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What Does A Web Hosting Service Provider Do?

First of all you should know, what is a web hosting service? Web hosting is a service, which provides web space for web sites related to a person or an organization. Now a day, web hosting service providers offers many other services besides renting out space on their servers. Here is a breif description of what modern web hosting service providers  are doing now a day.

1. Providing Web Space On Internet
Providing memory on a server is the primary function of web hosting service. It provides web space for business and non-business sites on World Wide Web. World Wide Web is a network through, which all the computers in the world are connected with each other. Data and file transaction is also possible through this network. The transiction and interlink connection around the world is possible only through HTTP, which is bassically space for the storage of web pages. In short web space is an amount of disk space for the web sites' files, images, database, emails etc. Bassically web space has two main functions. The first one is to allow you to upload different kinds of files accessible for World Wide Web. Secondly, you can also store those files, which are necessary for the website to work properly but you don’t want to share those files with the site visitors.
2. Modren Hosting Providers Offer Free Domain Name
This is not the basic duty of any web hosting service provider to sale domain names. However, many domain name service providers have started to sale domain names also. Some providers in USA offer free domain names for the first year of their web service. Web hosting service provides a domain name to a web site. Domain name is just like a sign board for the site. All domain names must be registered with a domain registrar company. In colocated web hosting service you can select your own domain name while in shared or vertual web hosting service the domain name is provided free by many hosting companies. Domain name plays a vital role in popularity of  a web site because it makes an easy access to your web site for the visitors. A domain name should be a short name. Short domain name is quite easy to type, read and to remember. It must be meaningful. Domain name without meaning has no value for the visitors.
3. Web Page Design and Development
With modern web hosting service providers, you don’t need to be a tech gee to develop your web site. Most of the hosting providers offer hundreds of web site templates. With these ready made templates, you don’t need to worry about your design or coding techniques. All you have to do is to select your new web site’s design. After a few clicks, you web site becomes in working condition. These templates design and develop a web page for your web site according to your own will. Presentation and finishing of any web page is really important. Web hosting service use HTML, CSS, Java script and many other moder techniques in desig and development of a web page for a web site.
4.  Protection from Viruses and Hacker Attacks
Nearly all modern web site service providers offer some sort protection against viruses or other malwares. With some hosting service providers, you have to pay extra fee for protection against viruses and hacker attacks. However, good hosting providers don’t charge anything extra for protection against viruses and hacker attacks. 
5.  Regular Back Ups
Again if you have purchased a good hosting service provider, it will charge you nothing for regular back ups. However, some web hosting providers charge extra free for daily back ups. 

Women Are More Likely Than Men to Have a Blog What?

[Digital Gender Divide Nielsen]

A report released Friday, Nielsen found that women, overall, are significantly more likely to engage with social media than men. Per Nielsen’s Internet-usage index, women are 8% more likely than the average online adult to build or update a personal blog — while men are 9% less likely to do so. Similarly, women are 18% more likely than the baseline American to follow a brand on Facebook or other social media sites … while men are 21% less likely. Have created at least one social networking profile? Women: 6% more likely to have done that. Men: 7% less likely. Used the Internet to purchase a product featured on TV? 

Lladies: 12% more likely. The dudes: 14% less likely. These are striking discrepancies — particularly because they’re not just about purchasing trends. (It’s long been documented — and Nielsen reiterates it in this report — that women are the more active gender when it comes to digital brands and online purchasing. Just as they tend to dominate with traditional brands and analog purchasing.) The Nielsen findings suggest an intriguing generality, though, to women’s digital affinities: The ladies aren’t just more likely to buy stuff online; they’re more likely to be online in the first place. They’re more likely to blog. They’re more likely to be on Facebook or Twitter. They’re more likely, in general, to represent themselves as digital personas. That’s fascinating, in particular, because it’s part of a clear trend. A June 2010 comScore study found that women, globally, spend more time online than men (24.8 hours a month for women, as compared to 22.9 hours for men.) A September 2011 report from Rebtel, the mobile VOIP provider, found that 68% of women who use the web to stay in touch with friends, family and acquaintances do so using social media, while only 54% of men do the same. And a February 2012 report from the firm Porter Novelli found a similar breakdown: In a survey of U.K. women, 65% said they used social media at least once a week, while only 51% of men said the same. (The same survey, however, found results that contradict one element of today’s Nielsen findings: Men, it concluded, were more likely than women to write their own blogs, read others’ blogs, and comment on others’ blogs.) And a February Pew survey determined that “women use Facebook more than men,” with women averaging 11 updates a week — compared to 6 updates for their male counterparts. Those are striking findings, and worth many, many follow-up studies. They’re also a good reason for optimism when it comes to the web as an agent of social change.

