Friday, June 21, 2013

How to Try Android Apps Before Buying

Android repository contains lots of Apps, some of them are free and some of them are paid ones. When we talk about paid ones our mind always have one question that it will fulfill our requirement or not. So here i will tell you how to try android apps before buying. As we know that android apps starts from 99¢ to 200$ depending on the application.

Get ready to know How to Try Android Apps Before Buying?

    1. Go to Android Market and search for the paid app that you wish to buy.
    2. Purchase the App that you’d like to use and now you can test it for the next 10-12 minutes.
      Here lies the actual logic. In Android Market, you can cancel your purchase and get your money refunded.
      Remember that you’ll have 10 to 12 minutes to cancel your order.
    3. Now if you don’t like the app, Go to the Android Market app on your mobile and tap the name app found under “My Apps” that you wanted to refund.
    4. Hit the “Refund” button and now the app will automatically get uninstalled from your phone.
    5. Next, you’ll be asked for the reason for removing the app. Simply check mark the option “I’d rather not say” and the purchased amount will be refunded.
    6. You’ll receive a confirmation mail from Google saying that your order was cancelled and you’ve not been charged.
Points to be remembered
    • The refund option will be disappeared from the app 15 minutes after your purchase.
    • You can return your app only once.
    • Go through the Google Refund Policy for more details.