Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Select a Best Hosting

How to Select a Best Hosting
How to Select a Best Hosting - Web hosting is a place to put the files on your web site. Now, there are many web hosting service providers on the internet. Web hosting packages are offered ranging from personal to business package for the company.

With the provision of web hosting services you do not need to have a computer server is online all the time. You just rent it, then your site files live on the move to the web hosting provider. In addition to saving, you can focus more on the content of your website.

But choosing a good web hosting service that turns tricky.
Because many web hosting service providers that offer a variety of features and prices that can make you a little confused.

If you are still confused in choosing a web hosting service provider, here's a guide to How to Select a Best Hosting

1. Location Data Center

What it means is the data center where the server hosting provider operates. So it's not a web site hosting service providers are operating but the location server. In general, you will be offered 2 different server location, the local server Indonesia and external server (U.S.). In this case, you should consider the price offered but not targeted visitors to your site will be. If your site visitors mostly come from within the country, you can select a web hosting server that is connected to the local network or the Internet Exchange Indonesia IIX. However, if your site visitors mostly come from abroad you can use a web hosting server outside like America or Singapore.

2. Reputation and References

The second step in choosing a web hosting that you need to know the history of the web hosting service providers in the past, whether it has a good reputation for uptime or not. Web hosting service provider who is experienced and has a good reputation, would have customers who are satisfied with their service. You can ask directly to the customer through email / chat. By listening directly from your customers can be more confident with the web hosting service you will choose later.

3. Web Server Application Support

In the web hosting packages are offered, you can view any web server application is already in supportability. If your web site up and functioned in the Windows server, make sure the computer servers that run using the Windows Server operating system and its supporting applications, such as ASP.NET or Frontpage Extension. Conversely, if you are building a web site using PHP, MySQL or any other language that is open source, you can select Linux-based servers.

4. Backup

Facilities of this one must have when you are choosing a web hosting. This is because the data within your website are personal and important. Therefore the backup facility will help protect your data if one server computer system crashes provider.

5. Technical Support / Customer Service

With the technical support you will be comfortable and can be contacted at any time when you are having problems hosting. However, technical support is not enough. Make sure your web hosting provider has an experienced technical support. That way your problem will be quickly handled.

6. Facilities Control Panel

To enable you to manage your web hosting account such as changing ftp password, create email, file management, backup, view site statistics to install additional applications, you need a menu called control panel. Currently there are a variety of commercial programs control panel, among other things: Plesk (, Ensim (, and the cPanel ( You can visit these sites to find out the advantages of each program control panel. For information, currently many web hosting providers that use cPanel as a control panel for relatively easy and user-friendly.

7. Rental Rates

If you do not want to be disappointed in the future, make sure you choose a web hosting provider that offers a fair price for services rendered. Few tips, you should avoid using a service that offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, because you will never know the real capacity and bandwidth. If all users are using the service unlimited capacity and bandwidth-jor-fishing rod, then surely the performance of server hosting is unstable even crash / down due to exhaustion of space.

Thus a brief guide to choosing a web hosting. If you are still not clear, you can consult with marketing web hosting service you want to use. Hopefully useful.

Of all the criteria, I recommend you to choose hostgator or hawkhost.

I hope you enjoyed the article of How to Select a Best Hosting