Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Having difficulty setting up an Email Account with your Domain name?

A lot of people know about BigRock’s Free Email Service but not many know how to use it. let’s take a look.
BigRock’s Free Email Service comprises of the following services:
  • Email Account: BigRock provides you with 5 Email Account(s) free with every domain purchase, along with POP/IMAP access. Each account comes with 500 MB space.
  • Email Forwarding: This service is provided free upon purchase of any Product/Service through BigRock.
Email Forwarding cannot be activated if Email Hosting has been activated for the domain name.
How to Activate the Email Service?
  1. Go to your Customer Control Panel or click on My Account if you are logged in to the website
  2. Enter your correct Username & Password
  3. Click on the Domains Tab >> List all Orders
  4. Click on the domain name you wish to Forward
  5. Click ‘Email’ Tab
  6. Click the Manage Email Service button.
The Free Email Service will be activated when you click Manage Email Service for the first time.

Authorize our Email Server to Send/Receive Emails for your Domain Name
Upon activating your Free Email Service, you need to enable our Email Server to be able to send/receive mails for your domain name. The simplest method to allow this is to modify your domain name’s Name Servers to ours.
To know what DNS Settings you need to use:
  1. Proceed to the Free Email Service interface.
  2. Click the Configure Now link.
  3. Here you have the following options:
  • Change your Domain Name’s Name Servers: Under Required Nameservers, you would find the list of Name Servers you need to set for your domain name, to use the Email Service.
If your domain name is registered through BigRock and the Name Servers are not the same as those required to use the Email Service, the system will display an Auto-update nameservers button. You may view the Name Servers the domain name is currently pointing to, by clicking the Current Nameservers link.
Clicking the Auto-update the nameservers button will automatically update the Name Servers of your domain name to those required by BigRock.
Adding an Email Account
  1. In the Menu, go to Mail >> Add User.
  2. Provide the following information and click Add User:
  • Name: Provide a First Name and Last Name for the User.
  • Desired Email Address: Provide an email address you wish to assign to this user
For John, you may set the email address as john@yourdomainname.com.
  • Alternate Email Address: Provide an alternate email address, where the system can send important communication, such as Password reminders.
  • Country of User: Choose the geographical location of this user.
  • Language of User: This will be the language used by the system for all communications with the user.
Once the account is created, a success page will be displayed. This page will provide details of the account that you have added, including a password that is generated for the user and server details for configuring the account in a desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.. This information will also be automatically emailed to the Alternate Email Address you have provided.