Sunday, March 31, 2013

Google Adds 'Treasure Maps' for April Fools' Day


Google joined in on the April Fools' Day fun a day early with their latest feature: Treasure Maps. Following last year's prank, 8-bit Google Maps, the company debuted a pirate-style design on Sunday, complete with 2D hand-drawn landmarks and hidden treasure chests. The map uses a spyglass to zoom in for Street View, with a rounded telescopic frame and old-school filter. To access, visit Google Maps and click on the "Treasure" picture icon in the right-hand corner. Instructions for the "beta technology" warn, "Your system may not be able to display at higher resolutions than paper print."

 In a video, Google explains the map belonged to infamous pirate William "Captain" Kidd, and was found on a recent expedition in the Indian Ocean while the team was expanding their underwater Street View collection. Users are invited to help crack the code and find the treasure with hidden clues.

Switch Back to Old Gmail Compose (Temporarily)

Response to Gmail's new compose feature has been less than celebratory. Many users are confused by the minimalist design and hidden tools, preferring instead to interact with the typical icons and options from old Gmail compose. But Google rolled out new Gmail compose to all account holders Thursday, rendering it the default. It seems Google no longer offers users the choice to work in the old compose window — at least, not explicitly. To "temporarily switch back to old compose," tap the Compose icon as if you were creating a new email. Then click the arrow on the bottom-right of the window. Select the option from the drop-down box that reverts your interface back to the old design.
But who's to say Google will keep that option around for long? You may prefer to dive into the new Gmail compose, anyway, since it's becoming more mandatory by the day.
What changes would you like to see in Gmail? What works? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Google Celebrates Easter With Cesar Chavez Doodle

Google enraged conservatives Easter Sunday by observing the birthday of the late labor leader Cesar Chavez rather than commemorating what is considered the holiest Christian holiday with a doodle. It upset some people.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Where Kim Jong-Un for N.Korea got his Apple Computer ?

One of the North Korean photos going viral on Friday  apart from the one showing plans to attack the U.S. with missiles  shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with a shiny iMac desktop computer. But Apple complies with U.S. trade embargoes on countries including North Korea, meaning its computers aren't meant to end up there. How did Kim get his iMac?
For ordinary North Koreans, up-to-date phones and computers are difficult, if not impossible, to get. North Korean companies have produced their own knockoff iPad competitors and cell phones, but the sale of Apple products is actually prohibited.
According to Apple's website:
The U.S. holds complete embargoes against Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria
The exportation, reexportation, sale or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a U.S. person wherever located, of any Apple goods, software, technology (including technical data), or services to any of these countries is strictly prohibited without prior authorization by the U.S. Government. This prohibition also applies to any Apple owned subsidiary or any subsidiary employee worldwide.
An Apple spokesperson didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Nor did a press contact at the Department of Commerce, which regulates trade embargoes.
This isn't the first time Kim's been seen with what might be an Apple product. Kim was photographed in February with a smartphone that looked like either an HTC model or an iPhone 3  or even a Samsung, the South Korean company.
Personal computers are available in North Korea  in 2011, state TV reported that there were three new models being manufactured there and there is a North Korean operating system, similar to Linux, called "Red Star." But most of the hardware North Korea has touted has been shown to be Chinese.

200% Increase in Facebook Picture Swaps Same Sex marriage

Facebook dug into the trend to evaluate just how many U.S. users changed their photos. The following charts show the usual profile picture changing habits of users (above) and the increase in the average number of changes (below). Facebook confirmed that the increase began when the HRC shared its call to action, which is noted on the graph with a dotted line.
Facebook also looked into who were the power profile picture-swappers. Comparing changes March 26 (in red) with the previous Tuesday (in black) by user ages, Facebook found the most significant increase among its users closest to age 30, 3.5% of whom changed their profile pictures. Females were slightly more likely than males to change their pictures, with 2.3% of self-reported females making the swap, compared to 2.1% of self-reported males.
Facebook also investigated which counties' users were most likely to change their pictures. In the below map, the darkest red counties showed the most significant changes.
Roughly 6.2% of users in Washtenaw County, Mich., home of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, swapped their photos in response to the HRC's campaign. The top 25 counties were loaded with universities, including the University of North Carolina, Duke University, Indiana University, the University of Iowa, Ohio University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Colorado and the University of Texas.
Urban areas, including San Francisco County, San Mateo County (Silicon Valley) and Washington, D.C., ranked highly, while Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago showed more modest increases.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Facebook Ads Experiment: How We Promote Amazon Sales

This is a real Facebook advertising experiment. As you should know, Facebook is now a popular social network, but many people may question whether it is a good platform for advertisers. This experiment is set up for you if you are interested in whether Facebook Ads Campaign is effective for promoting sales on the internet. This Ad Test may also give you some optimization tips or practical guides for advertising with Facebook.

We, Quick Money Saver, just had a website in our network received a Facebook Ads coupon worth USD$50 for free. Here is what the coupon looked like:

Congratulations. Your Facebook Fan Page XXX has 50 Likes. To help you build new connections, we are giving you USD$50 in free advertising, with no obligations.

Your Facebook Fan Page XXX reached 50 Likes. Grow it with USD$50 in free advertising

Congratulations! Recently, your Facebook Fan Page XXX reached a new milestone, and now it has more than 50 Likes.

You can accelerate your page's growth with Facebook Ads, which allow you to target new customers and build immediate connections for your Fan page XXX.

Be sure to enter your free coupon code when you sign-up new advertising account!

Free Coupon Code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (16 digits)

Remark: Each free advertising coupon comes with a validity period of only 2 months, and thus advertisers should use it within that particular time frame. According to Facebook ads manager, it is impossible to delay this coupon expiration date. Remaining balance (if any) will just be wasted and become useless beyond this expiry date.

Test 1: Conduct Test For Amazon Sales Promotion

We decided to run an experiment to try promoting our Amazon sales with the USD$50 coupon through this Facebook Ads advertising program. The main purpose of this experiment was to test if Facebook Ads advertising platform should be effective for selling Amazon products.

