Monday, January 3, 2011

what is VPS Server and its Features

VPS server
basic of vps server and its price comparison with Dedicated Server
Virtual Private server , A server which is divided in multiple partition
and Server Allow each partition as a seperate server
Companies which cant purchase dedicated server prefer VPS server
this is very usefull that you have full controll at root level and you pay
less for that

lets move further , I think you are confused between Dedicated and VPS server

well a dedicated server utilize all Memory of (computer) Machine for one
operating system (Linux , Windows) server
suppose you have a machine with 2000 GB of hard disk and 8 GB Of RAM
in dedicated server , it utilize full of its all resources (Processor,RAM
HARDDrive) for its Operating system
and in virtual server suppose you have a machine with same specification
in this you can divide its Hard drive, Its RAM ,ITS Processing
and different OS can perform in different partition which utilize only their
suppose you configure VPS server with specification 20 GB hard and 512 MB Of
Memory ,
so client who will buy this specification server will only use this Hardware share
and he cant access of the Other hard drive of that server and Memory (RAM)

Main Benefits of VPS

User Friendly Control Panel
Flexible and Customizable
Total Control
Absolute Security and Isolation
Quality of Service Guarantee
Economic Solution
Problems and Precautions of VPS