Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to add a user in Dedicated Linux Web server?

for adding a user please follow these steps
To begin, SSH into your server as root. Once you’re logged in, you should see a shell prompt similar to:

The command to add a user is as below. I will be using the username as “support”.
root@server[~]# /usr/sbin/adduser support
Once the user is added you can verify by using the below command:
root@server[~]# cat /etc/passwd | grep support
Set a password for the user (support)
 Use the below command to set password for the user “support”:

root@server[~]# passwd support
ote: Make sure you pick a secure password which will consist between 
6-8 characters, and will contain letters, numbers, and punctuation
To make sure this user account that you have created works, open another SSH window and proceed to log in with the user “support”. Once you’ve successfully verified that this account works, you may exit the session.
Verifying su’s command permissions, and ownership 
root@server [~]# ls -la /bin/su 

The output should be:
-rwsr-x---  1 root wheel 61168 Nov 18 07:17 /bin/su*