Free Online Human Translation Service

Lets say Enough of machine-based online translation services such as Babelfish or Google Translate? Ackuna is a crowdsourced translation project, connecting individuals around the world with human translators who can give you just the right phrasing. The free-to-use site is a side project of Translation Services USA. “We’re building a community of translators and people who need translations, where people can get together to break down the language barrier” Nick Smith, an Ackuna web producer, told Mashable. “There will always be a place for professional translation services for big books and business communications, but this is more for causal translations and stuff that doesn’t need to meet a deadline.” Smith says Ackuna is perfect for someone who is traveling or preparing for a trip. There’s a peer review process, to ensure that translation and grammar are correct. You can also vote on the accuracy of a translation and even earn badges for participation.

Google Maps Cube Game is Live now

Google teased us with a video of a ball and maze game using Google Maps models on a cube. Though it looked fun, it apparently needed a few more months of tweaking and the in-browser game is only just now available. Despite being a tutorial for Google Maps features, it’s a surprisingly fun little time waster. Called Cube, each of the levels covers one or more aspects of Google Maps capabilities; everything from bike paths, to check-ins, to restaurant ratings. The cleverest levels are the ones that introduce new mechanics to the game, like the London level where you use the Underground to warp to different areas or the Mall of America where you navigate the interior of that terrifying labyrinth of consumerism. Once it’s walked you through all that, the game’s final level mish-mashes the cities together, Rubik’s Cube-style. There’s nothing to learn from this level, besides that the Google developers behind this project really enjoyed making it, but it’s a fun and logical conclusion to the game. You can take Cubenow. for a spin now. I’d like to see Google release a level-building tool and allow people to make their own labyrinth games. Though its achingly simple and maybe even a little dumb, its surprisingly addictive. I’d definitely roll a marble through the greatest cities on earth. 

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Marketing Your Website For FREE: SEO Tips, Secrets, Tricks and Review

As a smart money saver, you may always want to market your website(s), but only want to do it for FREE.

Well, we think you should really understand what is the actual meaning of being 'free' first. By precise definition, nothing is absolutely free on the internet. You will need to spend your time and pay your own effort at least. What is meant 'free' here in this post is that you do not need to pay any promotional fee, so we would say they are just relatively free. After all, there is no free lunch in this real world.

Another concept you should really understand is the actual meaning of 'nofollow' backlinks. Most of the websites nowadays add 'nofollow' tag, which is nothing more than a rel attribute in their HTML code for use to avoid passing link juices to any external site. By the contrary, 'dofollow' is a common internet term to describe when a site owner does not add rel="nofollow" tag into his HTML code, although technically there is no rel="dofollow" tag (it is just not a correct HTML format at all). For example, if you want to link to our website, adding rel="dofollow" tag or not should be identical to Google robot spider. That said:

<a href="" rel="dofollow">Quick Money Saver</a> should be the same in Google's eyes (because rel="dofollow" is a wrong code) as:

<a href="">Quick Money Saver</a>

Every link by default is 'dofollow' and only when the site owner add rel="nofollow" tag into his HTML code then the link will become 'nofollow'. You can always view the source code of a webpage to scan if any link inside is 'nofollow' or not. While nofollow backlinks can still drive traffic to promote your websites, dofollow backlinks can also pass link juices to your website, improve your ranking (called pagerank) in search results and hence are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Therefore when you go marketing your website(s), the right concept is to get as many dofollow backlinks as you can! It will be even better if those backlinks come from websites with high pagerank.

OK, once you have a basic understanding about the above SEO concepts, below please find our reviewed list of service providers that you can use to market your website(s) for free:

(1) Amazon Product Ads: Amazon Product Ads is a CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising program offered by Amazon to drive traffic to your site(s). Now Amazon Product Ads introduces a USD$75 free clicks program for new advertisers so that they can utilize this USD$75 promotional credit to generate ads in the super-powerful Amazon network to promote their sites, products or services. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Amazon Product Ads legit? We would say yes, although the sign-up, registration and verification process can take you some time to complete. However, the traffic driven from Amazon is of high quality and it is really worth a try if you have not done so.

(2) Hubpages: Hubpages is perhaps the most trustable writing platform currently in the world. If you are a good writer, you can easily earn powerful dofollow backlinks (which is good for SEO) because Hubpages has a very high pagerank. If you have a Google AdSense account, you can also earn money from Google ads displayed in your hubs. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Hubpages legit? We would say yes upon our review, although your writing quality needs to achieve a hub score of 75 (out of 100) at least in order to make your backlinks dofollow. It is not so difficult, as Hubpages does offer many tips and tricks for you to continuously improve your writing skills. Other than quality writing, there is no secret in Hubpages success.

(3) InfoBarrel: InfoBarrel is another trustable writing platform similar to Hubpages. InfoBarrel also has a high pagerank, so you can earn powerful dofollow backlinks for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Just like Hubpages, you may earn money from Google ads displayed in your InfoBarrel articles if you own a Google AdSense account. Click here to join for FREE.

