Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Book Store for Mo Yan and China Studies

In this article we want to salute to Mo Yan (Chinese name: 莫言), the 2012 Nobel Prize winner in Literature. Mo Yan is the first Chinese citizen living in the mainland China to win Nobel Prize for Literature which is presented by the Nobel Foundation.

This was truly a breaking news for Literature lovers. In October 2012, the Swedish Academy Secretary formally announced that the 2012 Nobel Prize winner in Literature has been awarded to Mo Yan, mainly for his unique way of writing "with hallucinatory (magical) realism merges contemporary, history and folk tales".

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Again, our introduction of this bookstore is not for making money. We just want to let our readers know more about the book discount offers which are already existing, simply because we want you to save more money. In addition, the above bookstore is not just for Mo Yan. It contains a huge collection of books regarding China Studies, for topics such as Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese Feng Shui, money market, tourism industry, education sector, insurance, mass media and freedom about China etc. Now let us back to Mo Yan and please give us a few more minutes to explore more about his background and his success stories.

Mo Yan has published dozens of novellas and short stories in different languages since 1981. He started to receive international fame since 1987 for his work Red Sorghum: A Novel of China being made into a successful movie. This 'Red Sorghum' movie, directed by famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou, then won the Golden Bear later at the 1988 Berlin Film Festival. Red Sorghum Family is definitely not the only famous book written by Mo Yan. His other top novels are Big Breasts and Wide Hips, Life And Death Are Wearing Me Out and Republic of Wine etc.

Red Sorghum Zhang Yimou film photo

Red Sorghum Movie Directed by Zhang Yimou

Regarding the writing style of Mo Yan, his style is often classified as hallucinatory realism. Red Sorghum Family, one of his best books, shows clearly that Mo Yan is good at writing about real Chinese rural life and also including himself as one of the characters inside his work. Mo Yan is not only a prominent novelist but also good at being a satirist. His another top novel, Republic of Wine, describes a story of a Chinese official who was sent to countryside for investigation about cannibalism rumors. Big Breasts and Wide Hips, another great book written by Mo Yan, uses epic indictment to point out main issue of male dominance in traditional Chinese society. His recent famous book, Frog, reveals real problems about the controversial Chinese 'Only one child in one family' policy.

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