Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Now a days web hosting
is a global business, and to help your customer you need hosting support services which have to be available 24×7 i.e. during all time zones which would definitely get their problems fixed within time.
In a case, if you have an existing customer who is a owner of a web design company and is in a meeting with their potential client and giving him a online presentation/demo and is facing some technical problems which has to be fixed by the web host. This is an embarrassing situation for them – especially if your hosting company doesn’t have access to the support staff 24×7, this customer will have to wait for you to come online during your working hours and get their issue fixed.
Now, think if you have a 24×7 support team – this client will come on your website and contact you by the support channels you have i.e. live chat and help desk support. And, your technical support staff available on duty is notified about the issue by the support channels you have and gets the problem fixed within no time. This is what a customer expects from your company, and I bet they would spread the name of your company across the web or known ones, which would give you more business.
Whether you’re a web hosting reseller, VPS hardware node/container owner or a dedicated server owner – it’s mandatory to have a 24×7 support online presence to help your clients. Source
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