Monday, May 16, 2011

How to convert HTML Pages into php of your website

This problem frequently arise when a user OR website owner want to change his website from Html pages into php pages,but the problem is that most of website owner does not know how to do it ,most of the website owner just know that after changing his website from html to php will loss all his indexed page and after losing page indexing in google and all other search engine will ultimately loss of ranking of his website,question is that how to avoid this problem and how can safely change html website to php website.The Method is although simple but you have to carefull,migration from html based website to php website first thing you must remember that server where website hosted must be linux webserver or unix web server, This must not be on Microsoft Webserver because Mircorsoft server does not support html website migration to php website,You also need to use a hosting company
that allows server overrides using the .htaccess file. Almost all except the extreme low-end hosting companies allow server overrides, but that question needs to be asked,before you commit to hosting services .htaccess file is a hidden file which reside in Root Directory,you need to configure ftp account to access this task download the file on your local pc so you can work on it and if you dont have this .htaccess file there you need to creat it but remember you should work on this newly created .htaccess file in Text Editor,The first method simply tells the server to run all htm and html files through the PHP processor.Just add the following directive to the .htaccess file. There are two variations,depending upon how the server has been configured. Some trial and error testing issrequired to see which method works with your server configuration.This code should work on most Apache servers that are configured to run PHP as a module.AddType application/x-httpd-php .htm .html Some servers run PHP as a CGI. If the first method does not work, try this method
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .htm .html
To test this, simply add some PHP code to one of your HTML scripts, such as the following.
Only the words, “this is a test” should display.
<?php echo "this is a test"; ?>

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