Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Web Hosting Market - Too compelling to Leave out!

Ever since web hosting has emerged as the most popular form of hosting, industry giants jumped into the competition for gaining monopoly over this sector. The most compelling dimension of the web hosting market is that it allows individuals, organizations and institutions to make their own website. With the internet said to be the fastest growing sector in the history of business, the web hosting industry has experienced a massive expansion in just a few years.

With the potential of entrepreneurship and opening up a new company with minimal investment, web hosting is considered to be the ultimate start-up business, allowing small hosts to stand up in-front of IT sector giants. The age old notion that a wider net catches more customers is obsolete now. In-fact the emphasis has shifted to focusing on the right areas, rather than having a wider net. This is what makes people buy web hosting services in general.

As more and more people are moving forward to buy web hosting services, companies have started to give out attractive offers in terms of disk space and bandwidth, to optimize their sales. There can be various types of web hosting companies. The main classification is the free web site hosting and the paid web site hosting services.

Now choosing which web hosting service to go for, and buy hosting services, happens to be the real daunting task. In case of free web hosting services, the user has the right to upload his or her web site content on the server space that is provided by the web hosting company without any cost. Free web hosting services is more lucrative for individual users. On the contrary, paid web site hosting services are best suited for professional web site owners, big organizations and institutions.

There are a few shortcomings in using the free web hosting services. When using the free web site hosting service, you are forced to place the ads and banners by the web site hosting company on your web pages while the revenue collected from that advertisement goes to the company. Hence people opt to but web hosting services instead of using the free services. The advantages of buying web hosting services is that ads and banners placed on your web site are according to your will and the revenue of the banners and ads placed on your web site goes in your pocket. Also in some case of free web site hosting, the domain name of your web site starts with the web site hosting company name followed by your web site name. This is not the case of paid web site hosting service. You get a unique web site domain. The web space provided by free web site hosting service is limited whereas in case of paid web site hosting service you can buy the web space according to your requirements.

Having said the pros and cons, paid web hosting services emerges as a growing sector with a promising future. More and more people are inclined to buy web hosting services at the end of the day.