Saturday, February 12, 2011

what is colocation hosting? part 4

Managing your Cool ing Supply
Proper installation of hardware is essential to efficient cooling
Equipment Orientation: data centers are configured to comply with hot isle /cold
isle cooling design, please ensure that all of your equipment is installed with the exhaust side towards
the hot isle or rear of the cabinet. This includes less obvious devices such as switches, routers, hubs
or any other appliance that incorporates cooling fans into its design.
Blanking Panels: It is very likely there will be open space between hardware elements in your
cabinet following a new installation or day to day equipment maintenance. These gaps however act
as a pathway for warm air exhausted from equipment at the rear of the cabinet to cycle back to the
front and enter the equipment intake, causing artificially high equipment operating temperatures.
Blanking panels are typically simple plastic panels sized in increments of the standard server Unit
convention and placed in these gaps to block this “short-cycling “of warm air.
When planning your cabinet layout, ensure that that equipment is installed in contiguous order – i.e.;
one on top of another or plan your spacing to comply with server height Unit increments, in multiples
of one or two U so that blanking panels may be easily installed without the future need to adjust
equipment spacing. source