Monday, May 9, 2011

Mail Server IP Black List and spam filtering Issues

Due to huge amount increase in email sending and as huge amount of email sending increase huge amount of spam emails also sending  by email sender due to thhis reason email service provider,force to apply aggressive emailfiltering policy which create problem to email sender and users using own domain to send email, and due to aggressive email filtering some time even legitimate,emails are also filtering, so if you want your email does not exclude from their spam filter you need a proper and valid PTR so your emails are legitimate and can transport to exact destination,so lets discuss what is a ptr record,basically A PTR Record is a valid hostname which should be valid domain from your dedicated server,to indentify your email during the sending.his type of query is always done by default and the result,is shown in email headers. Having a configured or customized PTR record will help giving your server more,credibility when sending emails.An optimal PTR record would be the server’s principal hosted domain.You can have your Reverse DNS configured or changed by opening an assistance request with our system administration team
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