Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Generate more traffic using RSS Feeds

Every one needs traffic to their website and for that someone pay huge amount. And get wasted their money. So now onwards dont waste your money, here I am going to tell you how to get genuine website traffic using your RSS Feed. In any type of online business, it is necessary to generate traffic in order to earn profit.  RSS is one of the best ways to generate a significant amount of traffic to your website. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and is based on XML content format to distribute blog entries, news, headlines, audio, video, etc. To generate traffic from RSS, one would need to follow certain ways that will help to submit RSS.

Before thinking of submitting RSS, you should make sure that the content on your site is interesting and of high quality or the visitors will find it hard to develop interest. Internet browses prowl the web for information since they want to be well informed and have a need to be updated regularly. Other than the readers, Google also loves fresh content which is why webmasters keep publishing newer and fresher content on their sites. If you are serious enough about your business and want to promote it and increase traffic, then you should maintain your content fresh and updated.

If the content is fresh and of high quality, then using RSS feeds is a great way to generate traffic. Besides content, regularity is also very important. To force readers to revisit your site over and over again, you would need to bring regularity because if you are irregular, then the user will flee away to some other website which is delivering in time.

RSS to Twitter:

Posting RSS feeds on Twitter is one of the best ways to generate traffic. The traffic generated through posting RSS to twitter depends on the popularity of twitter account and posting frequency. There are two benefits of posting RSS feeds to twitter. First, a linkback is created which helps in improving search engine rating. Secondly, the users on twitter follow the RSS feeds to generate traffic. It is advised to post RSS feeds on those twitter accounts that have a huge number of followers and are active. Posting feeds on Twitter after every 10 minutes will not help you gain traffic but users will consider it spam instead. The best way is to send around 10 to 20 feeds a day.

RSS Press Releases:

You can also use RSS press releases to generate more traffic for your website. Press release can be used to inform people about your new products or services. It can also be used to notify the users about new products in the market. Using RSS press release is another way of advertisement as it works in the same way as email marketing does. RSS press releases are somehow better than email marketing as most of the emails land in junk-box or are filtered by spamming filters.

Submitting Feeds to RSS Directories:

Submitting feeds to RSS directories is also a good option to drive traffic on your website. These directories have all kinds of categories. You can submit your RSS feed in the relevant field. The ultimate benefit of these directories is that they help increase your page rank gradually.

If all of these different ways of RSS feeds are used effectively, then there are sure chances that the traffic on your site will be dramatically increased.