Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to become a Google authority website

I personally think this topic hardly discuss on the internet
but i want to reveals of its secrecy,i m not sure why this sensitive topic
cant discuss but i think big boys dont want to discuss on this topics and dont
want to reveals of its exciting benefits,So what is Google authority website, perhaps some basic reader may simply reply the website which have Google adsense in its pages,but that is totally wrong and website which contain google adsense dont means that is Google authority website,The word Google Authority website name not cleared who name it or who suggest it but the reality is that its hard to get google Authority website Most of the Seo Companies dont want you grab this topic "what is Google Authority Website"  but as Web developer and website owner this is very essential for yout know about that,How to become Google authority website To Become google Authority website you must have professional approch and must be hardworking,Your website must be optimized both on the page and off the page you are confused what is off page and on page, its very simple on page you have a quality of content and must be genuine contents, you are using right and to the point Tags keywords,etc all these are basic element of on page optimization and what is off page optimizing Social Networking, Url submission, Advertisement on other website Article submission on different article submission website, and describe your website in good way these all are consider on page and off page stretegies
submit your website in alexa rank and alexa always increase your rank if you have ample amount of traffic, and you have back link on other website, back link in other website is not only alexa ranking criteria, Back link is also consider by Various search engines like Google Search engine Searchbing search engine Yahoo search engine Altavista Search engine,Another good way is to buy cheap traffic for your website and that is some time cost 1000 visit for one dollar to your website but remember one thing which is very important dont buy cheap traffic if you have place google adsense in your website,and want you to be Google authority Website,and what other criteria to become Google authority website , that is if you have,2000 to 2500 Visits daily and that your website never penalize from Google and any other,search Engine,Hope this article will give you enough knowledge to work on this task and ,,keep trying Best of luck guys
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