Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HostingRaja.in Launches Affiliate Program Today!

Hosting Raja India’s Leading Web Hosting Company recently launched their “Affiliate Program”. There was the buzz of them coming with some innovative affiliate program was there in the industry. Finally they have launched their Affiliate Program and announced the benefits of being their affiliates. Industries of different scale can join their affiliate program, as said by the Hosting Raja team. One can make good money by just placing their Hosting Raja Advertisements on their website.

Indian web hosting provider Hosting Raja needs not need any introduction. The company is amongst the most popular web hosting companies in India. The affiliate program also speaks of getting the branding of Hosting Raja with other companies. According to some sources, the program is one of the brilliant opportunities to earn more from web.
Hosting Raja is one of the online ventures of famous “AdodisGroup”. Through this affiliate program, Hosting Raja aims to empower web designers, developers, computer, ISP vendors, and customers to become web entrepreneurs. All you have to do is just go through the simple registration procedure and become the part of Hosting Raja affiliate publisher network. Then you place one of Hosting Raja advertisements on your website and that’s it. It is amongst the simplest way of earning unlimited without any complications. Besides these, you get the opportunity of selecting from the vast range of banners and ads of Hosting Raja.

According to some sources, Hosting Raja has already over 1200 affiliates on their account. People are interested joining in this affiliate program by Hosting Raja because of the opportunity to earn 30% of the particular sale. The hosting Raja team has also promised to provide the affiliate with the payment cheque at the beginning of the month. 

Contact Hosting Raja at: http://www.hostingraja.in