Our advertising program was called Buy Discount Smart Phones which linked to our Amazon aStore selling hot digital products like iPhone, Galaxy, LG, Nokia etc at discounted prices. You may click through the above link to browse our store for how our testing was done there.

So we set up a simple CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad campaign with an external URL link pointing to our above Amazon aStore (This was NOT a A/B Test). One practical problem was: different tier countries should have different CPC (Cost Per Click), so how to get meaningful test results with this particular tier issue? As an Ad optimization guide, we ran this experiment with 2 separate groups of tier countries. We called them Tier 1 (for countries such as the U.S., U.K. etc) and Tier 2 (for the rest of the countries) groups respectively.

We found the CPC (Cost Per Click) of the Tier 1 country group was quite stable.

For Tier 2 country group, however, at the beginning we set our CPC at over USD$0.15 per click and the ads ran smoothly. At the middle of the test, suddenly we found the actual CPC prices dropped significantly (we do not know why) for all our advertising campaigns in Facebook system. So how to deal with this sudden bid change? We immediately decided to cut our CPC bid to USD$0.09 per click (less than USD$0.1) for this advertising campaign. Neither the CTR (Click Through Rate) nor the number of impressions dropped after our CPC bid cut.

And the test result? Below are the raw data summary of each tier country group during the coupon period (Please note that we have not listed out individual data of each country here, as we do not want to violate any data disclosure condition for Facebook Ads and we feel we should better protect these sensitive data for Facebook):

(1) For Tier 1 Country Group:
Number of impressions: 53,454
Number of valid clicks: 42
CTR (Click Through Rate): 0.079%
CPC (Cost Per Click): USD$0.18
CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions): USD$0.14
Spendings: USD$7.65

(2) For Tier 2 Country Group:
Number of impressions: 247,639
Number of valid clicks: 198
CTR (Click Through Rate): 0.080%
CPC (Cost Per Click): USD$0.11
CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions): USD$0.09
Spendings: USD$21.9

(3) Total Summary By Adding These Two Tier Country Groups (Tier 1 + Tier 2):
Total Number of impressions: 301,093
Total Number of valid clicks: 240
Average CTR (Click Through Rate): 0.080%
Average CPC (Cost Per Click): USD$0.12
Average CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions): USD$0.1
Total Spendings: USD$29.55

Frankly speaking, the above Facebook Ads campaign data did look good for our team. Average CTR (Click Through Rate) was 0.08% and looked fair for most advertisers. Average CPC (Cost Per Click) and average CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) were around USD$0.1-$0.12, which were not too expensive as we originally expected.

However, we were disappointed when we came to review sale data of our Amazon aStore, although we were selling hot digital products like iPhone, Galaxy, LG, Nokia etc at discounted prices there.

According to Amazon data, we got only 16 clicks at our Amazon aStore and had no sale (hence zero conversion) at all during that period!

Since Amazon aStore report itself does not provide any data about impressions or CTR (Click-Through Rate), we can only list down the available raw data from Amazon report as follow:

Referral from aStore: 5 clicks
Purchase through aStore: 6 clicks
Remote shopping cart: 5 clicks
Total number of clicks = 5 + 6 +5 = 16 clicks.

Assuming number of Amazon aStore impressions was 240 (equal to total valid clicks from Facebook Ads), then we estimate that our Amazon aStore CTR (Click-Through Rate) was 16 / 240 = 6.67%, which was not bad at all.

In any case, since there were no items ordered or items shipped (zero Amazon conversion) during our experiment, we can only conclude that Facebook Ads platform is not so effective for promoting Amazon sales on the internet. It appears that although Facebook users are interested in our digital products (with a sound 6.67% CTR), they still trend not to buy them. Perhaps Facebook users are still expecting social interactions rather than direct purchases on Facebook. After all, Facebook is still a personal social media network. Referrals from Facebook Ad campaign do not seem to be able to trigger direct sales effectively.

So our Facebook advertising optimization tips: As a smart money saver, we can now only suggest to avoid promoting Amazon sales through Facebook Ads advertising program.

Test 2: Conduct Test For Facebook Fan Page Promotion

On the other hand, since the coupon was given to us for helping our Facebook Fan Page to build more connections, we also ran a separate small experiment to see if advertising on Facebook itself can really get more new 'Likes' for our Facebook Fan Page.

So we set up a simple CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad campaign for our Facebook Fan Page (as an internal URL link) with an option to Like the Fan Page itself. Here are some raw data for this small experiment:

Number of impressions: 16,706
Number of valid clicks: 9
CTR (Click Through Rate): 0.054%
CPC (Cost Per Click): USD$0.1
CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions): USD$0.05
Spendings: USD$0.9
Inbound marketing: 1
Number of new 'Likes': 1

Please note that, by definition from Facebook, this number of new 'Likes' is the number of users who like our Facebook Fan Page within 24 hours of viewing our Ads or our Sponsored Story, or who like our Fan Page within 28 days after clicking on our Ads or our Sponsored Story.

So the test result was simple, USD$0.9 for one Facebook new 'Likes'. Does it sound good to you?

Test 3: Conduct Test For Sponsored Story Promotion

Since sponsored stories are quite a new feature on Facebook, we would like also to test if sponsored stories are effective for our advertising campaign. To help our Facebook Fan Page to build more connections, we decided to run another separate small experiment to see if advertising on Facebook sponsored stories can really get more new 'Likes' for our Facebook Fan Page.

