Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why You Should choose a Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server
In the world of hosting you'll be familiar with 3 types of hosting are Shared Hosting, VPS or Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server latter. Shared hosting on the benefits that you have easy access and also the price is very cheap according to your short pockets.

But the lack of shared hosting is located on the interplay between resource users with each other. In other words, if there is one user using the resource then you will be affected on a super slow website performance.

Next is a VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting this type which is actually the development of shared hosting. Yes is still using one hosting server as shared hosting but the difference is in its limited resource for a user that does not happen all fighting resource. But the price of the service is more expensive than Shared Hosting. Well then the latter is the Dedicated Server hosting which clearly has benefits far more than the two previous hosting. A description of the dedicated server and the reasons why you should choose dedicated server hosting.

Explanation hosting Dedicated Server

In general, in the world of hosting you may be more likely to recognize the shared hosting and VPS server is more recent. Both hosting is very popular because the price is still affordable and the service is still fairly good quality. Yet again the development of technology and a lot of data entry and must be stored, making it the second hosting overwhelmed in receiving too much data. Yes both hosting will experience significant delays and even access can sometimes hang when incoming data so much.

Suppose you have a website which uses a shared or vps hosting services. Well maybe when your visitor number in the hundreds or perhaps thousands, your website will not have any problems or run smoothly in terms of access speed. But then you will feel the change is significant when your visitor had increased to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands per day. Yes you will have compromised access to your website. Not only that, even though the number of visitors you do not how but the data needs to be stored is also too much, you will feel this is not fair on your website.

So what's the solution?

Well because the problem is ultimately the owner of the website began to consider dedicated server hosting. What is dedicated server hosting? Unlike the two previous hosting, dedicated server hosting is a server provided exclusively for the user's own individual alone or without shared. Dedicated servers are divided into 2's own dedicated server and dedicated server rent.

Dedicated Server's own this is a hosting server is provided solely by the owner of the website or in other words the website owner to use his own computer as a server hosting. The advantage is that owners can set up their own website hosting in accordance with her wishes, including data capacity allowed. While the drawback is that if low-specification computers then they do not perform better than vps server or shared hosting, except that if the lights off and no power backup then automatically shut off and the website was inaccessible.

While hiring Dedicated Servers typically have a very high specification and quality are fairly luxurious. Yes the services offered are usually highly qualified and guaranteed to be free from weight problems compared to access its own dedicated server. Advantage rent a dedicated server is rarely off the lights and the lights off if there is usually a backup power to keep the website online, but it is also the quality of access speeds are amazingly comfortable. While the drawback is the price offered is so high and sometimes suffocating.

Then why should choose a Dedicated Server?
Each hosting server has its advantages and disadvantages as well as its own dedicated server.
Dedicated Server

Well there are a few things you should consider why you have to choose a dedicated server are:

1. Can be free of charge
Yes it can happen if you use a dedicated server to your own computer. You do not need to spend extra money to hire a hosting. But certainly you also have to master the way to your computer settings to be a self-hosting.

2. The quality is amazingly fast access
Of course with a computer that is provided only for your own non-shared will be much faster and free to use so you do not have to worry about the performance of your website when it is accessed.

3. Suitable for upper-class businessmen and professionals
If you are an upscale business people or perhaps is an online professional field you must have a website with a fantastic number of visitors and also the data so much. Now with dedicated server hosting is you do not have to worry about the speed or capacity provided for surely more than enough so that you can take care about your activities.