Sunday, July 28, 2013

How To Skip Waiting Time in Rapidshare and Other File Hosting

Online File Hosting like Rapidshare, zShare provides an easy way to upload and download files. And there are many free user who uses these website to upload and download files, but for a free user they have some limitation and also they have to wait for specific time to download file. So Do you know how to skip waiting time in rapidshare and other file hosting? No, don't worry here i will tell you how to download files without waiting.

Well that’s not most annoying however the worst half comes in once your download link gets expired for not clicking in time, well to beat this drawback SkipScreen steps during this very little addon may be simply accustomed skip those time limit and then automatically starting your downloads.

Well this add-on is available for both Chrome and Firefox and you can easy install it in one click, after your installed this add-on you do not need to do anything just visit any downloading website and this addon will automatically do its job. Well for more insight on this add-on you can watch the below video on how it exactly works.