So we set up a simple CPC (Cost Per Click) campaign which was a 'Page Like' sponsored story with an option to Like the Fan Page itself, and then we got the following raw test data for this small experiment:

Number of impressions: 279
Number of valid clicks: 0
CTR (Click Through Rate): 0%
CPC (Cost Per Click): USD$0
CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions): USD$0
Social Coverage: 58
Spendings: USD$0
Inbound marketing: 1
Number of new 'Likes': 1

Please note that the number of impressions for our sponsored story was limited and was only 279, as it was just story from News Feed and, unlike standard Facebook Ad campaign, our sponsored story could only be shown to our confirmed friends. However, since our sponsored story gave visitors a clear call to action, we still could get one Facebook new 'Likes' from our sponsored story (same as the above Test 2). More importantly, we did not need to pay for any advertising fee for this new 'Likes' (zero cost!) as the visitor just directly liked our Facebook Fan Page without clicking on our sponsored story. What a free lunch! That was great particularly for us (as a Quick Money Saver).

That is the end of our whole Facebook Ads experiment. We do hope it can really give you some useful optimization tips and practical guides for advertising with Facebook.

More Bonus Advertising Optimization Tips: one good thing is Facebook Ads will not cost more than you budgeted. If you set your whole budget as USD$10 and you have already spent USD$9.9, you can still bid a CPC ad for USD$0.15. Once you win the bid (by USD$0.15), you will only spend USD$0.1 for that bid (because your whole budget cannot exceed USD$10). This bidding system seems to be considerate for most advertisers.

Another good tips is that it is not difficult to set up and get ads approved on Facebook. It appears Facebook does not have complicated advertising guidelines as compared to Google AdWords. We did not experience any Ad campaign rejection by Facebook compliance team during our whole experiment.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Web Development Services


Web Development is a complex process of building websites and web applications. At WOWEB, we provide web development services based on using advanced technologies and solid professional expertise in PHP, CSS, MySQL, AJAX, Javascript and other high-tech innovations in Web Design and Web Development.

We offer web development services provided by professional web developers. Our web development company builds web applications of any complexity and objective for individuals and businesses from all walks of life. Our team focuses on the developing websites and web products that become a source of pride to us and our clients. We work together until each project has the "wow" effect in every aspect of its design and functioning. See below our top web development services!


Web Programming, PHP, CSS

Best web programmers develop fast-loading, optimized web pages with high usability and functionality. As a professional Web Development service, we are proud to have a strong team of web developers skillful in PHP, PHP5, MySQL, CSS, (X)HTML, AJAX. We create front-end and back-end pages using XHTML, HTML5, HTML 4.01, CSS2, CSS3, Java Script (jQUERY, Prototype library). We provide W3C valid code, hand coded XHTML, CSS, PSD to XHTML conversion, SEO optimized codes, cross-browser pages, and more web programming and web development on a professional level.

Website Development

We develop websites of any type and technical complexity. Our project managers and web developers assist all the way through the development of the web projects. Using modern technologies, web programmers and software developers give life to web applications ranging from online stores, business websites, social media applications, web portals, entertainment sites, and other types of websites. Website development costs vary depending on website requirements. Web development process and service at WOWEB is oriented on building professional websites.

Web Portal Development

We deliver a range of effective solutions for web portal development. Developing a web portal is all about building an interactive website with the high usability, accessibility and functionality levels. Through using web portals internet entrepreneurs gain new opportunities to expand small and big businesses online. Our team develops web portal solutions according to your objective, concept, industry niche and target audience expectations.

E-commerce Website Development

Our web developers create solid e-commerce websites, online stores and business websites that feature all essentials needed for your target users. Buying and selling products or services online have turned into a golden mine for many people. And, developing an e-commerce website covers the creation of many different tools such as search options, customer service options, payment options, user-friendly navigation, shopping options, etc. Our service is based on delivering individual solutions, as we believe that every business website needs a different approach. As soon as you decide to build an e-commerce website, you can contact us for e-commerce website development, web e-commerce design, website redesign, and affordable web development services.

Content Management Systems

Content Management System (CMS) is a software system for website maintenance and content administration. Good CMS simplifies web content maintenance and improves website performance. Using good CMS, you can update and organize website content easily and quickly, achieve increased productivity, content security, improve user experience and boost site traffic. We offer individual web solutions for web content development, content management, website CMS systems, and more web development services.

At WOWEB, we take Web Development Services seriously and deliver serious solutions for serious results. And, if you are serious about your new project, our web developers are ready to seriously assist you all the way through the development process. We give a serious priority to providing web development that WOWs.

We are serious when we seriously say that we are serious. We are seriously serious.

PS. With all the seriousness, we also know how to have some serious fun ;) This is serious.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Web Design Services

Web Design at encompasses a variety of custom web design services from professional web designers. We value the worth of the website design and develop web designs that mix beauty with brains. 
Website design is all about making a good first impression like on the first date. We use advanced web designer technologies to build websites that create strong good impression in both form and functioning. Customized to client individual goals and developed with usability in mind, the website design works like a powerful magnet that attracts users to the site and keeps them coming back. 

Custom Web Design 

At WOWEB, we provide custom web design for individuals and businesses from around the world. Professional web designers create quality website templates, web interface design, website redesign, SEO web design, and more affordable web design services. 

Web Interface Design 

When designing web interfaces, our team pays great attention on usability factor. Web interface design plays a big role in the success or failure of a website. And the greatest enemy of web interface design is over-designing. Web interface design encompasses the development of menus, buttons, information structure, and design elements that attract users and make them spread the word about the site. Following are top principles we use in web interface design service: 

• Avoid over-designing 
• Focus on usability and target audience expectations 
• Engage users with unique and eye-catching designs 
• Create designs working in all modern browsers 

Website Redesign 

Even a small change to design can improve website success. Website redesign is similar to renovating an apartment and making it pleasant to come in again and again. The goal of website redesign is making a site useful and functional for years to come. To achieve success, restructuring website content and redesigning website should be done and planned carefully. Following are just a few reasons for professional website redesign: 

• Enhance SEO, SEA, SEM 
• Improve website functioning in web browsers 
• Improve website content management system 
• Boost website usability and accessibility

SEO Website Design 

Although many websites can be optimized using many non-design SEO techniques, it is better to built the site with SEO in mind. SEO web design is a complex service that includes the creation of website layout, content architecture, navigation, fonts, colors, images, link flow, and many other SEO design techniques. The idea is that even a perfect website design does not work without search engine optimization. Designing websites with SEO combines many creative and technical approaches. Here are main focuses we use in our SEO design services: 

• Develop SEO design based on analysis of competitors 
• Create proper navigation and content architecture 
• Analyze target user expectations and perceptions 
• Accessibility across mobile devices and tablet platforms 
• Cross-browser compatibility with current web browsers

Logo Design 

At WOWEB, we design logos based on company or business specifications. Designing a logo calls for a great deal of graphic design skills and creativity. A logo design requires an involvement of web marketers and graphic designers who use a variety of approaches to develop logo design that will work its best. We take into account all elements of a good logo, including colors, shape, symbols, etc. 