Is InfoBarrel legit? We would say yes, and you do not need to meet a limit quality score for your backlinks there to become dofollow. Instead, they implement a pre-approval criteria (a manual review process) to prevent scams from new writers. InfoBarrel also helps to calculate your keyword density before publish, so your articles can be easier to get ranked in search engines.

[UPDATE: link is cancelled because InfoBarrel has started to reject previously-approved articles, deny previously-approved backlinks and implement much tighter editorial rules. We can say InfoBarrel is no longer friendly for link building now.]

(4) Squidoo: Squidoo is another trustable writing platform similar to Infobarrel and Hubpages. Squidoo also has a high pagerank, and hence you can get powerful dofollow backlinks for SEO purpose. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Squidoo legit? We would say yes, although you also need to meet a minimum quality score (they call it Lens Rank) of 400K (smaller the better), otherwise your published lens will become WIP (Works in Progress) and will not be featured in Squidoo website. Unlike Hubpages, you cannot use your own Google AdSense account to earn money in Squidoo. Instead, Squidoo shares its AdSense revenues with you based on a tier system. Lens rated as tier 4 (average monthly lens rank over 85K) will not get paid from its AdSense revenues, but you can still earn from other text link ads or affiliate ads (eBay or Amazon) if you have enabled them in your lens.

(5) Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser is an ad network that you can join as an advertiser and/or a publisher. Now Bidvertiser offers a USD$20 free ads program for new advertisers so that they can use this USD$20 to generate ads in Bidvertiser network to promote their websites, products or services. Click here to join for FREE.

Is this Bidvertiser advertiser program legit? We would cautiously say yes, although there is no alert to you when your free USD$20 budget is used up and therefore you need to monitor your advertiser account closely to avoid paying any extra fees. This is not very unusual, however, and not to be classified as scam. Even Google Adwords free coupon (you can get it if you have a valid Google Analytics account but do not have a Google Adwords account yet) works in the similar way and there is also no alert to you when your free Google Adwords coupon is used up. (Remark: If you want to join as a Bidvertiser publisher, please click here to join for FREE).

(6) SocialMediaExplode: Social media networks are rocking nowadays and many people use them to promote their websites, products or services. However, you need to have enough number of followers or likes in your Twitter and Facebook pages etc to make them work. SocialMediaExplode can help you to boost your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Linkedin, Google+ and Youtube. Click here to join for FREE.

Is SocialMediaExplode legit? We would say yes, although you need to earn coins by surfing, following other members or completing surveys etc in SocialMediaExplode before you can start getting followers or likes. Earning coins in SocialMediaExplode in easy, as there are many ways and offers available. Our reviewers are also surprised to see that many people are willing to earn coins by just completing surveys through SocialMediaExplode. You may even earn corns by referring other people to join. Have fun!

(7) SocialMonkee: SocialMonkee allows your to post one bookmark to 25 websites per day to obtain backlinks for free. That means you can easily obtain up to 175 backlinks each week. Click here to join for FREE.

Is SocialMonkee legit? We would cautiously say yes, although all backlinks you obtain from these bookmarking sites are of low pagerank. There is also no guarantee that all backlinks are dofollow. However, it is still a quick method to build up your backlinks to promote your websites, products or services. You will also learn how to effectively spin your bookmarks via SocialMonkee. One more friendly reminder: do not build up your backlinks too fast or Google robot spider may consider you scam. Good luck and enjoy!

(8) Infopirate: Infopirate is another bookmarking site for you to submit your web tips. All you need to do is to submit at least 25 words for each web tip. You will then obtain one dofollow backlink from the title of each web tip you submitted. You may add more backlink(s) in your web tip manually but all additional links are nofollow. Just like Hubpages, you can also earn money from Google ads displayed in your web tips if you have a Google AdSense account. Click here to join for FREE.

(UPDATE: Link is deleted, because we just get a message from the captain of Infopirate that he will close this bookmarking service soon. What a Bad news! Marketing websites is becoming more and more difficult now...)

Is Infopirate legit? We would cautiously say yes, because it appears there are moderators there to review and delete content that they consider scam without any notice. You will also need to pass through the annoying anti-scam Mollom captcha challenge for each of your submission, or else you will be temporarily banned for normally a few hours up to a few days. However, if you can survive then you can enjoy one dofollow backlink per each web tip for better SEO from Infopirate.

(9) Adzly Free Ads: Adzly Free Ads is an ideal tool for internet marketers who would like to promote their websites, products or services for FREE. Adzly ads is actually running on impression basis. Though a free account of this advertising program, you can earn 2 credits for each unique pageview from your own website and then make use of the credits you earned to place ads via adzly network. Their ads system is just something like Google AdWords, however, you will not have to pay for any advertising costs by real money as you just need to pay by 2 credits for each impression. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Adzly Free Ads legit? We would say yes, at least it will cost you 100% no money to try it out. The most amazing part is that you can earn even more free credits (or commissions) for your own traffic building or marketing purposes if you can refer more people to join Adzly!

