Monday, February 14, 2011

New online backup service designed fasthosts

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a web hosting provider, recently launched a brand new online backup service designed to provide protection for valuable business data. The company explains that priced from only GBP 10/month+VAT, the service can automatically backup up to 1TB of data, transferring it via SSL and storing it encrypted within a secure state-of-the-art UK data center. Backups upload only incremental changes to files meaning that bandwidth usage is kept to a minimum. The service is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that require secure, external protection of valuable data in a highly flexible and cost effective format. 'Cloud-based' services, such as Fasthosts Online Backup, enable businesses to access their data from any internet enabled computer, whilst always ensuring that data is stored and transferred with superior protection against any electronic or physical risks.

It says that its Online Backup service fulfils an important requirement for all businesses in protecting valuable business data and files from loss or corruption. A common deterrent for businesses looking to protect their data can be the required investment in hardware. The company's solution resolves this by using a scalable 'cloud-based' model to deliver fast and highly secure backup on demand, which works alongside their existing on-premise infrastructure. Furthermore, a highly intuitive user interface helps small business users to integrate data protection measures easily into their workflows. source webhosting.info