More Services from Professional Web Designers! 

Web design and development company WOWEB offers more web design services from professional web designers. You are welcome to discover more about our website development skills and values, as well as take a look at the way we work.

Benefits of Unlimited Hosting!

We all know that web hosting is one of the most important steps which we require to get our website make successful. There are many web hosting providers we have out there; all you have to do is go for the best selection of the best web hosting companies for getting the best services. One thing can be rest assured that best web hosting companies hire skilled and industry experienced employees. Thus, these organizations never compromise the quality. In today’s article we are discussing about unlimited hosting. According to some sources, most of the small scale companies and mid-sized companies go for unlimited hosting. It has various advantages and in today’s segment we are discussing about these advantages.

The most important advantage is that you get unlimited web space, which is very much important to scale your website. Once you purchase unlimited hosting, it means that you are ready to scale your website at any point of your time. You do not have to think twice to expand your company. Apart from this you get unlimited bandwidth which is one of the advantages for great web hosting services. 
You also get free unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited database, unlimited accounts and more. What more can you ask for? All these facilities and more you get only with unlimited hosting packages. There are many other services and advantages for an unlimited hosting package. If you contact a reputed web hosting provider, there you will get a vast range of web hosting packages. There you can select the best hosting package for you. Along with these, you definitely get good uptime which is required for any of the website. it decides the reachability to the targeted customers. If you are not reaching to your targeted customers, then there is no use. It is guaranteed that if you purchasing the unlimited hosting you are definitely getting 99.9% uptime. It is even more than enough. I must say that these are the advantages for an unlimited hosting package and now let’s discuss the need of the hosting.

After this long article, there are many people who are still confused regarding the service is all about. Web hosting service is about purchasing the required web space for storing all the required elements. Now you must be thinking that what are these elements? These elements are videos, images, contents, logos, banners and everything else we need for a website. 

View Hosting Raja's Unlimited hosting plans at: 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Steps Involved in Building Websites from Web Design, Hosting, Content, and Traffic

It is needless to emphasize the importance of owning a website in today’s world. This also explains why web design and development is also similarly important. Web design is basically about designing the layout of the website. Images, colors, font size and style and all other interactive elements are used on a website. How each action on the site causes a reaction like moving the mouse cursor over a link may change its color and so on all fall under web designing.

Web Design is done using markup language such as HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and so on. A website can have more than one page. These include the homepage, contact information, and so on. The homepage is the main page because that is the page first shown on a web browser when visiting the site. After completing the overall designing of the site, there is still the programming and web hosting which needs to be taken care of.

Web Content

When designing websites, the focus is not on the design of the page alone but on the content as well. A well designed website brings visitors but content retains them there and keeps bringing them back.

Web Browser Compatibility

There are various web browsers in the market today like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. and it is important to make sure that the website is cross-browser compatible. What it means is that certain coding or designing of a page may work differently depending on different web browsers. So it is important to test the website in all browsers and make adjustments if necessary to ensure everything’s working perfectly.

Web Traffic

Now after the site is up and running, the next step is to draw traffic and start working towards its objective. You may exert DIY efforts or hire expert companies. If you choose to hire professionals, find one which deals with web design, web hosting, web content, social media marketing, and SEO or search engine optimization. One of the ways to draw traffic and make people aware about your website is by ensuring that the site is SEO efficient. SEO helps improve website rank in search engines. The higher the ranking in search engines, the more visits the site receives.

Guest Post by Maria, the author of this post is an SEO and social media consultant. You may contact her through the blog 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Web Design and Development Process

Website development process is a combination if technical and creative aspects focused on making the final fully respond to the client requirements. To build a website or web application web designers work in tandem with web developers and all they work closely with the senior project manager and, of course, the client. 

Web Design and Development service at our company is oriented on delivering the results that make everybody involved happy. Our team is not happy until our client is not happy. The following are general phases and stages of the website design and development process. 

Web Design and Development Concept

Any new project is started with communication and asking a lot of questions. To create and build a successful final website, our team should first understand the client goals and project requirements. The first step in website development process is information gathering, as well as putting your and our ideas sketches onto paper. Defining web design and development concept and requirements is a very important step before planning the phases and tasks of the process.

Web Design and Development Phases/Stages

Using the information gathered from the client, our team creates a plan for the future website building process. Here goes complex website creation planning, defining project tasks and setting the costs for each phase/stage of the design and development. At this stage of the process, web designers decide on information architecture, color palette, brand identity, and develop site structure and a site map. It is the phase where good communication and working closely with the designer is the key to success. 

Web Design and Development Agreement

To receive web design and development services at WOWEB, the client first signs the official contract with our company. The senior project manager creates a web design and development contract setting up clear specifications and a payment plan for the development process. To be on the safe side and protect both you, as the client, and our company, as the service provider, we ask you for a signed agreement with your signature. 

Website Design Development

Website designing and creating the visual elements. The team of professional web designers determines the look and feel of the future website. Main focuses go to the usability, uniqueness, SEO design, and website visual engagement, including eye-catching graphics, navigation structure, illustration, etc. Web developers then optimize the site code and work hand-in-hand with designers to convert the design into the functional website. The web designer creates three designs for future website. As soon as the client views the website mock-ups and approves the final design, the website programming stage comes in. 