(10) Best-Reviewer: Best-Reviewer is a writing site that declares itself as the Best of Top Reviews. Best-Reviewer is managed by the owner of SheToldMe but, unlike SheToldMe, you can submit your tops free of charge in Best-Reviewer, get shared of AdSense revenue with the site and at the same time obtain dofollow backlinks from there for SEO purpose. Click here to join for FREE.

(UPDATE: Link is deleted, we are sad to hear that the site is banned with account disabled by AdSense due to violations of Google's Program Policies and Webmaster Quality Guidelines).

Is Best-Reviewer legit? We would say yes, although you must stick with AdSense requirements or the owner will ban you without warning. For each of your review, you can create a list containing up to top 20 (at least top 3) and with an introduction (minimum number of words = 100) and maximum number of tags is 10.

(11) Best-Reviewers: Best-Reviewers is another writing site managed by the same owner of Best-Reviewer. Therefore you can also submit your tops for free in Best-Reviewers, get shared of AdSense revenue with the website and also get dofollow backlinks from there for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) use. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Best-Reviewers legit? We would say yes (just the same as Best-Reviewer). In addition to writing tops, you can also write creatively about someone's annual salary (the site called it 'Create Salary' or 'Create Income'). This is quite a funny idea and, more noticeably, there is no minimum word requirement for the introduction section of each salary page. This allows better flexibility and makes it just as easy as writing short bookmarks.

(12) Wikinut: Wikinut is a special writing platform that allows you to re-post articles which you already published elsewhere in the internet. Similar to Squidoo, you can get dofollow backlinks from Wikinut for SEO purpose and you also do not need your own Google AdSense account to earn money. Instead, Wikinut shares its advertising revenues with you based on your traffic and other royalties. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Wikinut legit? We would say yes, although Wikinut is a well-known low paying website. However, unlike Squidoo, you do not have to play with any tier system in order to get paid. For the purpose of marketing your websites, Wikinut is still a good choice because your articles are easy to get approved in Wikinut. From our own experience, Wikinut moderators seem to be quite reasonable and we never have any article rejected by Wikinut yet.

Please share your view if you have any comment on our above reviews about site marketing.

BONUS: A secret weapon to market your websites is to build backlinks without penalty by search engines. How to build backlinks in a safe way? You can now download our eBook here to uncover this SEO secret!

Disclaimer: We may earn if you join the above services through our referral links, although our earnings (if any) will be taken directly from the service providers (not from your account) and hence your earnings from the above services will not be affected by our referral at all.

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Simple Methods To Start Blogging

Creating a blog from scratch – 7 fast and easy steps to start blogging

Author: Kenshini

Blog are online journals. They are used as short form of web logs which means a list of writings on the Internet. When all the writing is combined together to give it a look like a small website it is called a blog. A blog can be comprised of news, articles, personal diary. Below are the 7 steps to start creating a blog from scratch.
1) Choose your blog niches
First thing you should do is to search on the topic you interested or have experienced in such as blogging such as dog training, golf swing etc
2) Buy a domain name
Then go to domain marketplace such as go daddy or namecheap, choose the relevant domain name related to your blog example if you interested in blogging on drawing I suggest that you buy domain name such as ",,". The cost for buying a .com name is around $7-$10 depend on the domain marketplace.
3) Open a hosting account
Then you need to link the blog together with its hosting account. You can open a hosting account for just $8 monthly and it can be used for multiple domain names.
4) Choose blog platform
Creating a blog from scratch is easy, choose a blog platform or interface that you find easy and nice for you. I recommend you to use either wordpress or blogger. For me wordpress is much more better because it is search engine friendly.
5) Search a theme
If you want your blog to look more great, you can find a theme or template that is relevant to your blog content. There are free and also paid theme, for me I suggest if you want to manage your blog easily use the paid one, but if just want to test the waters you can use the free one. If you need to do a custom theme you can also find it and the service will cost you around $50 - $80 depending on the web designer.
6) Publish your blog
Then make sure you create content that is relevant to your blog, let say if you're in dog training you can publish about dog training, dog food, dog health and etc. Please do not mix up your blog with irrelevant content let say you're blogging about golf and your content is about how to diet, how to sleep well, hoe to make money. This is not relevant and the reader will go away from your blog!
7) Monetize your blog
How you can make money with your blog is to add some affiliate link from cpa program, pps program, you can also promote an ebook on your blog. Other way that you can make money from is to set up a page that consist an ecommerce store, many of the bloggers will use amazon associates and include it in their own blog. It is free to set up an
Creating a blog from scratch is not hard if you follow the steps that i mention above. These are the steps that is still used until today that make all the bloggers success in blogging.
Article Source:
About the Author

For more good references on blogging for beginers and expert you can visit


Why Webmaster Hate Black Hat Technology

Should You Consider Using Black Hat Techniques?

