Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Five Questions About Web Hosting That May Confuse Even Experts

  1. What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting can be defined simply as a service, which is used to publish websites on internet. These websites consist of files/pages, which are interlinked through HTML code. If you want to publish a website, you need to buy space on a web server. Server is a computer set up, which not only shows your web site on internet but also creates your email based on your domain name. If you don’t buy space on a server, you can’t get any web hosting. However, before you buy any web hosting space, you must know types of web hosting available in the market. 

  1. What is Shared Web Hosting?
Shared web hosting or virtual web hosting service allows multiple users to host web sites on the same server. In shared web hosting the service provider divides the main server into different sections and then leases each section to different clients. All expenses are also divided among the clients. This is why shared web hosting is considered as the cheapest web hosting service. Having hundreds of web sites on same server, looks to be heavy but the fact is opposite. It works quite easily as most of the sites do not attract a lot of traffic. Shared web hosting is usually beneficial for small or medium business websites. The configuration of shared web hosting beneficial is also not so complicated.  In this type of web hosting, you can configure your site with an easy GUI. Offers like disk space, data transfer and email accounts attract more clients. Economically shared web hosting is suitable for those individuals and small businessmen who want web space for their small web sites. It requires no network administration skills that is why it is the most popular type of web hosting.

  1. What is Free Web Hosting?
This type of web hosting is the best for family or personal sites. In this kind of web hosting the domain name is provided by the host company. No one can have his own domain name. Free web hosting has limited software options and its security is also limited that is why it is not recommended for business sites.

  1. What is Dedicated Web Hosting?
In dedicated web hosting, entire server is provided by the web hosting company and it belongs to one client most of the times. The client can not share the server with any body else. In dedicated web hosting, all the operating system and software applications are specified by one client. The security of dedicated server is much more stronger than shared web hosting. Speed and reliability are also better than shared web hosting service. Dedicated web hosting is suitable for large scale businesses. We can add, remove and customize all features in this type of hosting. The main advantage of dedicated web hosting service is, a client can install most of programs according to his own will. In dedicated web hosting service there is absolutely no risk of any kind of unauthorized access. Dedicated hosting is considered a virus free hosting service because only one person/institute has access to data modification. In dedicated web hosting you can own your domain name for web server. This is why it is so popular. Another advantage of this dedicated server is, you can adjust bandwidth for your website in case your traffic gets a boom. Although, dedicated hosting has all the above features but before buying a dedicated server, you should analyze your business if it really needs a dedicated web hosting plan.

  1. What is Colocation Web Hosting?
Dedicated web hosting and colocation web hosting are not much different from each other. All features are almost the same. Security, stability and performance of both hosting services resemble each other. In dedicated web hosting the web server is provided by the web hosting company. In colocation web hosting the web server is purchased by the client himself and then control is given to web hosting company. Colocation web hosting is less expensive than dedicated web hosting. In some cases the client have some responsibilities. For example, in case server breaks down, the client will have to change the server. Despite all the facts discussed above, colocation web hosting is considered beneficial and valuable for business class.