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Marketing Your Website For FREE: SEO Tips, Secrets, Tricks and Review

As a smart money saver, you may always want to market your website(s), but only want to do it for FREE.

Well, we think you should really understand what is the actual meaning of being 'free' first. By precise definition, nothing is absolutely free on the internet. You will need to spend your time and pay your own effort at least. What is meant 'free' here in this post is that you do not need to pay any promotional fee, so we would say they are just relatively free. After all, there is no free lunch in this real world.

Another concept you should really understand is the actual meaning of 'nofollow' backlinks. Most of the websites nowadays add 'nofollow' tag, which is nothing more than a rel attribute in their HTML code for use to avoid passing link juices to any external site. By the contrary, 'dofollow' is a common internet term to describe when a site owner does not add rel="nofollow" tag into his HTML code, although technically there is no rel="dofollow" tag (it is just not a correct HTML format at all). For example, if you want to link to our website, adding rel="dofollow" tag or not should be identical to Google robot spider. That said:

<a href="" rel="dofollow">Quick Money Saver</a> should be the same in Google's eyes (because rel="dofollow" is a wrong code) as:

<a href="">Quick Money Saver</a>

Every link by default is 'dofollow' and only when the site owner add rel="nofollow" tag into his HTML code then the link will become 'nofollow'. You can always view the source code of a webpage to scan if any link inside is 'nofollow' or not. While nofollow backlinks can still drive traffic to promote your websites, dofollow backlinks can also pass link juices to your website, improve your ranking (called pagerank) in search results and hence are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Therefore when you go marketing your website(s), the right concept is to get as many dofollow backlinks as you can! It will be even better if those backlinks come from websites with high pagerank.

OK, once you have a basic understanding about the above SEO concepts, below please find our reviewed list of service providers that you can use to market your website(s) for free:

(1) Amazon Product Ads: Amazon Product Ads is a CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising program offered by Amazon to drive traffic to your site(s). Now Amazon Product Ads introduces a USD$75 free clicks program for new advertisers so that they can utilize this USD$75 promotional credit to generate ads in the super-powerful Amazon network to promote their sites, products or services. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Amazon Product Ads legit? We would say yes, although the sign-up, registration and verification process can take you some time to complete. However, the traffic driven from Amazon is of high quality and it is really worth a try if you have not done so.

(2) Hubpages: Hubpages is perhaps the most trustable writing platform currently in the world. If you are a good writer, you can easily earn powerful dofollow backlinks (which is good for SEO) because Hubpages has a very high pagerank. If you have a Google AdSense account, you can also earn money from Google ads displayed in your hubs. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Hubpages legit? We would say yes upon our review, although your writing quality needs to achieve a hub score of 75 (out of 100) at least in order to make your backlinks dofollow. It is not so difficult, as Hubpages does offer many tips and tricks for you to continuously improve your writing skills. Other than quality writing, there is no secret in Hubpages success.

(3) InfoBarrel: InfoBarrel is another trustable writing platform similar to Hubpages. InfoBarrel also has a high pagerank, so you can earn powerful dofollow backlinks for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Just like Hubpages, you may earn money from Google ads displayed in your InfoBarrel articles if you own a Google AdSense account. Click here to join for FREE.

Is InfoBarrel legit? We would say yes, and you do not need to meet a limit quality score for your backlinks there to become dofollow. Instead, they implement a pre-approval criteria (a manual review process) to prevent scams from new writers. InfoBarrel also helps to calculate your keyword density before publish, so your articles can be easier to get ranked in search engines.

[UPDATE: link is cancelled because InfoBarrel has started to reject previously-approved articles, deny previously-approved backlinks and implement much tighter editorial rules. We can say InfoBarrel is no longer friendly for link building now.]

(4) Squidoo: Squidoo is another trustable writing platform similar to Infobarrel and Hubpages. Squidoo also has a high pagerank, and hence you can get powerful dofollow backlinks for SEO purpose. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Squidoo legit? We would say yes, although you also need to meet a minimum quality score (they call it Lens Rank) of 400K (smaller the better), otherwise your published lens will become WIP (Works in Progress) and will not be featured in Squidoo website. Unlike Hubpages, you cannot use your own Google AdSense account to earn money in Squidoo. Instead, Squidoo shares its AdSense revenues with you based on a tier system. Lens rated as tier 4 (average monthly lens rank over 85K) will not get paid from its AdSense revenues, but you can still earn from other text link ads or affiliate ads (eBay or Amazon) if you have enabled them in your lens.

(5) Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser is an ad network that you can join as an advertiser and/or a publisher. Now Bidvertiser offers a USD$20 free ads program for new advertisers so that they can use this USD$20 to generate ads in Bidvertiser network to promote their websites, products or services. Click here to join for FREE.

Is this Bidvertiser advertiser program legit? We would cautiously say yes, although there is no alert to you when your free USD$20 budget is used up and therefore you need to monitor your advertiser account closely to avoid paying any extra fees. This is not very unusual, however, and not to be classified as scam. Even Google Adwords free coupon (you can get it if you have a valid Google Analytics account but do not have a Google Adwords account yet) works in the similar way and there is also no alert to you when your free Google Adwords coupon is used up. (Remark: If you want to join as a Bidvertiser publisher, please click here to join for FREE).

