Monday, May 23, 2011

Web Hosting company features

Web Hosting Reliability:
If you are planing to buy Hosting , whether it is shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS server, Reseller account,you will consider seriously which company is more reliable, Reliability of hosting company in what sense you,will take?obviously you will consider following things maximum availability of Hosting server vps servers dedicated,servers, Goodwill of hosting company,Dont trust only on cheap web hosting company that is not enough if you are,professional person and want to grow yourself in internet market, ask web hosting company for their other services,
Web Hosting Technical Support:
what do you take means of Technical support? just to get Cpanel and ftp Username password quickly?Or just a quick,AutoResponder from after submiting Support Ticket?Technical Support is beyond from these,Few Services,what if you fell in trouble and your Hosting company unable to solve your web hosting issue or delaying,your quick solveable problem since several days with out any reason,Delaying in Technical support and again and again,forward your support ticket to other Deptt untill unless Client exhausted or hyper and then web hosting company offer,to upgrade services or offer high level technical support with 5 or 10 dollars per Ticket,is that not a very cheap,way to earn money from client by Dummy Web hosting companies,Most of the web hosting clients are not aware from these,techniques adopt by dummy web hosting companies.But we will not serve you like that, we have experienced Professional who beleive in solving problem of clients,Rather than to creating problems for customers like most of the cheap web hosting companies do

Disk Space Availability from web hosting company:
When You plan for Host your web site, you also think about how much disk space you required for your newly website once you will search on internet for web hosting companies and specially you search web hosting companies on Google search engine you may see thousands of web hosting companies claiming they are the cheapest web hosting in the world,if you read their web hosting packages you will see in reward of low price they offer very low disk space some time,it does not fullfil the requirement of a web site owner who is looking for cheap web hosting company,so must also see,the web hosting company disk space offer,
UpTime of Web Hosting Server:
Before  finalizing web hosting company make sure what is the up time of that web hosting company , and is that real mean of it,I must say 99.99 % web hosting companies offering 99.99 % UP Time of their web server, but infact that is not a reality
Web Hosting Data Transfer(Bandwidth):
web hosting data transfer rate is very crucial, if you have a blog 0r a website which need reasonable amount of disk space you must consider it seriously before finalising the web hosting company, you shoudl know once you upload data from FTP software or you check your emails and download attachments or your website is being visited by internet surfer in all that ways your bandwidth will consume and if you have sitemap page and you need your sitemap page frequently updated by Google crowler in this scenario you will need Bandwidth at least more than 10 GB, so before purchase web hosting package must consider Bandwidth offer by web hosting company
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