HTML, PHP Programming

Writing code and programming the website is like building a house. Developing the foundation for the future website and hand-writing clean, SEO optimized codes play a huge role in future website look and functionality. The web developers create valid XHTML, CSS, as well as choose the CMS that will best fit the project needs. At this website development stage, we implement interactive contact forms, shopping carts and make the website functional using advanced technical tools and web programming solutions. 

SEO, Content Development

Website development process is never complete without good on-site and off-site search engine optimization (SEO). Proper search engine optimization, keyword optimization and keyword research maximize website online visibility and attract target audience. Without SEO, internet users and potential customers might not even know your website or business exists. SEO specialists and website copywriters from WOWEB use ethical SEO solutions and content writing techniques that work. 

Website Pre-Launch Testing

Launching a new website is a huge step for both the client and the website developers. Before the website goes live, it needs to go through some pre-launch checks. To check if website files have been uploaded correctly, some of pre-launch checks will need to be done after the website has been uploaded to the server. Every aspect of the developed website should be checked before people start visiting. Once the client gives final approval, we let the world view the website! 

Launch New Website

Official launch of the developed website. This is the day when the public can see the fruits of our labor and visit the new website. This is the result of great collaboration between our team of website developers and the client. After our company transfers the web site to the client, the web site becomes the property of the client. Upon request, we can provide website maintenance and additional SEO optimization service to increase website exposure on search engines and attract target audience. 

WOWEB is a professional Website Design and Development Company operating in the Web Development industry since 2006. We design and develop websites of any complexity for clients around the world. If WOWEB sounds like the kind of web design and development service you can trust – then get in touch via this blog or come visit us at company official website.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Save Your Efforts and Earn Money From Referrals: Join Recommended Programs For FREE

There are many referral programs on the internet and many of them are free for joining, but still not many people truly understand the real power of joining referral programs.

It is because many money-earning sites have set quite a high limit, say USD$100 or USD$50, for you to withdraw your earnings. Without the use of their referral programs, it is very difficult to hit their withdraw limits and then get paid. So we would say joining referral programs can very much save your efforts in getting paid from most of money-earning sites that offer such referral programs. And you know, Time is Money! The more referrals you have, the faster you get paid! That is why we said it can save your efforts!

In addition, not many referral programs are attractive at all. They either pay not too much or, if they say they pay generously many people report that they are scams.

That is why you need a list of referral programs that can work to save your efforts and are also FREE to join. So, we have prepared our recommended list for your consideration.

Join Recommended Programs For FREE to Save Your Efforts and Earn Money From Referrals

Here is the current list we have:

(1) Chitika: Chitika is a CPC-based (Cost per Click) Ad network and one of the competitors of Google AdSense. Refer new publishers to join Chitika and you will earn 10% of their earnings. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring more new publishers to join!

Is Chitika a scam? Not at all. Chitika was a successor of Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) and has been widely accepted as an alternative to Google AdSense, although its advertiser base is still incomparable to Google AdSense. However, since Chitika does not have strict entry requirements like Google AdSense, Chitika had been our main source of income for this blog before we joined Google AdSense program. And we continue to use Chitika even by now because webmasters are allowed to use Google AdSense together with Chitika on the same webpages without any problem.

More importantly, Google AdSense currently offers no affiliate program for public. Chitika affiliate program now makes itself more competitive against Google AdSense for internet marketers who can comfortably increase their earnings by inviting a lot of affiliates online.

(2) DreamHost: DreamHost is a web-hosting provider with a very unique CPA-based (Cost-Per-Action) rewarding affiliate program. You will get paid once successfully refer any new customer to buy any full web-hosting plan (including unlimited bandwidth dedicated server). There are two payment options available. By default, you get paid 10% of all referral payments forever per each new direct referral (tier-1 referral), and 5% of all referral payments forever per each sub-referral (tier-2 referral or secondary referral). You may also choose to get paid USD$97 once (one-time payment only) per each new direct referral, and USD$5 once (one-time payment only) per each new sub-referral. Get started instantly with this high-return and lucrative Dreamhost affiliate program by signing-up here for FREE and then start inviting people to join.

Is Dreamhost a scam? We would say no, and Dreamhost is indeed one of the top web-hosting provider for WordPress. Unlike many other web-hosting affiliate programs, Dreamhost's terms of service is relatively simple and reasonable. At least it does not contain strange or too-demanding terms that may make people easy to violate or difficult to play with. Another advantage is that you may even have freedom offering your own executive promotional code with special discount per sale for attracting more new customers. You yourself do not need to be a Dreamhost customer for joining this unique web-hosting affiliate program.

(3) Paid-to-Promote (PTP): Paid-to-Promote (PTP) is another CPM-based (Cost per Thousand Impressions) advertising platform. It is an ideal CPM solution for small publishers because it has no minimum traffic requirement to join.

For each new publisher you successfully refer, you can earn 10% for each direct referral and also 5% for each level-2 referral. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is Paid-to-Promote (PTP) a scam? We would say no, although Paid-to-Promote (PTP) uses iframe to generate ads and some people may worry about suffering from malware or fraud attacks. Nevertheless, Paid-to-Promote (PTP) claims to offer CPM rate of $1 to $8, and also claims to accept traffics from good number of countries, which are quite attractive for most small publishers.

(4) Hubpages: Hubpages is a popular writing site where you can earn money by sharing its impressions. In Hubpages referral program, you can earn money either by referring new writers to join Hubpages or just by sending traffic to Hubpages. If you refer new writers, you will earn 10% of their impressions. If you drive visitors to Hubpages, you will earn 9%-12% of total impressions. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring more writers to join!

Is Hubpages a scam? Not all all. In fact, Hubpages referral program is quite a successful and attractive one. Making use of it wisely and your money-earning potential is huge.

