Monday, August 26, 2013

How to find If someone Is using your Facebook account

Do you know how to find If someone Is using your Facebook account. No? In this article I will tell you how to find if someone is using your facebook account. Facebook offers to create 2nd sign in seal to your account. Using this you can create sign in seal, in that you can allow selected devices that can be use to login to your Facebook account. So take a look of this feature.
  • Have you ever suspected that someone else is accessing your Facebook account?
  • Have you found any suspicious activity on your Facebook profile? 
  • Want to sign out from your Facebook account remotely? 
  • Forgot to log out from Facebook?
  • Someone steal your login details via phishing?
Facebook will help us to roadblock suspicious logins form any computer, mobile or any third party apps that recently access your account. Here I decided to share a security feature of Facebook that easily identify and send you email notification if anyone is secretly logging in to your Facebook account.

Facebook allows users to identify the list of computer/mobile devices that you have logged into your Facebook account. It also displays date and the approximate geographic location(not exact) of that device based on its IP address. If you come across you have logged in from an unknown device or unknown place 'Click the End Activity' to log out the session from that unknown device.
Where can I find these setting on Facebook?
Log in to your Facebook account>>Account>>Account settings>>Security>> Active sessions.
Now you can see the computer/mobile devices you have logged into your Facebook account and the date of your last access to Facebook.
For more safety to your Facebook account we requested to activate mobile sms alerts and email notifications. If someone else tries to log in to your Facebook you will receive notification via email and sms instantly, and if it was an unauthorized access you can take further steps to end that session using the above method.