Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Technical Support for web hosting client

Technical Support is a backbone of any web hosting company,With out technical support Web hosting company cant develop neither with a weak technical support a web hosting company can satisfy their customer
we strongly beleive that Providing technical support to our valued client is very essential,Technical support is different type and Technical support has different level some unknow hosting companies claim to provide ftp cpanel username and password quickly is consider strong technical support,some web hosting companies providing very basic Technical support to their hosting clients due to limited Technical support client left web hosting company even that web hosting company offer cheapest web hosting rates because a client who purchase web hosting package has different purposes most of clients are buy hosting package for their business website and they cant afford in delay due to technical problem , Like technical problem in Their mail server, SMTP Error, spam issues pop issues, website configuration errors, different software packages problem in their web hosting site, Disk space issues, Bandwidth issues, operating Plesk panel for clients operating cpanel for clients, These are some time daily routine problem face by web hosting clients and there are lot of other Technical support issues
for this purpose Most of the web hosting companies dedicate two support Department simultaneously one is customer Support Department which often help and support to hosting client at basic level like cpanel username password , outlook express configuration cpanel and plesk panel operating for clients and Second is Technical support department , Primary responsibility of Technical Support department is to provide support at server level like there are lot of hosting client who buy dedicated server whether it is windows dedicated server or it is Linux Dedicated  server to solve these server problems need special Technical expertise and at this level  technical support are often paid technical support web hosting company charge for this level Technical support