Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nokia s40 phones JAVA apps minimizing trick

Each non-smart phones running the software should prompt -Do you agree to read user data was dead tired.

Now finishing the next,without brush machine,you can achieve break the certificate authority,to remove the shackles of the purpose of the certificate.

  1. Install Phoenix on your computer(PC)
  2. Connect your mobile to your computer in pc suite mode, open the Phoenix (before opening phoneix exit pcsuite on your computer using exit option in pcsuite [file----exit] )now open Phoenix and click on File -Scan Porduct.
  3. Then Phoenix will find your cell phone and shows your phone information in bottom line of Phoenix.
  4. Click on Product- Product File.
  5. In the bottom of pop-up window click on Read
  6. Turn to an option for Java TCK Support. It is 28th option in some mobiles, 48th in some other mobiles, if not 28th 0r 48th option scroll through options you will get some where in options after you got ''Java TCK Support''option.
  7. In the right drop-down menu to select the Java TCK - ON (JSR75 R W).
  8. Click-Write.
  9. Close Phoenix, unplug the phone, shut down and then boot. At this point the certificate have all been cracked mobile phones, If you need to restore permissions, and then follow the steps above Step7 will be amended to default the first one (JAVA TCK OFF) option. (I believe no one will want to go to restore bar!)
  10. There is the need of ppu files in this processs of hacking, just we are changing a setting in product file.
  11. The product file will normally be inside the package u downloaded from but plz note onlu use ppu from package,bcoz every different firmware version has different ppu you can use this method of hacking in minimizing java apps also after hacking your phone using the given method.

Editing java apps for minimizing

  • Open jar file which you want to minimize on your computer using winrar,
  • there you will find META-INF folder open that folder in that folder you will get MANIFEST.MF file Open that file using notepad and add these line at last Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: true after that save that,
  • press ok for every thing that asked,
  • now send that jar app to mobile and test it,
  • press red button(call end button) to minimize.