Thursday, February 24, 2011

what is ddos attack??

A DDoS attack is defined a distributed denial of service attack. This kind of attack tries to make a computer resource unavailable to users. There are different ways in which this kind of attack can be carried out. The reasons and targets for these attacks vary, but the end result is the same, shutting down a system so users cannot access it. The point of a DDoS attack is to prevent an internet site or service from functioning normally or at all. The most targeted web sites for these kinds of attacks are banks, credit card payment gateways, e-business sites and root name servers.  A common method of attack is to flood the server with external communications so that it cannot communicate with legitimate traffic, or causes the server to run so slow it is rendered in effective, causing actions to time out. A DDoS attack is carried out by either forcing the target computers to reset, or consuming resources to the point that the targeted computer or server can no longer achieve its primary function. Attacks like this will also limit or stop all communication between the user the victim. A DDoS is a crime most, it violates the Internet Architecture Boards’ internet proper use policy, and TOS of all major internet service providers. read more