(5) Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser is another Ad network and also one of the competitors of Google AdSense. Refer people to join Bidvertiser as advertiser/publisher and you will earn up to USD$25 for each new advertiser or up to USD$50 for each new publisher. Sign-up as new advertiser or Sign-up as new publisher for FREE and begin referring more people to join!

Is Bidvertiser a scam? We would say no, although its advertiser base is even smaller than Chitika. For publishers, however, you can make use of Bidvertiser to increase your fill rate if you have unfilled inventory (advertising space) in your website. For advertisers, you can earn free USD$20 ads (not money directly) if you sign-up via the above link as a new Bidvertiser advertising member.

(6) is an URL shortening service provider. URL shortener is now commonly used in Twitter, but in fact it can be used in every website. Refer people to join and you will earn 20% of their earnings. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is a scam? We would say no, but it is quite subjective to say whether it is worth driving your visitors to view intrusive ads (either Interstitial or banner type). affiliate program with 20% commission sounds attractive, but one can only earn money via if his visitors finish viewing intrusive ads. It is probably the reason why is recently banned by Facebook, though Twitter is still a good platform for you to promote your links. is in fact currently the best way to monetize your Twitter account(s).

Furthermore, you can do more than just referring publishers to join Our experience indicates that, just like Bidvertiser, if you can refer advertisers to place any order(s) promoting their business via, you can earn even more (because advertisers usually spend more in order to complete their advertising campaigns). You may just start by using the same sign-up link above.

(7) InfoBarrel: InfoBarrel is another popular writing and impression sharing site similar to Hubpages. Refer new writers to join InfoBarrel and you will earn 2% of their impressions. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring more new writers to join!

Is InfoBarrel a scam? Not all all. InfoBarrel referral program just another successful money earning gateway, although its commission is only 2% and thus its money-earning potential is relatively smaller than Hubpages.

[UPDATE: InfoBarrel sign-up link is now eliminated as we confirm that its earning potential is really very limited, thus we no longer recommend it here.]

(8) Squidoo: Squidoo is also a popular writing and money-earning site. Refer new writers to join Squidoo and you will earn USD$5 if anyone of them earns his first USD$15 in Squidoo. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring more new writers to join!

Is Squidoo a scam? Not all all, although Squidoo referral program is not too attractive and you cannot rely solely on this referral program to earn good amount of money.

(9) PayPal: PayPal is a popular online payment system owned by eBay. PayPal does have its own Merchant Referral Bonus Programme. Refer new merchants to sign-up for PayPal Business or Premier account (not for Personal account) and you will earn 0.5% of their revenues (maximum limit is USD$1000) from PayPal. Sign-up here for FREE and begin referring more new merchants to join!

Is PayPal a scam? We would say no, although there are negative comments about PayPal (mainly for credit card related disputes), it is still the top player in the market. PayPal customer support service, however, is troublesome and their email responses are full of robot-written content. For the PayPal referral program alone, you will not get rich by this but you should be able to earn some extra money.

(10) Payza (was AlertPay): Payza (was AlertPay) is another online payment system and is a competitor of PayPal. Refer people to open Payza Business or Personal Pro account (not applicable to Personal account again) and you will earn up to USD$10 per referral after your 10th referral (each referral should have a minimum USD$250 transaction). Sign-up here for FREE and begin referring people to join.

Is Payza a scam? We would say hopefully no, although there are also negative comments about AlertPay (it recently faces problem with major credit card processing companies), it has a much better customer support service than PayPal. Payza referral program alone, honestly speaking, is a bit too restrictive and still have room for improvement. For extra information about Payza, please read: Payza Fee Structure.

(11) SocialMediaExplode: SocialMediaExplode is a social media network system where you can get more Twitter followers, Facebook likes, Youtube views, Google+, Linkedin, Digg or StumbleUpon followers etc. Refer people to join SocialMediaExplode and you will earn 9% of their earnings. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is SocialMediaExplode a scam? We would say no, although what you earn (coins) can no longer be exchanged for real money, you can still use the coins to get more Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views, or Google+, Linkedin, Digg or StumbleUpon followers etc.

(12) SocialMonkee: SocialMonkee is a bookmarking site for getting backlinks. If you refer 12 new members to join SocialMonkee, you will be upgraded to Premium account for FREE. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring new members to join.

Is SocialMonkee a scam? We would cautiously say no, although its affiliate program does not pay you real money directly. Instead, SocialMonkee offers free upgrade to Premium account after 12th referrals. Although you cannot compare its money-earning potential with Hubpages, writing short bookmarks in SocialMonkee is relatively easier than writing long articles in Hubpages, right?

(13) ShareCash: ShareCash is a relatively high-paid download site that can now offer about $1 to $20 (was $0.2 to $0.6 only) for every download. Of course, actual earning will depend on the country where the download is carried out. By simple mathematics, money-earning rate can be around $1000 to $20000 per each 1000 qualified downloads.

For each new member you successfully refer, you can get 5% to 12% of his total monthly earnings. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is ShareCash a scam? We would say no, although it requires completion of questionnaires or surveys by your visitors in order to earn money from their downloads. You may earn quite some good money, but your content must be really useful for your visitors, otherwise you cannot attract them to download via ShareCash since they must complete a few questionnaires or surveys first before downloading.

(14) Adzly Free Ads: Adzly works similar to Google AdWords but it is a free advertising system. Refer your friends to join Adzly and once they earn free credits you will also earn free credits as well (Adzly makes use of credits to replace real money). Sign-up here for FREE and start referring more friends to join.

Is Adzly Free Ads a scam? We would say no, at least unlike Google AdWords (if you do not have coupons), you do not need paying any money to give it a try for this free Adzly advertising system.

