Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Server Creating Emails automatically

Once your server creating emails automatically and inform you via email that following services failed
imap on failed
sshd on failed
cpanellogd on failed
queueprocd on failed
These type of emails comes again and again when your server MYSQL consuming huge amount of CPU, and in this case your server other services like IMAP, SSHD, CPANELLGD      ETC services failed , you have immediately log in to whm go to phpmyadmin and check the process which consuming huge amount of cpu usage and sleeping process you can kill these process by pressing kill button , if you see continuously this error messeges you must log in to your linux server  via ssh and run below command it will fix your possible problematic mysql dbs it will take time depend on the amount of mysql databases , but be patience untill unless this below command complete its work
mysqlcheck -Ao
Run this command in ssh and see the magic for optimization