Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yahoo Domains Customer Review

Yahoo Domains is great. I have had an amazing experience using Yahoo to register and maintain my dot com domain name. Before I had my website, I was looking at the elements I needed to get started and wanted to make all of the best selections in terms of the best registrar, website hosting, and design.

I did not want to cut any corners so I did my research before I chose Yahoo Domains. I looked at other companies, what they offered, and the kind of support they would give after the sale. I, of course, also considered the price point as a factor before I made my selection.

Price isn't everything, though. Yahoo is not the most expensive, but it's also not the least expensive in terms of registrars out there. However, they do have the greatest value; at least that was my conclusion after I researched the other popular registrars on the market today. 
Yahoo does more than basic, even with their lowest price domain registration. That is why I like Yahoo Domains. Other companies the offered lower prices than Yahoo did not tend to include as much as Yahoo did with even their basic domain registration.

Yahoo Small Business of course has lots of options for your small business, including website building and things of that nature. Some of these tools and support are included with all of their packages, but some of them are only in the upgrade (higher priced) type packages.

Having these options is what really did it for me. I did not want to be limited to basic domain registration. I wanted the extras and I wanted Yahoo's world class service and support that they have been known for through the years. This way, when trouble strikes, I won't be left feeling helpless. I will get the help I need in a short period of time and with dependable results.