Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ad Competition in Google Adwords - Keyword Ranking

Google's keyword ranking tool seems to be presenting data on the competiveness related to advertised keywords a bit differently.

The keyword ranking tool previously used green bars to represent keyword competitiveness- the more green it was the more competition there would be. The tool now only shows text descriptions of competitiveness (low, medium, high) - see below for an example. 

While this quick view is different, advertisers are still able to download the report which displays the exact amount of competitiveness. For example, a low designation would indicate competitiveness under .33, a high designation would indicate competitiveness over .67 and medium of course would have a competitivness somewhere in between - .34 to .66. 
It is important to note that the competitivness score relates only to Adwords and not organic search volume or compeitiveness.

Sample of the keyword ranking tool's new designations of advertiser keyword competition levels:

Sample of the spreadsheet download which shows the exact amount of advertiser keyword competition: