Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4 Most Powerful Ways to Get FREE Website Traffic

In our last two posts, we already shared some useful tips that can help saving money on marketing a small home-based business. Now we (Quick Money Saver) are going to share 4 more powerful tips for getting extra FREE website traffic and draw our final conclusion on this particular money-saving topic.

4 Most Powerful Methods to Get Extra Website Traffic For FREE

Here are 4 most powerful tips to obtain additional website traffic for free and can help promoting your small home-based business:

(i) Online Article Marketing.

First of all, you must write a high-quality article for your online business marketing purpose. After writing, you may send it out by yourself, or send it over to a free (or low-cost) but professional article submission distributor that can further disseminate it to related magazines, e-zines, newsletters, websites, local or even national newspapers, and then follow it up to monitor if it could be successfully published in any of these medias. If it could really be, you should then be sure that it can cover certain promotional values and also drive certain free website traffic. Do not underestimate the true power of these free traffic sources and backlink(s) from such article. Since the submitted article must be completely matching with your website content, those backlink(s) and free traffic generated would not be of low quality, although you can get these targeted traffic for free.

After promoting at the above publications, you may then re-use your 'published and accepted' article (better use only parts of it to avoid duplicate content penalty from popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) in your own website, advertisements, business sales letters etc. You may even rewrite it in standard news story format, and then send it over to appropriate media outlets via any free (or low-cost) press release distributor. This can further give your website some more extra traffic for free.

(ii) Hire Experts Only if Absolutely Necessary.

Small home-based business owners may, of course, hire experts to produce and design their website layout professionally, for writing articles, press releases, photography, advertising, copy writing and so on.

However, as a Quick Money Saver, we believe it should be better performing at least some of the above tasks on your own for meeting your tight marketing budget. You may then consider spending money only on demanding tasks that really require expertise of a design professional. That said, you should hire experts only if you find absolutely necessary.

We, Quick Money Saver, believe the above should be considered as supplementary information for a sound learning program about 'Grow Your Home-based Business Quick'. This program, in full, shall include how to write real press releases in standard news format (but still look highly professional), how to write effective marketing articles by yourself, how to promote your affiliate programs, services, products, informational materials etc to become a successful marketing champion shortly (but still cost-effectively).

(iii) Website Directory Submission.

Say if your business website is about holiday travels, it should always be a great strategy to submit it directly to related 'Tourism and Travel' Directories. Why? It is simply because popular website directories usually have a lot of visitors and surfers who enjoy searching their preferred 'Tourism and Travel' businesses that can offer the best deals fulfilling their holiday needs. Thus these directories can easily generate substantial high-quality traffic for free.

Visitors from these directories can actually become millions of targeted potential customers you can easily reach and they may then be even your loyal customer basis later on. Therefore, you must not underestimate the true power of website directory marketing, and must begin submitting your site to related 'Tourism and Travel' Directories as fast as possible. These directories will definitely help promoting your home-based business efficiently, and also bring you some extra powerful website traffic for free.

Additionally, home-based business owners may also find out some useful marketing resources and important article-promotion tips in those website directories for driving free website traffic and fast online business growth.

(iv) Using Press Releases.

Do not forget that, just like normal article marketing, the best way to send out your press releases should be by submitting it to a free (or low-cost) but professional press release distributor. Once you choose a good one, it will distribute your press release automatically to related media outlets for attaining the best business marketing results via these free website traffic sources.

Depending on their level of experiences, some of the commonly-used press release distributors are experts who understand very well how to run it effectively. Of course if you select a paid-version press release distributor (instead of free version), your chances to obtain more high-quality traffic sources and successful business results should also be greater.

Any press release that a trustable editor writes a news on and then publish it through a popular publication channel can definitely attract million of visitors to your own website without any extra cost. As long as your website can convert, this will eventually increase your business sales tremendously. It can also be a good marketing sample that you may use the same strategy in your related press releases later on.

Above are the 4 most powerful tips for getting some extra website traffic for free. As the last post about this particular money-saving topic, we hereby conclude that everyone must make good use of any free internet marketing resources to promote his home-based business. As our final conclusion, we believe free website traffic is always possible. Free internet marketing resources are nearly unlimited and everyone should keep updated with latest marketing skills, better by regularly visit our QMS (Quick Money Saver) site to find out more details for free.