Monday, November 26, 2012

How We Accept Guest Posting or Paid Posting

As a money saver, we always want to save efforts in producing large amount of quality articles. That is why we now consider to accept guest posting or even paid posting (or called sponsored posting) in our website network (i.e.: not limited to this QMS website). Of course, in order to prevent from article scamming, all guest posting should meet the following editorial guidelines.

Guest Posting (We call it Free Version):

To extend our exposure, a pilot program is now introduced to invite guest writer or freelance writer to work together with us.

However, for protecting our website against scammers, all blog posts should be written in proper English and are subject to our approval. We have TWO major requirements for guest posting. They are: (a) guest posts should bring true (non-promotional) values to our readers; and (b) guest posts should not hurt our website ranking.

Since the web is changing all the time, we are unlikely to list here all possible conditions that may violate our stated requirements. In addition, different websites in our distribution network may have slight variations in posting requirements. Nevertheless, you should consider the following as typical examples of violation:

(1) You must not illegally submit any post which you do not own full copyrights.

(2) You should not submit any post which already published elsewhere on the internet. Non-original or duplicate content is considered as a hurt of our website ranking. No article syndication, sales letter, advertisement, press release, PLR (Private Label Rights) content or similar promotional material is allowed. Only unique content that can pass Copyscape will be considered.

(3) You should not place any link inside the body of your post. Normally, only one simple text link (non-promotional and has true value for readers) back to your site in Bio section (also called signature box or resource box) will be accepted and any inappropriate link will be removed. To further protect our website against scammers, your link has to be nofollow and we cannot guarantee it will be permanent so as to ensure it does not hurt our site ranking. For meeting our non-promotional requirement and for better readability purpose, the words introducing your link or the link itself should not constitute any call-to-action and the anchor text should not be more than 5 words.

What is meant by no 'call-to-action'? In general, a non-promotional text link (text only, no banner or affiliate link please) that blends with your content in Bio section (at the end of your post) is considered acceptable. Taking our first sentence in this section as an example for acceptance: You should not place any link inside the body of your post.

On the other hand, if you ask visitors to click on your link, then this is a 'call-to-action'. An example for violation is: Learn more at:- our website.

(4) You should not submit any post with shallow (or thin and non-informative) content or excessive keyword density. Body of your post should not contain less than 500 words, or it will be considered as a type of shallow content which is too short and brings little values to our readers. There is, however, no minimum word count requirement for your Bio section. You should also meet the common industry standard Publishing Rules and Policies such as this one.

(5) Your post, including the landing page which your link directs to, should not violate our AdSense statement (this external link will bring you to another website within our network). Low quality article, poor landing page or URL that banned by Google can be a bad neighborhood for us and is considered as a hurt of our website ranking.

For better SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position), we reserve our rights to re-format your post title (eg.: Capitalize the First Letter of Every Main Word) or amend your post title depending on your actual content. We, however, respect your rights and will try our best to keep your intended keywords in the title(s), if possible.

If your post is not best suit for the objective of this QMS blog or if there is no suitable editorial slot (depending on the queuing condition) in this blog, we also reserve our rights to publish your post(s) on other blog(s) in our network but, to make it fair to you, we will notify you the distribution result in advance and you can then decide if you see fit publishing your post(s) in our auto-distributed blog network.

Paid Posting (We call it Sponsored Version):

To further extend our exposure, we will consider to accept paid posting (i.e: sponsored posts) on case-by-case basis. We offer highly competitive rates depending on the overall quality of your sponsored post(s). Our basic principle is: the higher the quality of your sponsored post(s), the lower the advertising rate(s) you will pay for.

As per the nature of paid posting, our requirements will be different from that of guest posting for the above items# (2), (3) and (4). In particular, you can have no more than 2 permanent backlinks in your bio section. You can also choose on your own from one of our related blogs with good Google PR (PageRank) as the destination of your post (you do not have this choice for free version).

While acceptance will be considered on case-by-case basis, normally you should expect a much higher chance of acceptance for paid posting than guest posting. However, poor quality posting that contains no real value to readers, steers towards search engine spamming or excessive self-promotion will still be rejected.

In addition to posting in our blog(s), we will also promote your paid posting through SMM (Social Media Marketing) tools like Twitter, Facebook Fan Page and other bookmarking sites.

As per the non-profit nature of our group (Source: About Quick Money Saver), we have no intention to force anyone to support us via sponsored posting. However, we do appreciate any sponsor who can offer helps for our charity campaigns. We will do whatever we can to work professionally with our sponsors and, we have full confidence to be your long-term partner for your advertising success.