(6) SocialMediaExplode: Social media networks are rocking nowadays and many people use them to promote their websites, products or services. However, you need to have enough number of followers or likes in your Twitter and Facebook pages etc to make them work. SocialMediaExplode can help you to boost your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Linkedin, Google+ and Youtube. Click here to join for FREE.

Is SocialMediaExplode legit? We would say yes, although you need to earn coins by surfing, following other members or completing surveys etc in SocialMediaExplode before you can start getting followers or likes. Earning coins in SocialMediaExplode in easy, as there are many ways and offers available. Our reviewers are also surprised to see that many people are willing to earn coins by just completing surveys through SocialMediaExplode. You may even earn corns by referring other people to join. Have fun!

(7) SocialMonkee: SocialMonkee allows your to post one bookmark to 25 websites per day to obtain backlinks for free. That means you can easily obtain up to 175 backlinks each week. Click here to join for FREE.

Is SocialMonkee legit? We would cautiously say yes, although all backlinks you obtain from these bookmarking sites are of low pagerank. There is also no guarantee that all backlinks are dofollow. However, it is still a quick method to build up your backlinks to promote your websites, products or services. You will also learn how to effectively spin your bookmarks via SocialMonkee. One more friendly reminder: do not build up your backlinks too fast or Google robot spider may consider you scam. Good luck and enjoy!

(8) Infopirate: Infopirate is another bookmarking site for you to submit your web tips. All you need to do is to submit at least 25 words for each web tip. You will then obtain one dofollow backlink from the title of each web tip you submitted. You may add more backlink(s) in your web tip manually but all additional links are nofollow. Just like Hubpages, you can also earn money from Google ads displayed in your web tips if you have a Google AdSense account. Click here to join for FREE.

(UPDATE: Link is deleted, because we just get a message from the captain of Infopirate that he will close this bookmarking service soon. What a Bad news! Marketing websites is becoming more and more difficult now...)

Is Infopirate legit? We would cautiously say yes, because it appears there are moderators there to review and delete content that they consider scam without any notice. You will also need to pass through the annoying anti-scam Mollom captcha challenge for each of your submission, or else you will be temporarily banned for normally a few hours up to a few days. However, if you can survive then you can enjoy one dofollow backlink per each web tip for better SEO from Infopirate.

(9) Adzly Free Ads: Adzly Free Ads is an ideal tool for internet marketers who would like to promote their websites, products or services for FREE. Adzly ads is actually running on impression basis. Though a free account of this advertising program, you can earn 2 credits for each unique pageview from your own website and then make use of the credits you earned to place ads via adzly network. Their ads system is just something like Google AdWords, however, you will not have to pay for any advertising costs by real money as you just need to pay by 2 credits for each impression. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Adzly Free Ads legit? We would say yes, at least it will cost you 100% no money to try it out. The most amazing part is that you can earn even more free credits (or commissions) for your own traffic building or marketing purposes if you can refer more people to join Adzly!

(10) Best-Reviewer: Best-Reviewer is a writing site that declares itself as the Best of Top Reviews. Best-Reviewer is managed by the owner of SheToldMe but, unlike SheToldMe, you can submit your tops free of charge in Best-Reviewer, get shared of AdSense revenue with the site and at the same time obtain dofollow backlinks from there for SEO purpose. Click here to join for FREE.

(UPDATE: Link is deleted, we are sad to hear that the site is banned with account disabled by AdSense due to violations of Google's Program Policies and Webmaster Quality Guidelines).

Is Best-Reviewer legit? We would say yes, although you must stick with AdSense requirements or the owner will ban you without warning. For each of your review, you can create a list containing up to top 20 (at least top 3) and with an introduction (minimum number of words = 100) and maximum number of tags is 10.

(11) Best-Reviewers: Best-Reviewers is another writing site managed by the same owner of Best-Reviewer. Therefore you can also submit your tops for free in Best-Reviewers, get shared of AdSense revenue with the website and also get dofollow backlinks from there for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) use. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Best-Reviewers legit? We would say yes (just the same as Best-Reviewer). In addition to writing tops, you can also write creatively about someone's annual salary (the site called it 'Create Salary' or 'Create Income'). This is quite a funny idea and, more noticeably, there is no minimum word requirement for the introduction section of each salary page. This allows better flexibility and makes it just as easy as writing short bookmarks.

(12) Wikinut: Wikinut is a special writing platform that allows you to re-post articles which you already published elsewhere in the internet. Similar to Squidoo, you can get dofollow backlinks from Wikinut for SEO purpose and you also do not need your own Google AdSense account to earn money. Instead, Wikinut shares its advertising revenues with you based on your traffic and other royalties. Click here to join for FREE.

Is Wikinut legit? We would say yes, although Wikinut is a well-known low paying website. However, unlike Squidoo, you do not have to play with any tier system in order to get paid. For the purpose of marketing your websites, Wikinut is still a good choice because your articles are easy to get approved in Wikinut. From our own experience, Wikinut moderators seem to be quite reasonable and we never have any article rejected by Wikinut yet.

Please share your view if you have any comment on our above reviews about site marketing.

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Disclaimer: We may earn if you join the above services through our referral links, although our earnings (if any) will be taken directly from the service providers (not from your account) and hence your earnings from the above services will not be affected by our referral at all.

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