Sunday, February 20, 2011

what is Exchange Hosting?

Exchange hosting is a server system which uses software to enable sending and receiving email and other kinds of interactive communications. The exchange hosting system was developed to provide easy access to business critical information for companies of all sizes, to increase efficiency and simplify business communications.
The exchange system is designed to integrate with applications typically utilized by businesses, such as a variety of email programs, shared folders, calendars, contacts and task lists. Hosted exchange server systems store email messages on a dedicated server. Users can retrieve private or shared files anywhere at any time, through a web browser, PDA or email client installed on a computer.
Since the sharing of business critical information has become a part of the modern business fabric, there is a compelling reason for companies to consider exchange hosting as a viable and essential collaboration platform. Exchange hosting solutions offer benefits in flexibility and startup costs, along with the simplicity of management and maintenance. Source