Should You Consider Using Black Hat Techniques?

Author: Trish Haill
Everybody who starts a website wants to have it ranked at the top of the Google and other search engine results so that people visit the website. For most there is a financial reason - they are either selling products directly, or want to attract people so that they click on the ads and affiliate links which will make them money. Very few people are not bothered about attracting traffic.

When there's a financial impetus behind something there is an incentive to do anything you can to improve your chances of becoming rich, and there are an awful lot of people out there trying to persuade you to buy their products and services in order to help you become rich quick.

There is an old adage that says the faster they rise, the harder they fall. This is certainly true for a lot of webmasters who have their eye on the ball of getting their sites high up in the page rankings with not too much conscience about how they get there.

Take a step back for a moment and think about things from the position of the search engines. They exist so that people surfing the internet for information can get the answers they are looking for very quickly. If one search engine always offers relevant useful information from the first few sites which appear in the results, and another offers sites which simply contain lists of references or very poor quality information, which search engine would people be drawn to in future? Just like you as a webmaster, the search engines are in business to make money, and to keep and attract their customers they need to make sure they are the most popular search engine on the web

Which is why search engines focus on the quality of the results shown to the public, and continuously try to improve search results. The many regular changes to the Google algorithm is a case in point, but the other search engines make regular changes too.

Let's consider for a moment the difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO.

Even if you have the best content on the internet in your site and are a specialist in your area, when you construct the most attractive website with easy to use navigation you are unlikely to suddenly find yourself on page one of the search results. This is because there is a lot of competition out there - unless you are writing on, or promoting in, a very obscure area, there is already likely to be hundreds to thousands, or hundreds of thousands of other websites on your subject matter. As these websites may have been around quite a while they have attracted some authority with age. So you, as a new webmaster are going to have an uphill struggle trying to prove that your content is worthy of a higher position in the search results than your competition. If you are going to do things properly then this is going to be a long haul, and whilst there are a number of things you can do, there are no short cuts or magic wands that will get you to the top of Google overnight.

So it can be tempting when you read promises from SEO companies who promise you top rankings on Google within a very short period of time if you use their services. At the best these will be empty promises (it's impossible for everyone to be at the top of Page One!), and at worst they'll be offering Black Hat techniques.

Black Hat is bad for everyone. Black Hat is basically cheating the search engine bots so that they think that the site has more validity and authority than it actually does - a common way is by increasing dramatically the number of back links the site has (which roughly translates as the number of votes of confidence in the site's merit). The search engines list the site at the top of the search results, and the human visitor doesn't find the information they are looking for. If enough poor quality sites appear at the top of the results, the visitor will go to another search engine for better results. The high quality sites that would have provided the visitor with what they are looking for are pushed right down the list, and never get clicked on.

Google is constantly revising its algorithm so that these poor quality sites do not appear on the search results - and in fact remove them from their searches altogether. If you do reach a high ranking through using black hat techniques your position is likely to be shortlived. It is very hard to recover once Google have a black mark against you.

Black Hat techniques highlighted as being bad by Google include having hidden text or links which fool the search bots but can't be seen (and therefore have no value for) the human visitor; pages full of irrelevant keywords (which mean the content is jarbled for the visitor), multiple pages, domains or sub domains full of virtually identical content; doorway pages that just lead you to a site full of adverts or the very worst, have pages which contain malicious content such as viruses or Trojans.

White Hat on the other hand is everything that makes it easy for the search engines to properly index your website so that when a query is entered your page can be correctly identified as one which offers the most relevant response. Put quite simply, the page must be well constructed for both human visitors to read, and for the bots to understand what the page is about. The site should contain both sitemaps for bots, and sitemaps for humans so they can find all the information they need. If you think about how a human discovers information - i.e. by having a correct page and site structure, with easy to follow links and headings which make sense, then you will be producing a high quality site which visitors will enjoy visiting, and will stay on to find more information or products, and likewise will be providing lots of keywords and links for the bots to index.

Once you have a high quality website you still have the uphill struggle to make it to the top of the search engine rankings. This is where you need to get positive votes for your site to show that it is trustworthy and useful, and a site which deserves top poll position. Links from other authorative sites are the most useful. Proper link building is a long slog, and there is no quick easy way to do this. Never think about buying links in bulk - paid for links are not as valuable as good quality links, and Google devalues links that are irrelevant to the content of your site or if they look like they come from a link farm.

Establishing yourself as an authority on a subject is a good way of getting traffic and links. Writing articles on your subject, contributing to blogs and forums are good ways of getting yourself out there and your site noticed.

If you're thinking this sounds like hard work - you're quite right! Which is why so many people resort to black hat techniques, and by responding to offers from companies who promise to get you that coveted No 1 slot without any effort on your part.

