Friday, March 1, 2013

Advanced web hosting users may not understand complex phishing

Some people just don’t get it when it comes to the increasingly clever techniques that they are falling victim to it, maybe even those using advanced web hosting services. This is the opinion of Carole Theriault, senior security consultant at IT security solutions and services provider Sophos, who said that some attacks have become particularly sophisticated.
Ms Theriault asserted that people are pretty knowledgeable of the mechanics of traditional phishing, but they could be more "vigilant".
"Make sure you change your password regularly and have different passwords on different sites," she commented. It is difficult to remember many different passwords, but there are websites that can help, Ms Theriault continued.
There are a number of "reputable agencies" that essentially manage their passwords, such as RoboForm and KeePass, the expert added.
It recently emerged that thousands of passwords belonging to users of the Yahoo!, AOL, and Gmail services were posted online. The attack was reportedly part of a sector-wide phishing scheme.
Written by Murray Francis.ADNFCR-2595-ID-19404952-ADNFCR