domain. Hosting serves as data storage on the Internet while the domain to facilitate the naming of the website address. In this article we will discuss just what it is hosting its intricacies.

What is hosting : Understanding hosting

Do you remember when they first learn to create a website? Maybe you've asked the following. Just what is hosting? How do I choose a good web host? and so on. In simple hosting is a storage medium to hold the website files on the server computer internet. With the hosting, your website can be accessed from anywhere.
In general, hosting offered by way of rent for a certain period. Some are paid, but some are free. There is a form of shared hosting, there is also a dedicated hosting. All have advantages and disadvantages of each.

What is hosting : Types of hosting
Once you know what sense it is hosting, then the next we discuss about the types of hosting. Based on the content that can be stored in the hosting, hosting can be divided into several types, among others: blog hosting, image hosting, video hosting, and file hosting.

1. Blog hosting is hosting that is intended to create a blog / website. In the hosting has been provided in full application builder to build a blog / website instantly so it is easier for beginners who want to build a blog / website. As an example of blog hosting are: blogspot, wordpress, and so forth.

2. Image hosting is hosting that are specific to store images online that has the ability to be displayed online slideshow, photo sharing, online photo albums, and the ability to add comments. Examples include image hosting: flickr, google picasa, facebook, imageshack, photobucket.com, and many more.

3. Video hosting is hosting that are specific to online video store and has the ability to play videos online (streaming). Interestingly displayed video can also be inserted a comment that seemed more alive. Sample video hosting such as: Youtube, Metacafe, filestube, facebook and many more.

4. File hosting is a specialized hosting for storing a variety of file formats. Usually the saved file can not be displayed online but can only be downloaded. Some examples of file hosting such as rapidshare, hotfile, ziddu, enterupload, idws, and so forth.

If you are still a beginner in building a website, then you are using a suitable hosting is hosting public. Hosting is a hosting general whose content you can fill in your favor. Usually the hosting provider has provided applications such as Fantastico, and Softaculous in cPanel menu that contains a set of authoring tools, blogs, forums, photo albums, instant webstore that can facilitate your work to create a website instantly.
What is hosting: How to select hosting

Once you learn what it's hosting and other types of hosting, then the next step is to learn about how to choose hosting. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a hosting include:

1. Capacity
Storage capacity in hosting the first thing that you should consider. Usually for hosting personal storage capacity required is relatively small ranging from 10 MB to 25 MB. While for a website company / institution, required storage capacity from 25 MB to 100 MB. But if the company / agency is using a database application, the storage capacity required to be larger than 100 MB

2. Speed ​​and bandwidth
Access speed is influenced by the specifications of the computer hosting the server and location server. If the server hosting you are in Indonesia, you should choose a hosting server IIX Indonesia because it has access to some pretty good speed. While bandwidth is the amount of traffic data from the access of your website. Usually hosting providers offer bandwidth in some capacity. But you do not just get tempted with unlimited bandwidth because in many cases, tend to have unlimited bandwidth access speed is not good.

3. Supporting features
Some proponents hosting features include: email, additional sub-domains, add-on applications, security and so forth. These features sometimes we need to make it easier to manage the website.

From the brief explanation of "what it is hosting" above, it can be concluded that the hosting holds a significant role in building a website. Therefore, one must be careful in your selection. Once you learn "what it is hosting", you also need to learn the system hosting the work itself so you are not wrong choice in deciding the right hosting service.

I hope you enjoy the article of What is Web Hosting