But if you're tempted to take a short cut consider the penalties. You may have a great number of sites and don't care if some get de-indexed. You might not care that any success with any of your sites might be shortlived. But if your website is your baby which you've invested your heart and soul, not to mention time and energy into, it will be devastating if you get on the wrong side of the search engines.

Search engines are concerned with identifying the sites which give the best answers to the queries that are asked. Search engines are not human, so they cannot judge the information presented and therefore need to rely on the votes (links) other people give to your site. Having content which will provide good quality, easy to find answers to the questions asked and having lots of links to your site will eventually get you to the top of the search pages - and will make it easier for you to stay there. Getting there quick with Black Hat techniques might help you make it to the top, but expect a quick tumble, not just to the bottom, but into oblivion!


Trish Haill has worked in the It Industry for 15 years and is experienced with local government and company websites. Having designed and published several successful and acclaimed websites in her own right, the secrets of good website design and publishing are now shared at Webmaster Productions

How To Choose Best Keywords For Domain Name

The Issue of Keywords in Domain Names

The Issue of Keywords in Domain Names

Author: Pat Boardman
The official story of search engines like Google is that their algorithms are sophisticated enough to highlight keywords in domain names yet not give them any added weight or consideration. In daily observation there seem to be exceptions. In one study 48% of people noticed keywords were a noticeable factor in Google searches. In fact, SEOs report seeing keywords in the domain factor all the time. According to inside sources keywords have the same weight anywhere in the page URL.

The modern convenient way to find out information is to send bits of computer magic with two or three details you know about the subject matter, and it will go out into the Web and return with mountains of answers from which to choose. Words running for words sooner or later get you the information you want.

Very few Internet searches are based on one word on its own: a second word normally qualifies the search to information that is common to both and then narrow down the number of things that can be associated with those two words and bring up the web sites where they are most plentiful, Sometimes more words are needed to make the search more specific.

In some industry sectors there are a limited number of key phrases available so some thought should be given to having a certain word as part of a domain name, considering how often a word like "limo" is used as at least one-half of the search term in the limousine rental industry. The fact that an exact match is a possibility in so many searches makes it an important decision when there are many competitors trying to rank for the same words. Identifying the profession can provide some certainty that the web site will rank, with or without back links. Having a trade or product identified in your brand is wise, as it is in the name of your web site.

The domain can therefore include your brand and your major keyword to make clear what you do or where you do it. Thus, "Smithville Plumbers" would come up on top if someone was in Smithville, had a plumbing problem, then went over to the computer and typed those two words, "Smithville" and "plumbers" into a search bar to call for assistance.

Other opportunities exist to include keywords in your message content, without overdoing it (or "keyword stuffing") which can get penalized. Inner page URLs and sub-domains, headers, tags, and anchor text are all spaces that should be filled with identifying terms. Measuring the "keyword density" of the text on each page should be performed by the SEO consultant to make sure there are a maximum of 3% keywords within the content.

More important is the factor of "quality" of the web site. Keywords can't be ignored when selecting domain names or developing brands but once the search engines consider a page high-quality entity on the Web with a clear purpose and message then it will rank higher in searches. The days of temporary takeovers are over, it is not as easy to displace an established site as it once was.

If the decision is to use keywords when purchasing the domain name, you have the option of putting in dashes to make the words stand out separately, both to humans and the search engines. Two dashes maximum should be used. The search engines can still usually read the words if there are no dashes unless a different word exists by chance from consecutive letters in different words. Domain name registration forms will offer both choices, in order for you to be aware that you can reserve other available domain name combinations as well to prevent others from taking them over.

Pat Boardman is an SEO Consultant writing in respect to domain names registrar company Sibername, who also provide web hosting internationally.

Best Domain Registration And Web Hosting In India

Domain Registration India- Affordable Prices
Domain Registration India- Affordable Prices
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We provide domain registration India services has become a pretty easy process over the years. To start this trouble-free process. you select the available domain name that you would like, submit your name, address and other personal information and launching your own successful website.

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If you are looking to register domain name then you have two options - you can either register your domain name with a more affordable domain registration company or pay two to three times the amount you should with a more expensive domain registration company. Whenever you are going to register a domain name, some of the more larger companies may over charge you. We provide domain and web hosting services at extremely high rates but there is no reason to over charge for something that should be quite affordable.

We offers cheap Domain Registration India,Web Hosting India, Payment Gateway India, SSL Certificate India, VPS Hosting India, Australia, UK, USA services. You can registering for a domain is one of the most basic aspects of developing a site, yet at the same time, it can be vital to a site's success. Domain Registration India is available nowadays and you can easily have your website hosted, email accounts at your own domain without having to buy your own computer and bandwidth to operate your own web server.

