Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to Increase the Battery Life for Android Phones

Android is todays most popular mobile os. And many users have android phone, but most of people have complain about battery life. As we know android phone have many functions so it consumes more battery. But i will tell you that how to increase the battery life for your android phone. To increase battery life you need to make some tweaks to your phone, here i will tell you how to do that,

Most of the higher end android mobile have chipset that uses high frequency and sucks lot of battery. Before understanding ways to increase the battery life for android phone, you should understand what drains your android battery.
Settings –> About Phone –> Battery –> Batter Use

Here are 10 easiest ways to save your battery life.

1.    Exit application
Application running in background is a battery killer. Make sure you exit an application by pressing exit button or back button and not home button. Pressing the home button will leave the recently opened application to run in the background and it sucks the battery juice.

2.    Force Close

Do not install apps that suck battery lot. Stop the application that eat battery power.
Settings –> Applications –> Running Services –> Click the application –> Stop the application
Though you close an application by pressing back button, it may still run in the background. You need to force close it in order to save the battery life.

3.    Avoid live wallpaper

Live wallpapers runs in background every time you unlock your mobile. If you need to save your battery you need to compromise on not using the animated wallpapers. Do not download any application of animated wallpapers as well.
Settings –> Display  –> Wallpapers –> Disable Animation/live wallpaper

4. Wifi, bluetooth and GPS

Use wifi, bluetooth and GPS only when it required.
Settings –> Wireless and Networks –> Wi-Fi settings / Bluetooth settings. Settings –> Location and Security –> Use GPS satellites.
You can disable battery killers in seconds using these shortcuts.

5.    Disable the background data

Background data give permission to an app to use the mobile data and run in background. Example GTalk will use the mobile data if the background data is enabled and it will show you as online. This background running will kill your battery life.
Settings –> Accounts and Sync Settings –> Disable Background Data.

6.    Screen brightness

Most of battery power is used to light the display. It is necessary to keep optimum brightness to save the battery life. Do not compromise the readability.
Settings –> Display Settings –> Brightness –> Select manually / enable Automatic brightness.

7.    Widgets
These days there are lots of widgets available in the android market. Most of the widgets are live feed which always run in background and kill the battery life. Remove the live feed widgets unless it very much necessary.
Widget –> Press and hold –> delete.

8.    Disable Auto-Sync

If Auto sync is ON, mobile usage peeks when it is connected to mobile data. This will automatically start syncing your accounts which will kill your battery life.
Settings –> Accounts and Sync Settings –> Disable Auto-sync.

9.    Signal Strength
When signal strength is low, the mobile battery will dry soon. Make sure you have good signal strength in your locality.

10.  Automatic Updates

Disable automatic updates will ensure that the update of an application does not happen in the background. This small activity can save your battery life.

Go to play store –> Select the app –> Uncheck the automatic update

As you know, battery life is very important to use your phone to the fullest.  Above 10 simple ways can save you hours and hours of battery life. As you can see these steps aren’t technical and are just general guiding principles that anyone could follow in their day to day life. Do you know any other way to save Android battery life? Let us know in comments.