(15) ChineseAN: ChineseAN is similar to Google Affiliate Network (GAN), and the key difference is that ChineseAN targets mainly on Chinese customers (you can image the business opportunities here!) in Greater China region including the mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Do not tell us you do not know how to gain from the emerging Chinese community now! Refer publishers to join ChineseAN and you will earn 5% of their commission income. Sign-up here for FREE for instant approval to join this ChineseAN Affiliate Program.

Is ChineseAN a scam? We would say no, although ChineseAN focuses mainly on Asia business, it also accepts international publishers with website(s) of any size or traffic written in English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese. For overseas publishers, ChineseAN pays in USD via PayPal with minimum payment threshold of only USD$10.

(16) VigLink: VigLink is a CPA-based (Cost-Per-Action) advertising platform. Upon completion of an easy installation on your website, VigLink can automatically insert affiliate links into your content for maximum monetization, just like the way Infolinks inserts CPC-based links automatically into your published content. You will then get paid if your visitors buy anything through your affiliate links.

For each new publisher you successfully refer, you can get 30% of VigLink commission for his first-year earning. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is VigLink a scam? We would say no, and VigLink is really an easy CPA solution particularly for content-based website. VigLink also offers good number of merchants, so you do not have to individually join affiliate program of each merchant and then wait for getting paid until you can hit minimum payment requirement of each affiliate program.

(17) Wikinut: Wikinut is another writing site where you can earn money by sharing its impressions. You can share almost everything in Wikinut, because it allows reprint (re-publish) of your articles that already published elsewhere online by you. In particular, our own experience tells us that Wikinut moderators are quite easy to play with and have accepted every article we submitted for approval.

For each new writer you successfully refer, you can earn an extra 10% of his earnings (royalties). Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is Wikinut a scam? We would say no, although its money-earning potential is relatively small (because Wikinut does not have high-paying ads like Google AdSense) and so you have to make use of referrals for earning reasonable money. In addition, you can also earn money by working as Wikinut moderators and you will earn 5% earnings (royalties) of the articles you review.

(18) SocialSpark: SocialSpark, owned by IZEA Media, is another kind of writing site where you can earn money by writing blog posts you select. You will get paid if you accept offers (or called opportunities) and then your written blog posts approved by the concerned advertiser.

For every new publisher you successfully refer, you can earn at least 5% of his earnings as your commission. Referral rate will then increase gradually (from initial rate of 5%) as number of referrals increase. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is SocialSpark a scam? We would say no, although some bloggers may not want to earn money by writing promotional posts. However, SocialSpark is perfect for those bloggers who like to write marketing or promotional materials.

(19) Lukads: Lukads is an European-based CPC and CPM ads platform. You can be publisher and advertiser the same time once you get registered in Lukads. For every new advertiser (or publisher) you successfully refer, you can earn 1% of amount he charges his balance as your commission. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is Lukads a scam? We would say no, although Lukads is relatively young and does not appear to have many people using this ads network. However, as a publisher, you can earn 95% of advertising revenue which is quite an attractive rate out there.

(20) BinLayer: BinLayer is a CPM-based advertising platform that offers layer, hybrid, pop up or normal banner ads. For every new webmaster you successfully refer, you can earn 5% of his earnings as your commission. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is BinLayer a scam? We would say no, although normal banner ads is for Germany only and not for other countries. Therefore, most publishers can only focus on advertising with layer, hybrid or pop up ads instead.

(21) PantherAds: PantherAds is a CPC and CPM based advertising platform which supports banner ads, catalog ads, text ads and inline ads formats etc. For every new publisher (or advertiser) you successfully refer, you can earn 5% of his earnings (or spendings) as your commission. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is PantherAds a scam? We would say no, and you also have freedom transferring money to your advertiser account from your own publisher account balance for advertising purposes. You have flexibility to create iframe ad unit or sticky ad unit as well.

[UPDATE: PantherAds link is eliminated, since we confirm this ads platform earnings are too small, and thus no longer recommend it now.]

(22) WHD: WHD is a CPC and CPM based advertising platform and is a clone of PantherAds. WHD offers almost identical advertising solutions and ads formats as PantherAds for publishers and advertisers. For every new publisher (or advertiser) you successfully refer, you can earn at least 5% of his earnings (or spendings) as your commission. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

Is WHD a scam? We would say no (please see above comments for PantherAds).

[UPDATE: WHD link is also eliminated for the same reason as PantherAds above]

(23) PulsePoint (was ContextWeb or ADSDAQ): PulsePoint (was ContextWeb or ADSDAQ) is a self-publishing and a CPM-based (Cost per Thousand Impressions) advertising platform. Unlike CPC (Cost per Click) type ads, you can get paid even if your visitors do not click on any ads. Earning will just be based on number of qualified impressions (pageviews).

For each new publisher you successfully refer, you can get 10% of total payment for his first-month (full month) earning. In addition, referred publisher can also get an additional 10% payment as a bonus for his own first-month (full month) earning. Sign-up here for FREE and start referring people to join.

(UPDATE: Sign-up Link is deleted, since PulsePoint Exchange has no longer accepted open enrollment as their partner)

Is PulsePoint (was ContextWeb or ADSDAQ) a scam? We would say no, and perhaps PulsePoint (was ContextWeb or ADSDAQ) is one of the best CPM-based advertising platform for small publishers because it does not have any specific minimum traffic requirement for your website(s) to join. You can also set your own asked-price (CPM rate), and PulsePoint will then pay you 100% you asked for each qualified impressions.

(24) Best-reviewer: Best-reviewer is an ideal writing platform for people who enjoy writing top 10 list or top 5 list etc. It was also an AdSense revenue sharing site (but unfortunately banned by Google already). Now it switches to share revenues with other sources like Chitika. Refer writers to join Best-reviewer and your Chitika ads will appear on every top they submit. Read more related information: Free Marketing with Best-reviewer.

Is Best-reviewer a scam? We would say no, although the site owner does not welcome content or link relating to non-western countries such as Pakistan, India, China etc. This may not be fair enough for some international writers, but if you are good at writing topics about western countries then you will find this site very easy to work with.