India Internets is a most wonderful web solutions provide Domain Registration India & all web related services. You need to ensure that you have all of the registration details in the event that you change website hosts. If the domain name has been registered in the website host's name, you may be unable to edit, renew or cancel the registration. Therefore, asking for the registration of the domain names to be in your name is essential. Understanding every element of the registration process is vital, and will ensure that your name remains secure.

You can choose domain name registrations can be selected lengthy, For an example when your competitor company acquired a name for which you are searching about, than you can expand your domain name by entering your that product name which is famous in the market. In my point of view many of simple and easy recalled names are not available now such as or, but when you are trying to choose a name, your name should be significant or an arrangement of letters.

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Searching For Adobe Dreamweaver Courses

Web Design training course with Adobe Dreamweaver

Author: Jennifer Mears

If you are looking at a future career in web design or need to understand web design to help you design and maintain your own website, selecting the right course in this area will provide you with the tools and techniques you will need to enter the ever changing world of website design.

Web design with Adobe Dreamweaver
One of the best web design software applications you can take a course in is Adobe Dreamweaver. The Adobe Dreamweaver software is the preferred industry software of choice for most web designers to day. It is part of the Adobe Creative Suite of software that includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Indesign etc.

The software has evolved over a number of years to give you the current version Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. With this software you can design any site from basic to advanced using the tools and techniques provided by Dreamweaver.

As part of your web training you will also need to consider other areas such as creating site hits or traffic, content or site management and E-commerce. This could involve doing courses in web design and database management using programmes such as PHP and MySQL and also courses in SEO (search engine optimization).

Hands on practical training with Dreamweaver
A hands on or practical web design course using Adobe Dreamweaver will explain and demonstrate the step by step skills and procedures you will need to understand and use in the setup, designing and publishing of a website.You may also want to see if an accreditation may be required for a web design job or position you are applying for. This could be provided by an external exam provider such Adobe Certified Professional , FETAC, CIW, etc.

Article Source:

About the Author

Jennifer Mears is a Freelance author who writes about computer and business training, To know more about Jennifer's Training ideas please visit

How You May Choose the Right Web Design Training Course

How You May Choose the Right Web Design Training Course

Author: John Matthews

If you are young and inexperienced, you are likely to find yourself at the career crossroads where you are not sure which way to go. It is quite a common problem and can have serious impact on your future. In todays highly competitive market it is essential for one to choose the career path with serious considerations.

Web designing is a field that is rapidly flourishing and therefore is attracting many young professionals towards it. The web designers are highly in demand for both domestic and foreign companies. Web designing however isn't offered in traditional college curriculum and therefore aspiring candidates are required to depend upon the professional training institutes for web design training course. Hence, if you are a young professional and want to join the web design industry, here is how you may find the right web design training course for yourself.

Determine your interest: Although the web design market in growing that necessarily doesn't mean that it is the right industry for you. As basic qualities a web designer should possess set of skills like artistic bent of mind, knowledge of drawing and color schemes and the like. A web design training course can offer you only the knowledge of technology required for web designing.

Ask suggestions: If you have not yet determined which institute to join then you can seek suggestions from friends and peers regarding the best web design training course available in the market.

Career fairs: Career fairs are now quite popular worldwide. In such fairs professional training institutes, colleges and universities from different parts of the world gather to attract aspiring students. You can compare the web design training course offered by various institutes by visiting their stalls. This will help you make an informed decision.

Search online: You can now find a web design training course through search engines. You can search online with terms like - "web design courses" to find a right option. You may visit the websites of the web design training course providers as well for more information on their courses.

Career forums: If you are not sure which web design training course to pursue you may ask your questions on the online forums. There are many career forums available online where the likeminded professionals gather to share their knowledge and expertise.

Talk to industry experts: You can also talk to the industry experts regarding their views on best web design training course. They can also enlighten you on the ongoing market trend in the industry.

Compare courses: Compare the course content of different institutes and choose the one that would best suit your needs. You may also take into account the scopes of advance learning with the institute at the time of joining. Also take into account their infrastructural facilities, faculty strength, industrial recognition as deciding factors.

As we are getting more dependent on the web based world the demand for skilled web designers are likely to grow in the future. The demand for web design training course would also grow along with, which is likely to encourage many more professional institutes to offer such courses. Students therefore have to be more careful in choosing the most appropriate web design training institute.
Article Source:
About the Author

John Matthews is a web design specialist with many years of experience in design and development of websites. He holds a degree in website designing and imparts web design training courses. For more information visit

Pinview Turns Facebook Into Pinterest

Actually a really nice way to look at Facebook, I think? Also, a good reminder: All our social networks are kind of the same. PinView is simple Facebook app that reformats your Facebook account in the style of a Pinterest pinboard. It's actually a pretty nice way to look at Facebook for users who aren't terribly active; it gives you an instant, 10,000-foot view of what your friends are posting, without the need to constantly scroooolllllll. Try it here; it takes about five seconds to install and doesn't make any permanent changes to your account.
Browsing Pinterest Facebook account feels quite a bit like browsing actual Pinterest, in both style and content. There are fewer pictures of food and furniture, and more dudes around. Everyone seems a little more inhibited. There's a lot more news. But other than that the differences are surprisingly subtle. The main difference between the biggest social network and the newest, it turns out, is a simple stylesheet.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Digital Ways to Make Difference This Earth Day

Did you know you can use digital channels to get involved this year.