If you are interested in either paid posting (sponsored version) or guest posting (free version), please do contact us to submit your post(s) via email for our editorial review. Happy blogging!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cheapest Web Hosting In Pakistan

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Book Store for Mo Yan and China Studies

In this article we want to salute to Mo Yan (Chinese name: 莫言), the 2012 Nobel Prize winner in Literature. Mo Yan is the first Chinese citizen living in the mainland China to win Nobel Prize for Literature which is presented by the Nobel Foundation.

This was truly a breaking news for Literature lovers. In October 2012, the Swedish Academy Secretary formally announced that the 2012 Nobel Prize winner in Literature has been awarded to Mo Yan, mainly for his unique way of writing "with hallucinatory (magical) realism merges contemporary, history and folk tales".

For this particular reason we, Quick Money Saver, has immediately included Mo Yan's works into "Our Bookstore for China Studies". Please do not miss: Our Discount Bookstore, where you can easily find lots of discount-prized books including Mo Yan's exciting publications there.

Again, our introduction of this bookstore is not for making money. We just want to let our readers know more about the book discount offers which are already existing, simply because we want you to save more money. In addition, the above bookstore is not just for Mo Yan. It contains a huge collection of books regarding China Studies, for topics such as Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese Feng Shui, money market, tourism industry, education sector, insurance, mass media and freedom about China etc. Now let us back to Mo Yan and please give us a few more minutes to explore more about his background and his success stories.

Mo Yan has published dozens of novellas and short stories in different languages since 1981. He started to receive international fame since 1987 for his work Red Sorghum: A Novel of China being made into a successful movie. This 'Red Sorghum' movie, directed by famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou, then won the Golden Bear later at the 1988 Berlin Film Festival. Red Sorghum Family is definitely not the only famous book written by Mo Yan. His other top novels are Big Breasts and Wide Hips, Life And Death Are Wearing Me Out and Republic of Wine etc.

Red Sorghum Zhang Yimou film photo

Red Sorghum Movie Directed by Zhang Yimou

Regarding the writing style of Mo Yan, his style is often classified as hallucinatory realism. Red Sorghum Family, one of his best books, shows clearly that Mo Yan is good at writing about real Chinese rural life and also including himself as one of the characters inside his work. Mo Yan is not only a prominent novelist but also good at being a satirist. His another top novel, Republic of Wine, describes a story of a Chinese official who was sent to countryside for investigation about cannibalism rumors. Big Breasts and Wide Hips, another great book written by Mo Yan, uses epic indictment to point out main issue of male dominance in traditional Chinese society. His recent famous book, Frog, reveals real problems about the controversial Chinese 'Only one child in one family' policy.

In addition to this bookstore, we also have other related stores that can be located from Our Full Store List. Our list includes not only this book store for Mo Yan and China Studies but also contains many similar stores that should be useful for all of you. Please come to visit the above list anytime to find out exactly what you may find valuable and beneficial.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 Launches Affiliate Program Today!

Hosting Raja India’s Leading Web Hosting Company recently launched their “Affiliate Program”. There was the buzz of them coming with some innovative affiliate program was there in the industry. Finally they have launched their Affiliate Program and announced the benefits of being their affiliates. Industries of different scale can join their affiliate program, as said by the Hosting Raja team. One can make good money by just placing their Hosting Raja Advertisements on their website.

Indian web hosting provider Hosting Raja needs not need any introduction. The company is amongst the most popular web hosting companies in India. The affiliate program also speaks of getting the branding of Hosting Raja with other companies. According to some sources, the program is one of the brilliant opportunities to earn more from web.
Hosting Raja is one of the online ventures of famous “AdodisGroup”. Through this affiliate program, Hosting Raja aims to empower web designers, developers, computer, ISP vendors, and customers to become web entrepreneurs. All you have to do is just go through the simple registration procedure and become the part of Hosting Raja affiliate publisher network. Then you place one of Hosting Raja advertisements on your website and that’s it. It is amongst the simplest way of earning unlimited without any complications. Besides these, you get the opportunity of selecting from the vast range of banners and ads of Hosting Raja.

According to some sources, Hosting Raja has already over 1200 affiliates on their account. People are interested joining in this affiliate program by Hosting Raja because of the opportunity to earn 30% of the particular sale. The hosting Raja team has also promised to provide the affiliate with the payment cheque at the beginning of the month. 

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