Monday, May 16, 2011

Be aware from Free Themes

Thousands of the Blogger and website owner using Free themes for their blog and website which easily available on thousands of sites and free theme distributor offer amazing services features inside the Themes,Basically the purpose of free themes developer is mostly injecting his own codes and links which defenitely cant alters.footer.php script contains an encoded section intended to prevent users from altering or removing outbound links embedded in the footer. Many authors of these themes sell links to site owners, embed them in the footer script, and then encode the script so that they cannot be removed,Many free themes have coded hidden elswhere in themes which is if replace or
altered it cause theme failure or not work,so what to do if you have manage and configure your that theme properly creating your own category in that wordpress themes, injecting adsense codes and other affiliation advertisement code and but your theme sudden stop and cant response.Many of the free themes have a clause in the terms of use agreement that prevents users from legally removing or altering encoded scripts,This may not be a legitimate legal restriction, The php coding in Theme under GPL Licensing,So precisely is that be aware from Free themes and if you still want to use free themes that must be neat and clean and before deploying and using this free theme you must check the coding inside the theme , remove the suspicious codes if possible but if you observe after removing codes (suspecious code) inside the theme dont use that themes

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