1. Plant Trees Through Catalog Spree

Catalog Spree, an eco-friendly app for catalog shopping on the iPad, has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation, a non-profit conservation and education organization dedicated to planting trees. The Arbor Day Foundation will plant one tree for every download of Catalog Spree during the month of April as part of an “Earth Month” initiative. Download the app here.

2. Fundraise via Edward Norton’s Green Earth Day Challenge

Actor Edward Norton is the United Nations goodwill ambassador for biodiversity, and he’s teaming up with Groupon this Earth Day for an “Earth Day Challenge.” If you’re passionate about a green cause, put together a team and start a fundraising campaign through Norton’s online crowdfunding platform, CrowdRise. The team that raises the most money will win a $25,000 check from Groupon for their organization, and the second and third winning teams will receive $15,000 and $10,000, respectively, for their organizations. But when you think about it, everyone wins from this challenge — each team is generating green ideas and money.
At the time of the press release, the participating organizations include Conservation International, Ian Somerhalder Foundation, Global Green, Conservation Lands Foundation, Friends of the Virgin Islands Nation Park, Wiser Earth and National Wildlife Humane Society. Contest instructions and rules are here, but get going! The contest ends May 15.

3. Recycle E-waste Through HP and Staples

Recycle Keyboard
On April 12, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Staples announced a free recycling program that allows consumers across the United States to recycle their electronics easily and free.
Customers can drop off their technology for recycling at the service desk of their local Staples store. Staples will collect the devices and consolidate them at its distribution centers, where a certified e-Stewards and R2 recycler will arrange to have the materials transported to one of its processing centers.

4. Play a Social Game for Social Good

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers is a new ecologically-minded Facebook game inspired by Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Players are part of the Global Wildlife Research team, an international organization of conservationists, environmentalists and naturalists. The game has partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute, a global nonprofit that empowers people to make a difference for all living things.
In honor of Earth Day, the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has pledged to donate 20 cents to the Jane Goodall Institute for the DisneyNature Tchimpounga Natural Reserve project for every install and tutorial completion by players referred from the URL The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has pledged to donate up to $250,000 until April 26. Every player makes a difference.

5. Support the Earth, One Inch at a Time

TerraYebo, a for-profit social enterprise with a focus on “doing well by doing good,” has launched, a website with patent-pending technology allowing anyone to claim any square inch of the planet for $1 to support worldwide causes and non-profit organizations.
In recognition of Earth Day and National Park Week (April 21-29), TerraYebo has partnered with the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, which proceeds from will help support.

6. Let Cuteness Educate You About Endangerment

Giant Panda Cub
It’s believed that fewer than 1,600 giant pandas currently exist in the world. That’s why will be releasing a new live feed of five giant panda cubs on Earth Day. “There is something magical and inspiring about watching panda cubs interact with each other in real-time,” said’s founder, Charlie Annenberg, in a press release. “The hope is that by viewing these cams, people will develop deeper emotional connections not just to the bears, but also to the planet. Once someone has fallen in love with the world again, he or she is more likely to be a better steward of it,” he added.
There are links on to help you donate to different causes, and you can share the videos with your networks to spread awareness. Watch the live feed here.

7. Go Green With Google Maps

You’ve probably used Google Maps before, but have you used it to go green? The Biking Directions feature is available in over 200 U.S. cities and in nine Canadian regions, illustrating bike lanes, hills and route suggestions, making it easier to leave your gas guzzler behind.
Google Transit can map the quickest public transit routes in more than 470 cities around the world. And if you want to carpool and avoid traffic, the Traffic layer displays real-time traffic conditions on your route. As an extra perk for those of you who drive electric vehicles, you can easily find electric vehicle charging stations by typing “ev charging station in [your city]” directly into Google Maps.

8. Teach Kids About Conservation With Discovery Education

The Nature Conservancy, the leading conservation organization working in more than 30 countries to protect the environment for future generations, has partnered with Discovery Education to launch Nature Works Everywhere, an online destination that teaches younger generations the importance of environmental conservation.
Nature Works Everywhere provides teachers, students and families with free resources to explore and understand nature.

9. Sell a Book, Save a Tree With Lulu Publishers

Digital Tree is an open publishing platform, helping authors and artists create work in multiple formats and markets and helping buyers find the content they need. They’ve always been keen on staying green, using the latest in print-on-demand and e-book technology and utilizing a global network of printers to help cut down the carbon imprint from shipping books.