Friday, February 11, 2011

what is google domain hosting

Now days, Google and other search engines like AlltheWeb, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and live, they are known giving lots of traffics to your websites. But how they work and how your web hosting servers location can affect your business future, this is also now a point of concern. Like yahoo, Google also has more than 100 servers around the world based on geography result. For example, for India country they has different then other country’s server with name and location too. For Google result for same keyword would be different then India and UK. This is done because of web hosting server location as well as TLD (Top Level Domain).How web server location can affect result of Google’s result. For example, if there are two websites they are targeted for UK region for same keywords and one of them is hosted on UK based server and other is based on India location. One of them have TLD(Top Level Domain) and other one has For any keywords and specific location targeted, Google would consider TLD and web hosting server location also and then give your website’s ranking for any keywords. For UK server based website and TLD (Top Level Domain), Google would give more importance then India based server and TLD (Top Level Domain). Because Google would think more reliable UK based website server for UK region then India based website server.For, getting traffic from Google or other search engine like yahoo, this is important to know what is your business type, which are geography area you are targeting, and where your website would be hosted or where is your website already hosted. But what would happen if your website is already hosted your website on other region but your targeted area region is other then that. In this situation you can do some other work support like Google webmaster tools and change your server location while changing your IP location. In Google webmaster tools, you need to set your specific area region based on your business targeted. But this would give affect on your website for Google SERPs at least 3 months. This is some long process for changing your targeted geography region. Other method for optimizating your website for specific area is to change your website IP address based on your targeted geography. For example, if your website is already hosted on US based region and you want to target to it for UK region, then you can change your website’s server based on geography. This would take less time to be affected then webmaster tools option. This is important before hosting website for your business for getting traffic from internet. There are lots of web hosting services provider companies around the world and they give their best services for their valuable clients. In UK, US and Middle East lots of good companies are available.