(25) Best-reviewers: Best-reviewers is a clone of Best-reviewer. The two websites share similar set of content, revenue sharing and referral policies. Unlike Best-reviewer, however, this Best-reviewers website does not appear to be banned by Google AdSense yet. Furthermore, Best-reviewers offers an extra type of 'income writing' for fun. Read more related information: SEO and Marketing with Best-reviewers.

Is Best-reviewers a scam? We would say no, just the same as Best-reviewer, or you may even think Best-reviewers is better because it offers a funny 'income writing'. This may be good for writers who do not want only to write top 10 list or top 5 list.

(26) Smowtion: Smowtion is advertising platform similar to Google AdSense. Since we have already published a detailed report about Smowtion, you can read: Our Q&A With Smowtion for additional information about Smowtion.

Is Smowtion a scam? Honestly speaking, we are not very sure, but we have never been scammed by Smowtion before. We encourage you to contact Smowtion directly if you have any concern about this advertising platform.

That is all of our recommended programs that you can join for free to save your efforts by earning money from referrals. No matter you like it or not, joining referral programs can surely save your efforts for earning money on the internet. After all, it is much better to have more people working for you than you yourself to work alone. You may also find another workable Affiliate Program For Making Money here. Hope you can find suitable referral or affiliate programs that can really save your efforts for earning more money.

Welcome to leave any comment if you have additional recommendations or you may share your previous experience with our above collection of referral programs. Thanks.

Remark: This post serves as a disclosure for potential benefits our team may earn money from our previous articles about promoting your websites for FREE.

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Web Design and Development Services

At WOWEB, we design and develop websites. Professional websites that balance beauty and brains. Our company offers web design and development services encompassing complex technical and creative solutions in the website building and maintenance.

We expect you saying "So what? When there are hundreds of web design and development companies to choose from, why choose WOWEB?" Our only reply is: you never know until you try us. We can say how awesome is our company until we are blue in the face. But, we’d rather say it through our web design and development services.


Web Design Services

Web design development at WOWEB is a range of website design services from professional web designers. We design websites and custom web apps of any complexity for individuals and businesses from all walks of life. Our web development company goes far beyond website design development. We also provide web design for website promotion needs: logos, banners, print design and more affordable web design and development services!

  • website redesign
  • s.e.o. web design
  • social media design
  • website templates
  • web interface design
  • logos designs
  • banner designs
  • print designs

  • Web Development Services

    WOWEB in-house web development gurus turn graphic designs into functional websites using various programming languages and knockout technical mastery. Our web development covers programming solutions on PHP, PHP5, MySQL, CSS, JQuery, HTML5, AJAX, and all the advances of modern website building. At our company, clients get hand coded XHTML, CSS, PSD to XHTML conversion, SEO codes, and professional web design and development services from experienced web developers!

    • xhtml / html 5 / css 3
    • database access & mapping
    • content management systems
    • e-business / ecommerce solutions
    • customer relationship management
    • web portal development
    • web application frameworks

    SEO, Copywriting

    Search engine optimization (SEO) and web content are the next two puzzle pieces of website design and development process. Without content and good SEO optimization “the puzzle” is never complete. A website without SEO and unique content is like beauty without brains. To attract users to the site and engage them on site, we combine different SEO, SEM and web content methods. Our web design and development company delivers unique web content, website copywriting, SEO copywriting and related SEO services focused on enhancing website credibility in both people’s eyes and search engines.

    • search engine optimization
    • domain name registration
    • search engine marketing
    • social media marketing
    • web search engine analytics
    • seo copywriting, seo content
    • website copywriting 

    Technologies we use in our web design and development services: PHP5, CSS 2.0/3.0, JavaScript 1.8, AJAX, MySQL, jQuery, DHTML, HTML 4.01, HTML5, XHTML 1.0, XML 1.0, Adobe Illustrator CS3/CS4, Advanced PHP.

    No words will convince you until you try our Web Design and Development Company.

Explain Dedicated Web Hosting Server!

Dedicated Hosting Means buying a single web server to the needs of single customer or business. Using dedicated server you will have more space, bandwidth and security. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive and the most reliable hosting services. Dedicated server hosting is the most widely used hosting server for business websites. A dedicated server could also be a computer that manages. The dedicated hosting option allows you the ability to maintain a large website while not having to be concerned about employing the staff to support it.

There are two types in dedicated hosting

1) Unmanaged dedicated hosting.
2) Managed dedicated hosting.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting:

It consist of basic OS installation with basic security . Here, you need to manage by your self if you need to install any new applications and updates. People who have the knowledge choose unmanaged hosting and if they do not have enough knowledge about the server management then they can got for managed deicated hosting , it will be an right choice for them.

In order to save money, people choose unmanaged dedicated hosting which is cheap. Every web hosting companies offer 24/7 technical support so that you can contact them incase of emergency.

Managed dedicated hosting:

In managed dedicated hosting the whole server is managed by the hosting provider where they provide basic installation of OS, control panel, and security software,they also provide application installation. They also provide regular back-up facility. Here, all you require is to manage your website content. Your web hosting provider will take care of the rest. When compared to unmanaged dedicated hosting it is bit costly, additional services charges are paid too..

What are the Advantages of Dedicted hosting?

* Do not have to update or maintain equipment.
* Do not have to purchase own equipment
* In case of upgrade, can upgrade it from the web hosting provider
* The servers are as fast, powerful and high-capacity as you purchase.
* Can purchase a package based on own needs for Hard Disk Space and Data Transfer Allowance
* Upgrade or add new server is easier and more cost effective , the upgrades will be done with in 24 hours. You need to pay the monthly rentals for new servers.

What are the Dis-advantages of Dedicted hosting?

* If Data Transfer Allowance is exceeded, a financial Penalty is assessed.
* Must depend on Web Host Provider
* The server is the property of the service provider, which means all you own is the data you put on the server.
* You can not simply pick up your server and walk away if you're unhappy with the service.