Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to Set Up WiFi Router on Windows PC

Today I will tell you how to setup WiFi Router on windows. To do this You must be have Ethernet internet connection in your home that you’re using on your PC or laptop but now you’ve bought a new WiFi router so that you can setup Wi-Fi connection using which you’ll be accessing internet on your mobile devices. Now Days we have smartphones phones or laptops in our home which are capable of accessing internet via WiFi network. WiFi network allows devices to connect to internet wireless.

Using below methods you will be able to configure WiFi Router on Windows XP/7/8. In these days many people have windows 7 or 8. However, Windows 8 is almost identical to the Windows 7. The only difference is at the start menu/desktop which is replaced by new Metro look. So the method I’m sharing below will work on both. You may find very minor changes in the options while using Windows 8.

How to Setup WiFi Router on Windows PC:

Method 1:

  1. You’ve purchased router which must be having a software CD/DVD inside its box. Insert that disc into the optical drive of your PC and install the software. If software asks for upgrade then do that so that you get latest available software.
  2. Once the software is installed then it will run automatically. Now you need to follow screen instructions to setup WiFi router. It will ask you to do setting up related stuff one by one. Make sure you didn’t miss any step.
  3. This is the simplest way to setup WiFi router on Windows Operating System. Make sure the router is plugin for power supply and the Ethernet cable is attached properly.

Method 2:

Since your router is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8, most of the steps will be done automatically. This is because the setup will be done by Windows Connect Now (WCN) tool.
  1. Start the router by adding it to power source. Open the network options by using any icon available at the notification area on your PC.
  2. All available networks will be shortly there in front of you. You can choose the default option which will connect your PC to your router. Now you need to follow few more instructions and once they are over you’ve successfully setup WiFi router on your PC.

Note – Make sure you’re always using user name and password so that no one without your permission can connect to your WiFi connection.