Sunday, April 29, 2012

What Does A Web Hosting Service Provider Do?

First of all you should know, what is a web hosting service? Web hosting is a service, which provides web space for web sites related to a person or an organization. Now a day, web hosting service providers offers many other services besides renting out space on their servers. Here is a breif description of what modern web hosting service providers  are doing now a day.

1. Providing Web Space On Internet
Providing memory on a server is the primary function of web hosting service. It provides web space for business and non-business sites on World Wide Web. World Wide Web is a network through, which all the computers in the world are connected with each other. Data and file transaction is also possible through this network. The transiction and interlink connection around the world is possible only through HTTP, which is bassically space for the storage of web pages. In short web space is an amount of disk space for the web sites' files, images, database, emails etc. Bassically web space has two main functions. The first one is to allow you to upload different kinds of files accessible for World Wide Web. Secondly, you can also store those files, which are necessary for the website to work properly but you don’t want to share those files with the site visitors.
2. Modren Hosting Providers Offer Free Domain Name
This is not the basic duty of any web hosting service provider to sale domain names. However, many domain name service providers have started to sale domain names also. Some providers in USA offer free domain names for the first year of their web service. Web hosting service provides a domain name to a web site. Domain name is just like a sign board for the site. All domain names must be registered with a domain registrar company. In colocated web hosting service you can select your own domain name while in shared or vertual web hosting service the domain name is provided free by many hosting companies. Domain name plays a vital role in popularity of  a web site because it makes an easy access to your web site for the visitors. A domain name should be a short name. Short domain name is quite easy to type, read and to remember. It must be meaningful. Domain name without meaning has no value for the visitors.
3. Web Page Design and Development
With modern web hosting service providers, you don’t need to be a tech gee to develop your web site. Most of the hosting providers offer hundreds of web site templates. With these ready made templates, you don’t need to worry about your design or coding techniques. All you have to do is to select your new web site’s design. After a few clicks, you web site becomes in working condition. These templates design and develop a web page for your web site according to your own will. Presentation and finishing of any web page is really important. Web hosting service use HTML, CSS, Java script and many other moder techniques in desig and development of a web page for a web site.
4.  Protection from Viruses and Hacker Attacks
Nearly all modern web site service providers offer some sort protection against viruses or other malwares. With some hosting service providers, you have to pay extra fee for protection against viruses and hacker attacks. However, good hosting providers don’t charge anything extra for protection against viruses and hacker attacks. 
5.  Regular Back Ups
Again if you have purchased a good hosting service provider, it will charge you nothing for regular back ups. However, some web hosting providers charge extra free for daily back ups.